Friday, 28 June 2013

skater girl: select dress

i've had my eye on this dress for a while, i've seen it in primark...topshop... everywhere, and i finally succumbed to adding it to my wardrobe. i found it for an absolute bargain for £12 at select, and with my added 15% student discount, was even cheaper at £10 something! 

i was out in manchester the other night and decided to debut it then. i will hold my hands up now and say i'm not a dress person, i really don't wear them on a day to day basis, and would prefer to stick on a pair of jeans than a dress and tights any day of the week. however, the second i slipped this bad boy on i was so comfortable and loved the way it looked. the grey jersey material is so adaptable, as i can wear it with big thick tights and a jacket in the winter, but teamed with the leather looking sleeves it can also be whipped out at night with bare legs and a statement necklace. it's thin enough to wear in the summer, but easy to add layers too so i can keep wearing it in the cold months! 

as i wore this out in the evening to a bar, i had to dress it up a bit. i did this by teaming it with frilly socks and my much loved topshop arabel boots, which rock it up a little bit more. bare legs also drew attention to my beautiful bootsss :) i didn't have a necklace sadly, so i just popped a pair of huge hoops in to add something jazzayyy to it. i was really brave with my make up, as i've actually never attempted a black/grey smokey eye, but i think i did ok... i used my naked palate by urban decay, which everyone and their mothers own, and just slapped a whole lotta make up on to try and make myself look presentable!

all in all, i'm head over heels for my new dress, and will maybe even venture into the realms of casual dresses more often. xo 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

wowsville: some new bits

so, on returning home, i noticed that in my hometown there was a new shop. always exciting. i was even more excited when i saw the clothes inside. wowsville specializes in reworked vintage bits, cute dresses, retro accessories and those all important levi cut offs that we all know and love. i was lucky enough to get sent a few bits to jazz up my summer wardrobe, and i lovee them!

it's no secret that vintage adidas and nike are a huge trend at the moment, so this adidas cropped vest is welcome in my wardrobe. i love the cropped look, and it's just so easy to chuck on. i don't own any of the whole 'sport luxe' trend, but this is so nice to just throw on with a pair of leggings and converse and go about my business in. for a festival twist, i'd team it with a pair of levis to give it a summery look, however with the rain pouring down at the moment, i think i'll stick with my leggings...

big baggy tshirts are always my friend. whether i'm hungover, having a fat day, or just want to be comfortable, i embrace a soft baggy t-shirt anytime. this one was reworked by the staff at wowsville, adding a splatter of bleach to the sleeves for a completely unique look. a lot of the t-shirts have these custom touches, which allows your wardrobe to be fresh and individual. i love this with the sleeves rolled up, another easy to wear t-shirt for my day to day (boring) life!

i will put my hands up and confess now, i am not a dressy person. i am strictly leggings and shorts. but, i spied this dress in wowsville, and fell in love. i think it's a cute alternative to a floral tea dress, which are adorable but just not me. i like that it's a tshirt at the top, but light denim, giving it a light and summery feel, perfect for a BBQ or just a day out in the sun (if the sun stops being so exclusive...) it's a really flattering fit and i actually found myself wanting to keep this on all day! teamed with sunglasses and converse it's a casual day time dress, or, teamed with boots and your hair done up niiiiiiice it's a cool evening look!

so pop on over to the facebook site here and have a little look, and if you find yourself in newport pagnell, definitely pop in! additionally, make sure you follow me on, as all the GFC malarky has got me anxious i'll lose some lovely readers! xo 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

favourite thangs

1. lefties sunglasses 2. suicide blonde bracelet 3. mac up the amp
so i thought i'd do something different, a bit short and sweet, but hopefully equally as enjoyable. i thought i'd share a few of my favourite things at the moment, as i can't take any good OOTD pics as my room is an absolute bombsite atm...

1. Round Sunglasses, Lefties. 
i got these sunglasses in portugal, as my topshop sunglasses seemed to disappear off the face of the earth when i was travelling. i went into a shopping centre in cascais and found a big store called 'lefties'. it's kind of like a mix between zara and h&m, and i was left wanting everything i saw, unfortunately the money just wasn't there. but, i definitely needed some sunglasses, and i saw these babies. i love the whole round frame look, and think these are just amazing. i feel like john lennon, and they didn't leave my face the whole holiday. wish i could wear them in england :( come on sun!

i've had this for a while, and i've been wearing it for ages just haven't got round to photographing it yet! this is a bracelet from new edgy jewellery brand Suicide Blonde, who have a whole range of accessories with their trademark diamante skulls and neon colours. i love the bright green, it's a different colour to anything else that i have and it definitely pops off my wrist and is attention seeking. it's pretty simple, but the colour more than makes up for that and also if you take a closer look, it's got a gorgeous little silver skull with diamond green eyes. i love how it looks against an all black outfit, and will be basing more outfits around this! it's a little pricey, but any of their pieces make a refreshing change to a Pandora or a Links bracelet for a special gift. click the link above and check out their fresh and fashionable pieces, i love them all!

3. Mac 'Up The Amp' Lipstick
i got this lipstick a while ago but just can't get over it! i love the bright vivid purple that comes out when you apply it straight on, i've been looking for a colour like this for a while and i've found it difficult to find a purple rather than a darker pink, and i've finally found it! when you blot the colour, it turns into a more subtle purple, making it a bit more wearable in the day. it looks gorgeous with a floral dress, or an all black outfit to pop your makeup. i adore it, and think purple lipsticks are definitely going to be making more of an appearance in my make up bag.

so i hope you enjoyed a few of my favourite things :) remember i'm on instagram at louisawh and would love some new friendssss :) xo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

back for good: holiday fashion

lipsy playsuit
asos crop top
top photo: left, primark top, topshop leggings, primark sandals. right, lipsy playsuit, primark sandals, lefties photo: left, asos crop top, topshop shorts, primark converse, right, asos crop top, topshop shorts, primark photo: left, primark top, trousers and sandals...gandys flip flops.

well hello there, long time no see! haven't blogged in ages, as since my last post i've finished my second year at uni and been on holiday! i got back today, and i had an amazing time. 

the weather in portugal was gorgeousss, really warm - i have proof now as my head is peeling slightly. i got such a nice tan, it's so refreshing to have a real tan and not one that's - you know - sprayed on...bit depressing that england is all grey and i can't wear things to show off my temporary brownness! if you do fancy going to portugal, i definitely would recommend Estoril or Cascais, it's got amazing beaches, great bars and restaurants, and amazing weather. 

in the day, i tended to just wear a bikini (obviously) and then chuck on some comfy clothes. i pretty much lived in some primark purple shorts which were a steal at £3, and a vest that my friend gave me.  it was way too hot for any denim shorts, which was really gutting, but at least i was comfy! i wore one aztec print bikini from primark the whole time, partly because i wanted to keep the same tan lines...on my feet i kind of alternated between the amazing black sandals pictured, my purple espadrills, and these gandy's flip flops. they literally were the comfiest flipflops i've ever worn, and i loved the hot pink colour. gandy's has a really inspirational message behind it, giving money back to orphans due to personal circumstances of the creators. i strongly suggest checking out the link above for your holiday flip flops!!

in the evening i liked wearing highwaisted stuff to hide my holiday belly, which resulted in eating a tonne of chips... oops. i really loved the black crop top from primark, it's really cheap and a boyfriend fit which is so comfy and flattering. my asos crop top was a god send as it went really nicely with my highwaisted shorts, and the plain look went nicely with the jazzy patterns. last but not least, i adore these primark trousers. i love the pattern and the material is so thin and summery. they're great to chuck on and feel like you've dressed up a bit. 

so fashion fumblings is backkk! expect lots of blogs this summer as i start an exciting magazine internship, and will most definitely be buying some clothes to debut! (oops). hope you enjoyed :) xo

Sunday, 2 June 2013

chilled #15

oldest inn in england... crazy caves...pretty bracelet... um, i have cat ears.

heylooo! it's sunday again, and i'm back in nottingham for my final exam and my final week of my second year of university. cray.

this week has been sososo good, i went home on monday (haven't revised all week oops) in preparation for the company style blogger awards!!! i was super excited for the day in london with my bessieee and just meeting all the other bloggers! it was an amazing night in such a cool place in london, and even though i didn't win, i had the best time. i did some proper posts on that here and here, so deffo check them out :) i can't say thank you enough to the company team for all our treats as well.

apart from that, i've been preparing for my holiday next week. im so excited!!! im off to portugal for a week with ze boyooo and i can't wait to just relax for a week and not have to worry about revising, working or submitting essays! it will be well needed as next year i start my dissertation, which is probably going to drain me academically but then i'm all done! so strange how fast university has gone, this year has been really good and i'm going to miss my big group of friends here as many of them either jet off to a year abroad or for a placement :( sad times.

the weather today has been gorgeous, and i think this week is going to stay sunny. yayyy! (although i will be revising... not so cool). today i had a little walk around nottingham, and found some pretty flower beds near the castle. i think my rose bud bracelet fit in perfectly! i love this bracelet, it's made of baby pink leather that's been made to look like a rose, and attached to a really cute little gold chain. i also have a matching necklace which is so dinky and cute! i love little feminine pieces like this just to add interest to an outfit. these pieces were made by up and coming jeweller Slinky Links, i suggest you have a look at the website for some gorgeous individual pieces :) 

another week down, this time next week i will be on a plane aahhh :D also, don't forget to follow me on twitter here and facebook here :) xo  
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