Thursday, 20 June 2013

favourite thangs

1. lefties sunglasses 2. suicide blonde bracelet 3. mac up the amp
so i thought i'd do something different, a bit short and sweet, but hopefully equally as enjoyable. i thought i'd share a few of my favourite things at the moment, as i can't take any good OOTD pics as my room is an absolute bombsite atm...

1. Round Sunglasses, Lefties. 
i got these sunglasses in portugal, as my topshop sunglasses seemed to disappear off the face of the earth when i was travelling. i went into a shopping centre in cascais and found a big store called 'lefties'. it's kind of like a mix between zara and h&m, and i was left wanting everything i saw, unfortunately the money just wasn't there. but, i definitely needed some sunglasses, and i saw these babies. i love the whole round frame look, and think these are just amazing. i feel like john lennon, and they didn't leave my face the whole holiday. wish i could wear them in england :( come on sun!

i've had this for a while, and i've been wearing it for ages just haven't got round to photographing it yet! this is a bracelet from new edgy jewellery brand Suicide Blonde, who have a whole range of accessories with their trademark diamante skulls and neon colours. i love the bright green, it's a different colour to anything else that i have and it definitely pops off my wrist and is attention seeking. it's pretty simple, but the colour more than makes up for that and also if you take a closer look, it's got a gorgeous little silver skull with diamond green eyes. i love how it looks against an all black outfit, and will be basing more outfits around this! it's a little pricey, but any of their pieces make a refreshing change to a Pandora or a Links bracelet for a special gift. click the link above and check out their fresh and fashionable pieces, i love them all!

3. Mac 'Up The Amp' Lipstick
i got this lipstick a while ago but just can't get over it! i love the bright vivid purple that comes out when you apply it straight on, i've been looking for a colour like this for a while and i've found it difficult to find a purple rather than a darker pink, and i've finally found it! when you blot the colour, it turns into a more subtle purple, making it a bit more wearable in the day. it looks gorgeous with a floral dress, or an all black outfit to pop your makeup. i adore it, and think purple lipsticks are definitely going to be making more of an appearance in my make up bag.

so i hope you enjoyed a few of my favourite things :) remember i'm on instagram at louisawh and would love some new friendssss :) xo


  1. Your blog has gorgeous pictures - I love purple lipsticks too! I can't wear light ones like your MAC one, so I wear L'Oreal Color Riche in Plum Passion - highly recommend it!

    Thanks for sending over your link in the #fblchat

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose: UK MAC Lipstick Giveaway, click here to enter!

  2. Aw lovely picks, I love the sunglasses! Enjoyed having a catch up on your posts. Your pics are always so good. :)

  3. The lipstick looks fabulous on you my love!

    Definitely feeling the round sunies lately, very 70s chic.


  4. I LOVE those photos with the glasses (best selfies ever?)!
    :) xx

  5. Round sunglasses, perf!x

  6. Love those sunglasses, I'm dying to find some that suit my face as they'd be perfect for my holidays but none of them seem to suit me waah!

    Louise x

  7. I love purple lipsticks, I definitively think they will be huge! I really want to try MAC Violetta but it's Pro only, however Up the Amp looks perfect : ) xxx


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