Thursday, 27 June 2013

wowsville: some new bits

so, on returning home, i noticed that in my hometown there was a new shop. always exciting. i was even more excited when i saw the clothes inside. wowsville specializes in reworked vintage bits, cute dresses, retro accessories and those all important levi cut offs that we all know and love. i was lucky enough to get sent a few bits to jazz up my summer wardrobe, and i lovee them!

it's no secret that vintage adidas and nike are a huge trend at the moment, so this adidas cropped vest is welcome in my wardrobe. i love the cropped look, and it's just so easy to chuck on. i don't own any of the whole 'sport luxe' trend, but this is so nice to just throw on with a pair of leggings and converse and go about my business in. for a festival twist, i'd team it with a pair of levis to give it a summery look, however with the rain pouring down at the moment, i think i'll stick with my leggings...

big baggy tshirts are always my friend. whether i'm hungover, having a fat day, or just want to be comfortable, i embrace a soft baggy t-shirt anytime. this one was reworked by the staff at wowsville, adding a splatter of bleach to the sleeves for a completely unique look. a lot of the t-shirts have these custom touches, which allows your wardrobe to be fresh and individual. i love this with the sleeves rolled up, another easy to wear t-shirt for my day to day (boring) life!

i will put my hands up and confess now, i am not a dressy person. i am strictly leggings and shorts. but, i spied this dress in wowsville, and fell in love. i think it's a cute alternative to a floral tea dress, which are adorable but just not me. i like that it's a tshirt at the top, but light denim, giving it a light and summery feel, perfect for a BBQ or just a day out in the sun (if the sun stops being so exclusive...) it's a really flattering fit and i actually found myself wanting to keep this on all day! teamed with sunglasses and converse it's a casual day time dress, or, teamed with boots and your hair done up niiiiiiice it's a cool evening look!

so pop on over to the facebook site here and have a little look, and if you find yourself in newport pagnell, definitely pop in! additionally, make sure you follow me on, as all the GFC malarky has got me anxious i'll lose some lovely readers! xo 


  1. Sounds like such a cool shop! Love the adidas tee! I'm gonna check out their fb!


  2. Great post
    Love the Blue top
    Rachel XX

  3. Love the adidas tee!

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