Tuesday, 18 June 2013

back for good: holiday fashion

lipsy playsuit
asos crop top
top photo: left, primark top, topshop leggings, primark sandals. right, lipsy playsuit, primark sandals, lefties sunglasses...next photo: left, asos crop top, topshop shorts, primark converse, right, asos crop top, topshop shorts, primark converse...next photo: left, primark top, trousers and sandals...gandys flip flops.

well hello there, long time no see! haven't blogged in ages, as since my last post i've finished my second year at uni and been on holiday! i got back today, and i had an amazing time. 

the weather in portugal was gorgeousss, really warm - i have proof now as my head is peeling slightly. i got such a nice tan, it's so refreshing to have a real tan and not one that's - you know - sprayed on...bit depressing that england is all grey and i can't wear things to show off my temporary brownness! if you do fancy going to portugal, i definitely would recommend Estoril or Cascais, it's got amazing beaches, great bars and restaurants, and amazing weather. 

in the day, i tended to just wear a bikini (obviously) and then chuck on some comfy clothes. i pretty much lived in some primark purple shorts which were a steal at £3, and a vest that my friend gave me.  it was way too hot for any denim shorts, which was really gutting, but at least i was comfy! i wore one aztec print bikini from primark the whole time, partly because i wanted to keep the same tan lines...on my feet i kind of alternated between the amazing black sandals pictured, my purple espadrills, and these gandy's flip flops. they literally were the comfiest flipflops i've ever worn, and i loved the hot pink colour. gandy's has a really inspirational message behind it, giving money back to orphans due to personal circumstances of the creators. i strongly suggest checking out the link above for your holiday flip flops!!

in the evening i liked wearing highwaisted stuff to hide my holiday belly, which resulted in eating a tonne of chips... oops. i really loved the black crop top from primark, it's really cheap and a boyfriend fit which is so comfy and flattering. my asos crop top was a god send as it went really nicely with my highwaisted shorts, and the plain look went nicely with the jazzy patterns. last but not least, i adore these primark trousers. i love the pattern and the material is so thin and summery. they're great to chuck on and feel like you've dressed up a bit. 

so fashion fumblings is backkk! expect lots of blogs this summer as i start an exciting magazine internship, and will most definitely be buying some clothes to debut! (oops). hope you enjoyed :) xo


  1. I have an obsession with patterned trousers - those Primark ones are fab x

  2. I'm loving the patterned shorts! They look so perfect for holiday! Hope you had a loovely time in Portugal, I'm so jealous! I'm trying really hard to save up for a holiday too.
    Love all your outfits :)


    1. thank youu it was so niceee, love the patterned shorts such a shame england is so cold. xx

  3. I love the yellow print shorts they are amazing. glad you had a good holiday. Ive always fancied Portugal x

    I really wish I had your figure to!

    Where is the montano yacht club tea from?
    Love it :D

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  5. you look lovely! and I need to stock up on those crop tops, they're perfect for holiday:) xx

  6. Gorgeous outfits! I love them all :D xx


  7. Love your holiday outfits!!
    Very pretty.


  8. Some fab shorts girly! Loving your Primark sandals too! Well jel of your holidays ;)

  9. I love the Lipsy playsuit and the Topshop shorts. Great post. :)

    Heather xx


  10. Such a cute post, I love the playsuit! Definitely have to but it!

    Please follow me: www.everyones-perfect.blogspot.co.uk

    Chloe xx

  11. Top right oh my! Love love love x



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