Sunday, 12 May 2013

chilled #13

not a cloud in the sky... loving life with a fab... pub sunglasses...

holaaaa. so outside it's raining, but this week saw some beautifulll weather! it was absolutely baking for a few days which made me so happy, despite being locked inside revising and writing essays :(

this week i finished sociolinguistics foreverrrrr and also handed in a 2000 word essay. that's all the coursework out the way, now just got to get through 4 exams. eek. exams make me so nervous, and as i do an english degree, i find it really difficult to know how to revise as a lot of it is just your own interpretation. just gotta keep ploughing on until the 7th of june and then i'm freeeee (for a bit....) and i fly away to portugal to sun myself. :) cannot wait.

i also FINALLY got my invite to the company style blogger awards eeeeeeee! i am shortlisted in the best personal style newcomer category, and cannot wait to go! i am excited to meet all the other bloggers i love, and also get a chance to dress up posh for an evening. although, what the attire will be exactly, i'm not sure...want something stylish but me. gonna have to have a gander through all the websites - it'll be a disaster if someone wears the same outfit! #nightmare.

i featured a cheeky pic up there of me and my palll before we went out for a friend's birthday on friday. it was pub golf, so we all dressed appropriately. i didn't spend a penny and still had a great time, proving that you can have fun sober - even in revs. it's nice going out with my big uni fammo as next year half of them aren't here as they're on placements or in another country... gonna miss everyone lots :( annddd the last photo is my cool new shades (apologies for how lame that sounded...) i picked up in primark. i love them to pieces, love the skull and the slightly different frame. gonna rock these bad boys a lot this summer.

and there it is! also, i'm on lookbook now, just click here and follow me as i'm a bit lonely atm! :) xo


  1. These photos are so bright, they're lovely! Good luck with your exams, totally feel your pain about English exams...there is no rhyme or reason about what your supposed to revise half the time, it's best just to wing it!!
    Sophs xx

  2. You are so gorgeous and I love your make up! Exams are always so stressful, so cute that you will miss everyone

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  3. You look pretty !


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