Sunday, 14 July 2013

chilled #16

wowzaaa this week has been an absolute scorcher! feels like i haven't done a chilled post in ages, so i thought i'd do a cheeky sunday post :) this week has been jam packed, and next week is going to be exciting as well...

this week, i celebrated my brother's 17th birthday with my fammooo, and joey came to stay for a few days which was lovely. i also got to catch up with some of my bestest friends, and one of my grillzzzzz came home after travelling the world for 4 months! was so nice to catch up, felt like no time had passed at all, and i'm so happy to have her back <3 the top few pictures are from another bezzie'sss birthday BBQ that we had yesterday, it was such a cute set up with scarves, fairy lights and candles draped all around her garden, and we all put glitter and stars on our faces. it was so much fun, with gorgeous weather and gorgeous people. 

today i went to a big BBQ that was in my village, and was entered into the annual boules tournament (very British!!!) i didn't really want to do it, as i am pretty rubbish at all sporting events. i was paired up with a friend of my families...and ended up blooodyyyy winning the whole thing!!! so the trophy is currently in my house, where it has been for the past 3 years as my brother and mum won the past 3 years (bro winning twice). crazy crazy times! must have a secret talent!

i also found out that i finished my second year with a 2:1! this was a weight off my mind, as it gives me hope that i can do it again next year and graduate with a 2:1!! i have a very exciting month ahead as i start my internship at fabulous magazine in the fashion department! i can't WAIT, hope they like me!

busy busy busy! hope you all enjoyed the sun :) xo


  1. Lovely post, some great pictures. Congratulations on your 2:1 - I've just graduated with mine and it makes SUCH a difference what you get in 2nd year, so you've set yourself up well! :) Also good luck at Fabulous!

    Lauren J xxxx

  2. Lovely photos! Congratulations on your boules win and your 2:1! I also got a 2:1 this year so roll on september x

  3. Congratulations on winning boules, I've never played before but it sounds fun!

  4. Cute flics!

  5. Great post, I love the photos :)
    Where did you get the head accessory you're wearing in the black & white photo?


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