Wednesday, 22 May 2013

mac extended play gigablack lash: review

i will just apologise now for my ATROCIOUS eyebrows. they will be tamed soon, i promise. anyway... thought i'd do something different and review my amazing mascara, as i haven't seen many reviews about this one and i literally swear by it now!

i got this mascara for my birthday when i went for my mac makeover, as i'd been on the hunt for a new mascara for a while. i usually just use rimmel, but since getting the rocket mascara i really wasn't impressed. this mascara is my first ever 'high brand' one, and the quality really shines through.

it's a really thin brush, which is good as it doesn't accumulate too much excess mascara, meaning you get the right amount everytime and don't need to pump it. i like the slim line look of the mascara, not too chunky so i feel like i'm literally slapping black on my lashes. the thinness of the wand gets every lash individually, and also gives separation to them, meaning you don't get horrible clumped together eyelashes (my worst nightmare). it also elongates the lash a lot, i don't think i've got this length with any mascara before, so i'd definitely recommend it. it's lasted  for ages, (since march), and i wear it every day - which, like most mac products, means it's got a long way to go yet before it runs out. a bargain then!

all in all, i love this mascara. yup, even more than 'they're real' from benefit, that i too got with elle this month. i'd really recommend this mascara if you fancy spending a little bit more for a quality mascara. 

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