Thursday, 30 May 2013

company style blogger awards 2013

apologies for the picture heavy post! i could have put so much in, but i figured it might get a bit repetitive! i posted here about my outfit, but here's a more general overview of the fantastic night i had at the style blogger awards!

i bought along my trusty bff and self-appointed photographer hannah with me, and we have a whale of a time. it was in the truman brewary in london, which was a very cool area with lots of hipsters swimming around in tartan. when we got into the venue, we were very kindly given drink vouchers and given free champagne. sushi was being handed out on platters, which i admittedly ate a lot of... my absolute dream night 

new look sponsored the night, and had a spread of their new pieces for us all to ooh and aah at. some very pretty jewellery and cute summery bits! there was also a stand by Pinned It! Made It! to make your own sunglasses which was very cute, and a stall hosted by The Vintage Cosmetics Company who were applying eyelashes! my saviours, and the eyelashes were gorgeous, they will be available in boots very soon. 

i also managed to get my hair done by the talented stylists at paul mitchell, who gave me bouncy beach waves, which was a look i adored! the thing i think i was most impressed by was the cool photobooth! we all had photos taken with props, and i think i went in about 4 times? camera hog, i know... 

the actual awards were amazing, with all the winners being very well deserved! i was honoured to be shortlisted after only having my blog for a few months, and who knows what will happen next year! i was also a bit in awe of meeting the lovely editor of company mag, who did not live up to the stereotype that meryl streep portrays of an editor! we were also supplied with amazing goody bags, with OPI nail varnish, soap and glory lipstick, a beanie hat... literally so spoilt!

all in all, i was so grateful for everything we were so kindly given, and i had an amazing time! same time next year? xo

jumpsuit stylin': company style blogger awards 2013

jumpsuit topshop... shoes ebay...necklace primark...clutch primark...jacket primark...

sooo yesterday sure was exciting! i traveled to london to go to the company style blogger awards!!! it was sooo good, and i will put a whole post dedicated to the night up soon! but i needed to do an outfit post because, after all, that is what my blog is all about! :)

i was so undecided as to what to wear, i didn't really know if it would be really dressy or a bit more casual... outfit dramzzzz! so i decided to play it safe in my staple all black colour motif (literally, you cannot go wrong!!) and bought this lushh black jumpsuit from topshop. it was a simple cotton material, and on the sleeves and top part had a panel of mesh to add interest. i should have taken a photo of the back, as it had a big open slit to give it a really chic feel. it's absolutely gorgeous, and was so comfy to be in all day. i can wear this casually, on holiday, and at work - a fab buy!

i wore mahoosiveeee heels with it, they were from eBay a while ago and are Jeffrey Campbell dupes. whilst i loved the height, and they did last me all day, by the end of the night staggering around the tubes my feet were absolutely weeping, and i have two blisters to prove it. oh well, they made it look a bit more dressy! i wore my transformers-esque necklace, which acted as a centre piece for the outfit. teamed with my jacket, i quite liked the overall look :)

that was the outfit! i will be blogging about the event very soon so watch this space :) xo

Monday, 27 May 2013

we can do it: red bandana

so, on one of my walks around town trying to procrastinate, i ended up in a fancy dress shop. i ended up leaving the fancy dress shop, with a bandana meant for cowboy dress up. i also had it on my head. go figure.

i've wanted a bandana for a while, kind of umming and aahing whether i could do the kick ass women on the propaganda posters proud, as they made these bandanas iconic. but hey, yolo and all that jazz. i really like how it accessorises a simple high ponytail, and also can be chucked on if your hair is feeling a little greasy but you can't be bothered to wash it (like me). i think it's a super cute accessory to wear day to day, and will definitely be gracing my head more. mixed with the red lipstick and maybe bigger eyes, you could definitely translate this into an evening look. i'd probably wear some killer heels, disco pants and my little black cami, as the red would definitely pop through, and people would remember your quirky head dress :)

apologies for the background, i'm back home and all my life is on my bed at the moment! should really tidy that... 

hope you enjoyed my short, sweet and goofy post! xo

Sunday, 26 May 2013

chilled #14

cute decorations... cupcakes!... whole and the and my long arms...being stupid

it's been a couple of weeks since i did my chilled blog, but last week i felt anything but chilled, as i had 2 exams this week. i have now completed 3 exams, and have one left in two weeks so i feel i can calm down a little bit!

this week has been expensive but so much fun! i had an exam on tuesday and thursday, so had a lot of revision (*cough*cramming...*cough) to do, but both those exams went pretty well as i had done practice papers, and the right questions came up. yayyy. just got one left now, and then i'm done for second year at university! i got assigned my dissertation supervisor this week as well, so that's all to come. what fun next year will be!

i also dyed my hair purple this week, which you can see here in a more in depth post. it certainly was a break in revision, and if you can't dye your hair an unnatural colour at uni when can you?! i also went to the graduate fashion show to cover it for my university magazine, as next year i am the deputy fashion+beauty editor. you can see the proper post on Platform HERE or if you fancy having a look at my blog post, have a gander here. it was absolutely amazing and i was so inspired by the talent!

the big event of my week was my bestfwend hannah's birthday! hannah is a feature throughout my blogs, as a model, and is actually my photographer! yay for jenks. she threw an amazing BBQ for us all, which she supplied all the food for, and then that descended into a standard pre-drinks with games such as northvs.south and girlsvs.boys. fun times were had by all. a fabbb night for ma bessieee. so soppy!

and thisss week i shall be venturing back to m to the k, and on  wednesday going to london for the COMPANY STYLE BLOGGER AWARDS. aahhh so excited to meet everyone!! i'm already practicing my loser clap, but i just am so excited for the experience :D

have a great week :) xo

Thursday, 23 May 2013

NTU graduate fashion show: class of 2013

so tonight i was lucky enough to go along to Nottingham Trent's Graduate Fashion Show. i went along as a member of the official magazine for the uni, Platform, and got to sit front row to enjoy the show - feeling very legit and important, despite the fact i looked awful and had just had a spray tan... anyway, it was an AMAZING show, full of talent.

it truly was amazing to see the amount of dedication and hard work that went into every piece, and how tailored each section of the show was to the work created. there were 42 designers showcasing their amazing work, and each designer catered the music to the style of their designs. for instance, there was some amazing pieces which were 1990's, hip hop themed with vibrant colours, and a harlem edge, with 'it's like that' blaring in the background - full of attitude. and another designer clearly took huge inspirations from the 1960's, and had their psychedelic pieces strutting to a retro piece from the era. amazing.

i didn't get to take too many pics on my camera as it died (cheers for that), so the collages are all pics from my phone. there was amazing tailoring, structure, embellishment in all the pieces, and such beautiful materials were used and absolutely utilized. i'm currently sat here in total awe of how talented the designers are, and how inspiring it is to see such hardwork being displayed - very proud NTU student right now! damn my boring english degree, why can't i make clothes?!

so this is just a quick one to show how amazing it all was, hope you enjoy some of the pics. i'll link the proper post from Platform on twitter soon :) xo 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

mac extended play gigablack lash: review

i will just apologise now for my ATROCIOUS eyebrows. they will be tamed soon, i promise. anyway... thought i'd do something different and review my amazing mascara, as i haven't seen many reviews about this one and i literally swear by it now!

i got this mascara for my birthday when i went for my mac makeover, as i'd been on the hunt for a new mascara for a while. i usually just use rimmel, but since getting the rocket mascara i really wasn't impressed. this mascara is my first ever 'high brand' one, and the quality really shines through.

it's a really thin brush, which is good as it doesn't accumulate too much excess mascara, meaning you get the right amount everytime and don't need to pump it. i like the slim line look of the mascara, not too chunky so i feel like i'm literally slapping black on my lashes. the thinness of the wand gets every lash individually, and also gives separation to them, meaning you don't get horrible clumped together eyelashes (my worst nightmare). it also elongates the lash a lot, i don't think i've got this length with any mascara before, so i'd definitely recommend it. it's lasted  for ages, (since march), and i wear it every day - which, like most mac products, means it's got a long way to go yet before it runs out. a bargain then!

all in all, i love this mascara. yup, even more than 'they're real' from benefit, that i too got with elle this month. i'd really recommend this mascara if you fancy spending a little bit more for a quality mascara. 

hope you enjoyed :) cheeky plug, but maybe follow me on instagram - louisawh :) xo

Monday, 20 May 2013

purple hair, don't care: l'oreal feria lavender

so with exams looming and procrastination at its highest, i did what any good student would do... i dyed my hair a ridiculous colour. well, it's better than revising.

for my birthday i got the l'oreal feria lavender and pink pastel kits, and thought it was about time i tried them out. they're specialised for light blonde hair, and act as a subtle colour when put on your hair. it only lasts between 3-5 washes, so i thought i might as well. i've always talked about dying the ends of my hair like a lavender purple, and this kit gave me exactly what i wanted. i didn't want a bright purple, and the colour that came out was very subtle, but still noticeable enough for my housemates to notice. also, i liked that it wasn't so drastic as it looks nice and blended in rather than a harsh line in my hair. 

it was super easy to apply, and kinda came out in a thick putty. the kit came with gloves, but i reapplied without using them and it didn't stain my hands. i really love the outcome, and it's certainly brightened up my day full of revising. i think it'd look really pretty if curled, as then the blonde and purple can kinda blend together - a spectrum curl!! or even up in a ponytail or high bun. i will be trying these out whilst it lasts!

anyway, the crazy times are over, and it's back to the books! let me know if you've tried these colours out :) xo

Friday, 17 May 2013

plain leopard: OOTD

leopard print
primark t shirt
topshop nail varnish
top primark...leggings topshop

it's a bit gross outside, with it deciding to rain spontaneously and the sky staying grey. it kinda reflects how thousands of us are feeling, as we all have to stay in and revise for upcoming exams. this is what i'm doing, but found time to do a cheeky blog in my new top.

this top is from primark, and another bargain at just £3.50. primark are on top form at the moment, albeit they are still selling 'geek' tops... i found this top amongst some of the new casual stuff they've got in, and fell in love with it. i love the kind of garish leopard print pattern, which brightens up a plain outfit when you're just sitting around revising (or procrastinating). the sleeves are sewn up and it's a boyfriend fit, which is absolutely perfect for a casual day outfit. they've got loads in at the moment in this style, some with patterns and some just plain colours, and i just want to buy them all as they're so perfect for my current state of lazy student!

i also got my hair cut yesterday, it's a subtle difference but it's a bit shorter in the layers around my face. i quite like it, and love it when it's up in this style. hopefully it won't end up just looking like curtains... and in other important news, i finally got an outfit to the style blogger awards! it's a black jumpsuit from topshop, and i'm so relieved i've found something!

back to the books... happy weekend :) xo
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