Thursday, 23 May 2013

NTU graduate fashion show: class of 2013

so tonight i was lucky enough to go along to Nottingham Trent's Graduate Fashion Show. i went along as a member of the official magazine for the uni, Platform, and got to sit front row to enjoy the show - feeling very legit and important, despite the fact i looked awful and had just had a spray tan... anyway, it was an AMAZING show, full of talent.

it truly was amazing to see the amount of dedication and hard work that went into every piece, and how tailored each section of the show was to the work created. there were 42 designers showcasing their amazing work, and each designer catered the music to the style of their designs. for instance, there was some amazing pieces which were 1990's, hip hop themed with vibrant colours, and a harlem edge, with 'it's like that' blaring in the background - full of attitude. and another designer clearly took huge inspirations from the 1960's, and had their psychedelic pieces strutting to a retro piece from the era. amazing.

i didn't get to take too many pics on my camera as it died (cheers for that), so the collages are all pics from my phone. there was amazing tailoring, structure, embellishment in all the pieces, and such beautiful materials were used and absolutely utilized. i'm currently sat here in total awe of how talented the designers are, and how inspiring it is to see such hardwork being displayed - very proud NTU student right now! damn my boring english degree, why can't i make clothes?!

so this is just a quick one to show how amazing it all was, hope you enjoy some of the pics. i'll link the proper post from Platform on twitter soon :) xo 


  1. ah wish I could've gone :(
    i hope one day you'll be a journalist for my premier catwalk show!
    keep up the fab work honey

  2. Oh wow, it looks amazing! Some gorgeous designs.
    Megan xxx

  3. aah this all looks so cool!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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