Tuesday, 30 July 2013

patterns and fringe

(dress - ark*...bag - ark*...shoes - zara...shades - primarks...bites on my legs - bugs)

just wanna say a massive big up to the bugs which have taken it upon themselves to EAT ME ALIVE this week! honestly my feet are so scabby and disgusting, and just so darn itchy! so apologies for the pretty rank picture of my feet... 

this dress and bag were kindly sent to me by the lovverrrllyyy people at ark, i'm so spoilt. this dress is unlike anything else i have, which is good as i have a tendency of buying the same thing over and over again (ahem, a lot of black). i loved the colours on this, i've always been a fan of green - is that weird? i love the geometric pattern on it as well, complimenting my blonde locks! i adore the top of the dress, with a kind of twisted black strap pattern adding a lot of interest to the front of the dress. it's such a good fit as well, a perfect summery dress! i also love the bag, i am always short on bags and black leather fringe handbags are just perfect for every single one of my outfits - will come in handy at uni and day to day life :D

these shoes are a new purchase as well, i got them in zara for the bargain price of £20!! they're super pointy and i love them because they're a little bit different. they kind of remind me of a crow? do you get where i'm coming from... maybe not, but i still love them. i think they're perfect for summer, but i think they'll translate well into the autumn and winter with a pair of black tights or just with a pair of jeans because of the closed toe. fab buy - hurray for sales!!

so a big thanksss to ark for my beaut new dress and bag :) definitely check their website out as it's got some amazing buys on there atm :) remember, i'm on bloglovin and instagram at louisawh :) xo 
ps...check out my friend Priya's fab new blog! it's over at www.sheeatsshewears.blogspot.com, and it's got just the right mix of food and fashion! yum :) xo

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Week 2 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

(once again, apologies for poor quality photos...photoshoot times - new mac lipsticks - outfits)

the weeks are just zooomminggg past - time flies when you're having fun! i've just completed my second week interning at fabulous magazine, and i was the only intern this week which meant a lot more work for me!

monday (which, btw, was an absolute SCORCHERRR!) was such an exciting day, as i was asked to assist on a cover shoot for next week's magazine. i helped the stylist with anything that she needed. this mainly consisted of laying out all the clothes, making sure the shoes/accessories are neatly out, steaming the clothes (which in the blistering sun isn't great), etcetcetc. i also got to help when the cover star was being photographed, ie. some shots they wanted her in the jewellery, in others they didn't - which is where i ran in and took them off her. pretty cool, huh?! this was a fabbb day, really chilled as well and the food spread was incredible. i pretty much demolished the brie. soz.

the rest of the week was back in the office, and sorting out the darn fashion cupboard! it feels like it just never ends! returns are my life atm, but in a strange way, im enjoying sorting it all out! i quite like tidying and making sure everything is getting prepared. i made a pretty good go of it, and think if i just keep hacking at it - soon the clothes might just disappear!!! also been doing other bits, like the post and call ins - but now i feel a bit more like i know what i'm doing and just get on with it when i get into work :)

one more thing that is a definite boon to work is the freebie table. this week has been exceptional - i felt bad at first taking bits, but i guess that's what it's there for!! i got....'mr loverman' by bernadine evaristo, which you should all read as it's an amazing read...spiky rings...cross rings...eagle necklace...lush bath bomb...onesie...meemee.com dress... meemee.com jumper... mac rebel lipstick...mac candy yum yum lipstick... rimmel kate moss nail varnish... no7 eyeliner...eyeshadow palate...and breathe!!!! so yeah. definite perk to the industry!

so, i'm still enjoying it and loving being a worker in london and i've still got another 2 manic weeks - let's hope that my life after uni mirrors this!!! :) xxx

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Week 1 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

(my pass...what i wore this week...my cupcake...my ice cream delivered by amish people...apologies for the iPhone quality and also the different sizes to the images... i cannay be bothered to sort it out, and it won't kill you i guess ;))

this week was a busy one, as it marked the beginning of my month long internship at Fabulous Magazine in the Fashion team! Fabulous comes with The Sun every Sunday, and is full of celeb gossip, interesting features, make up, fashion... and i get to be a part of it for a month! eek! i thought i'd share what i've been up to :)

soooo my first day started slightly chaotic, as i am not a Londonder, and got confused by the District/Circle line. i ended up panicking/crying running around the stations desperately asking how to get to tower hill. when i finally got there, i was hit with the uneasy feeling of 'i literally have got no idea where i am'  which is never great when you are supposed to be there in 5 minutes, and it's your first day...but, never fear, i found the building (a gorgeous glass sky high building, in fact). i was feeling sweaty and on edge. brilliant.

i met the fashion team, who were all lovely and really welcoming, and another intern who left this week. i started learning the ropes of what i'd be doing. a fashion intern (well, this is what i do...) is mainly in charge of:

returns - basically returning all of the glorious clothes that they use on shoots, or have been sent and can't use. this is time-consuming, but it's alright once you get a system going, and it makes the time just whizz on by!

the fashion cupboard - yes, i am allowed in a cupboard full of new clothes/shoes and accessories. i don't know why they'd ever allow that to happen, as i stand there marveling at the clothes...it's basically your child throughout your internship, and the tidier you keep it, the happier everyone will be :)

mail - people in this business get a lot of post, and it's up to you to deliver it to them 3 times a day! it's quite fun having banter with the post men, and once you get to remember where everybody sits, then you're away! and sometimes, people are given cakes, which they give out for free. bonus.

call outs - if a particular item is needed for a shoot, then it's up to you to email everyone in the fashion world in order to get it! i had to find tiaras, prom dresses, heels, bras, belts... i found this job really cool, and enjoyed getting the items sent to the address under my name. it's the little things...

these were the day to day things you're expected to do, but i'm sure as my time goes on i will have more exciting things to add! obviously being helpful in general is the biggest part, i always ask if anyone needs a drink (not that hot drinks were needed in this scorching weather!!!) and keep my area tidy so it's not a hassle to get around. 

my personal highlights from this week have been...watching models get cast... having a Kardashian cupcake sent to me from Lipsy...getting things sent to the building with my name on...having Amish people come in with ice cream (yes, really)...seeing all the fab new bits for autumn...having an amazing chicken sandwich everyday for lunch...getting to see big ben, the london eye, the shard, the gherkin, tower bridge and the tower of london everyday on my way to work.

bit of a messy post, but i hope you enjoyed it. i'll check in again next week with more news from intern land :) xo

Sunday, 14 July 2013

chilled #16

wowzaaa this week has been an absolute scorcher! feels like i haven't done a chilled post in ages, so i thought i'd do a cheeky sunday post :) this week has been jam packed, and next week is going to be exciting as well...

this week, i celebrated my brother's 17th birthday with my fammooo, and joey came to stay for a few days which was lovely. i also got to catch up with some of my bestest friends, and one of my grillzzzzz came home after travelling the world for 4 months! was so nice to catch up, felt like no time had passed at all, and i'm so happy to have her back <3 the top few pictures are from another bezzie'sss birthday BBQ that we had yesterday, it was such a cute set up with scarves, fairy lights and candles draped all around her garden, and we all put glitter and stars on our faces. it was so much fun, with gorgeous weather and gorgeous people. 

today i went to a big BBQ that was in my village, and was entered into the annual boules tournament (very British!!!) i didn't really want to do it, as i am pretty rubbish at all sporting events. i was paired up with a friend of my families...and ended up blooodyyyy winning the whole thing!!! so the trophy is currently in my house, where it has been for the past 3 years as my brother and mum won the past 3 years (bro winning twice). crazy crazy times! must have a secret talent!

i also found out that i finished my second year with a 2:1! this was a weight off my mind, as it gives me hope that i can do it again next year and graduate with a 2:1!! i have a very exciting month ahead as i start my internship at fabulous magazine in the fashion department! i can't WAIT, hope they like me!

busy busy busy! hope you all enjoyed the sun :) xo

Thursday, 11 July 2013

love at first blush - soap and glory blusher: review

i have chubby cheeks. it's something i am willing to admit. so, as a girl struggling through life with chubby cheeks, i might as well make them look as rosy as i can. i have a mac blusher and a cream topshop blusher, but as soon as i saw this soap&glory blusher in boots, i knew it had to be mine.

i was first attracted to it because, like most bloggers, i'm obsessed with soap&glory products. i love their body lotions, body scrubs, hand creams, but had yet to venture into the land of soap&glory beauty products. but, on this particular day shopping, i decided to go for it. first of all ,i adored the packaging. kind of a benefit-esque vibe, very chic and cute. it opens up and has a handy little mirror attatched, which is very convenient for applying it on the go! 

the blusher itself is a spectrum of colours, ranging from almost plum to a beautiful pearl colour. each colour has a shimmer in it, which gives your skin a glow and shine which will make people think 'blimey, she's healthy'. when blended together, it produces a gorgeous pinky colour which sits perfectly on my skin tone, as it's not too pink or heavy, but still noticeable. it's a really soft blusher, not too harsh, and you don't need to continually build up the colour as it picks up enough on the first swirl of the brush. 

it's just a gorgeoussss blusher, i can't get enough of it, it's a firm favourite in my make up bag. i shall definitely be venturing into more soap&glory products! at £11, i think it's a reasonable price to pay for a fantastic product that is sat firmly in the middle of high street and high end, a niche that soap&glory have perfected! i'd recommend this product 1000 times over :)

anymore soap&glory products i should purchase? xo

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

under the apple tree

it's. so. sunny. and everyone is happy yayyy :) it's nice for it to be sunny and i can actually enjoy it, as i'm not suffocating under a mound of books or revision. i found out this week i passed my second year with a 2:1, and so this sunny weather shall be spent with friends and enjoying the heat!

this is a little spot at the bottom of my garden. it really comes alive in the sun, as you can just sit underneath the little apple trees and read a book/listen to music/natter with friends. it's a prime spot for sunbathing, although wasps and bees are a bit of a pain. having it at the bottom of my garden is a bonus :)

i'm wearing a really floaty summery top with a crochet back. i love the cute little pattern of flowers, and it's so summer appropriate with the tie at the front and the light colours. i got this from tesco (i know) for £5!!! such a bargain, and it's definitely worth looking through these kind of sales as you can find such cute little bits! teamed with light coloured leggings, it's a really nice summer's day outfit :)

hope you're all enjoying the sun:) remember i'm on bloglovin: www.bloglovin.com/fashionfumblings xo

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

fur in the summer: casual OOTD

top: www.queenofthreads.co.uk leggings: lipsy shoes: primark headband: river island

phewww it's been a busy couple of weeks! i'm doing things nonstop, be it working or interning, so i'm a busy busy bee. but i still made sure i had the time to take some cheeky snaps! 

i really like this outfit. it's super duper comfy and seems bang on trend - basically it's me trying my best to emulate cara's winning style. i got this top from a vintage/second hand shop that's close to me called queen of threads, and i love it. i love big baggy tops, especially vintagey university ones. the material of this is really soft, and with the sleeves rolled up it's a perfect casual top to wear in the day. even teamed with a leather jacket, big black smokey eyes and some big ass heels it could be worn in the evening for drinks with friends :)

my leggings are kinda like disco pants, and i got them from lipsy. my beloved disco pants are nearing their end, i've worn them to death and alas, i cannot afford new ones at such an outrageous price. these ones from lipsy feel exactly the same, the only difference being they're not as high waisted, which make them a bit more suitable for wearing day to day. it gives my discos a chance to breathe, and the shiny material gives a different look to my normal black leggings which i wear every single day. they're super comfy as well :)

i wanted to jazz the outfit up a bit, so i popped on - randomly - my furry headband i wore in the winter. it's from river island, and it literally didn't leave my head in the winter. i adore it, and think it went well with this outfit. it gives it a bit of a different edge, but i hope it doesn't get too sunny so i look stupid wearing a winter hair band in the summer...

so! another OOTD. hope you enjoyed :) remember im on bloglovin at www.bloglovin.com/fashionfumblings xo
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