Sunday, 26 May 2013

chilled #14

cute decorations... cupcakes!... whole and the and my long arms...being stupid

it's been a couple of weeks since i did my chilled blog, but last week i felt anything but chilled, as i had 2 exams this week. i have now completed 3 exams, and have one left in two weeks so i feel i can calm down a little bit!

this week has been expensive but so much fun! i had an exam on tuesday and thursday, so had a lot of revision (*cough*cramming...*cough) to do, but both those exams went pretty well as i had done practice papers, and the right questions came up. yayyy. just got one left now, and then i'm done for second year at university! i got assigned my dissertation supervisor this week as well, so that's all to come. what fun next year will be!

i also dyed my hair purple this week, which you can see here in a more in depth post. it certainly was a break in revision, and if you can't dye your hair an unnatural colour at uni when can you?! i also went to the graduate fashion show to cover it for my university magazine, as next year i am the deputy fashion+beauty editor. you can see the proper post on Platform HERE or if you fancy having a look at my blog post, have a gander here. it was absolutely amazing and i was so inspired by the talent!

the big event of my week was my bestfwend hannah's birthday! hannah is a feature throughout my blogs, as a model, and is actually my photographer! yay for jenks. she threw an amazing BBQ for us all, which she supplied all the food for, and then that descended into a standard pre-drinks with games such as northvs.south and girlsvs.boys. fun times were had by all. a fabbb night for ma bessieee. so soppy!

and thisss week i shall be venturing back to m to the k, and on  wednesday going to london for the COMPANY STYLE BLOGGER AWARDS. aahhh so excited to meet everyone!! i'm already practicing my loser clap, but i just am so excited for the experience :D

have a great week :) xo


  1. Love this pictures! I found you on the #bbloggers chat and had to give you a follow :) xx

  2. Ah, love this post! You and your friend are so pretty.
    Your skirt is so nice, where did you get it from?
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go xo

    1. hey thanks :) it's from select super cheap as well xxxx

  3. Good luck on your last exam, also that skirt is gorgeous! xxxx


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