Wednesday, 3 July 2013

fur in the summer: casual OOTD

top: leggings: lipsy shoes: primark headband: river island

phewww it's been a busy couple of weeks! i'm doing things nonstop, be it working or interning, so i'm a busy busy bee. but i still made sure i had the time to take some cheeky snaps! 

i really like this outfit. it's super duper comfy and seems bang on trend - basically it's me trying my best to emulate cara's winning style. i got this top from a vintage/second hand shop that's close to me called queen of threads, and i love it. i love big baggy tops, especially vintagey university ones. the material of this is really soft, and with the sleeves rolled up it's a perfect casual top to wear in the day. even teamed with a leather jacket, big black smokey eyes and some big ass heels it could be worn in the evening for drinks with friends :)

my leggings are kinda like disco pants, and i got them from lipsy. my beloved disco pants are nearing their end, i've worn them to death and alas, i cannot afford new ones at such an outrageous price. these ones from lipsy feel exactly the same, the only difference being they're not as high waisted, which make them a bit more suitable for wearing day to day. it gives my discos a chance to breathe, and the shiny material gives a different look to my normal black leggings which i wear every single day. they're super comfy as well :)

i wanted to jazz the outfit up a bit, so i popped on - randomly - my furry headband i wore in the winter. it's from river island, and it literally didn't leave my head in the winter. i adore it, and think it went well with this outfit. it gives it a bit of a different edge, but i hope it doesn't get too sunny so i look stupid wearing a winter hair band in the summer...

so! another OOTD. hope you enjoyed :) remember im on bloglovin at xo


  1. Love the fur and the casual tee! I found your blog through the Platform magazine facebook page. Will you still be studying in Notts next year? x

    1. ohhh cool!! yesss i'll be in my final year, i'm also deputy fashion+beauty editor for platform next year :) xxx

    2. Yeah I spoke to you yesterday about an article in the Fresher Edition of the magazine. Will there be anyway to promote my blog in the magazine? xxx

    3. oh awesome :):) ummmm im not sure atm, print editions tend to be catered to a specific theme. but i could definitely talk to priya about doing some kind of 'meet your nottingham bloggers' article on the website :) xx

  2. you are the cutest loveliest little bean! Lisette Loves


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