Thursday, 30 May 2013

company style blogger awards 2013

apologies for the picture heavy post! i could have put so much in, but i figured it might get a bit repetitive! i posted here about my outfit, but here's a more general overview of the fantastic night i had at the style blogger awards!

i bought along my trusty bff and self-appointed photographer hannah with me, and we have a whale of a time. it was in the truman brewary in london, which was a very cool area with lots of hipsters swimming around in tartan. when we got into the venue, we were very kindly given drink vouchers and given free champagne. sushi was being handed out on platters, which i admittedly ate a lot of... my absolute dream night 

new look sponsored the night, and had a spread of their new pieces for us all to ooh and aah at. some very pretty jewellery and cute summery bits! there was also a stand by Pinned It! Made It! to make your own sunglasses which was very cute, and a stall hosted by The Vintage Cosmetics Company who were applying eyelashes! my saviours, and the eyelashes were gorgeous, they will be available in boots very soon. 

i also managed to get my hair done by the talented stylists at paul mitchell, who gave me bouncy beach waves, which was a look i adored! the thing i think i was most impressed by was the cool photobooth! we all had photos taken with props, and i think i went in about 4 times? camera hog, i know... 

the actual awards were amazing, with all the winners being very well deserved! i was honoured to be shortlisted after only having my blog for a few months, and who knows what will happen next year! i was also a bit in awe of meeting the lovely editor of company mag, who did not live up to the stereotype that meryl streep portrays of an editor! we were also supplied with amazing goody bags, with OPI nail varnish, soap and glory lipstick, a beanie hat... literally so spoilt!

all in all, i was so grateful for everything we were so kindly given, and i had an amazing time! same time next year? xo
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