Sunday, 2 June 2013

chilled #15

oldest inn in england... crazy caves...pretty bracelet... um, i have cat ears.

heylooo! it's sunday again, and i'm back in nottingham for my final exam and my final week of my second year of university. cray.

this week has been sososo good, i went home on monday (haven't revised all week oops) in preparation for the company style blogger awards!!! i was super excited for the day in london with my bessieee and just meeting all the other bloggers! it was an amazing night in such a cool place in london, and even though i didn't win, i had the best time. i did some proper posts on that here and here, so deffo check them out :) i can't say thank you enough to the company team for all our treats as well.

apart from that, i've been preparing for my holiday next week. im so excited!!! im off to portugal for a week with ze boyooo and i can't wait to just relax for a week and not have to worry about revising, working or submitting essays! it will be well needed as next year i start my dissertation, which is probably going to drain me academically but then i'm all done! so strange how fast university has gone, this year has been really good and i'm going to miss my big group of friends here as many of them either jet off to a year abroad or for a placement :( sad times.

the weather today has been gorgeous, and i think this week is going to stay sunny. yayyy! (although i will be revising... not so cool). today i had a little walk around nottingham, and found some pretty flower beds near the castle. i think my rose bud bracelet fit in perfectly! i love this bracelet, it's made of baby pink leather that's been made to look like a rose, and attached to a really cute little gold chain. i also have a matching necklace which is so dinky and cute! i love little feminine pieces like this just to add interest to an outfit. these pieces were made by up and coming jeweller Slinky Links, i suggest you have a look at the website for some gorgeous individual pieces :) 

another week down, this time next week i will be on a plane aahhh :D also, don't forget to follow me on twitter here and facebook here :) xo  


  1. I used to live in Nottingham and went past this pub a few times and never went in! Regretting it now haha!

    Good luck with your exam!


  2. love your cat ears! photos are so beautiful.

    hope your exams go well :)


  3. Wow what a cool place!
    Love the cat ear.

  4. gorgeous photos! i live quite near to nottingham, lovee some of the shops there!

  5. Great photos! Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)


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