Thursday, 4 April 2013

lush dragon egg bath bomb: review

i rarely have baths, as at my uni house we only have showers :( so i seized the opportunity to have a bath bomb when i was home. i didn't intend on buying one when i entered Lush, but the staff were so lovely i was kinda suckered into it! i got the dragon egg bath bomb, and i would recommend it to everyone!

the dragon egg bath bomb is a white bath bomb, with the usual chalky consistency. it has circles and flecks of colour on top, such as pink and blue, and these come off in the bath and stay circular. it smells incredible, like a mixture of citrus smells and jasmine within it. i kept it in my bag whilst shopping, and when i took my purse out it smelt absolutely gorgeous. i love orange and fruity smells, and this was definitely up my street!

on first glance, you wouldn't imagine that the bath bomb would have the end result that it does - it's magical! i was super surprised when i put it in the bath, i was not expecting the end colour. i sat there watching with my mouth open (i live an exciting life). in the middle of the bath bomb was an orange core, which explained the citrus smell, and with the orange core were flecks of gold glitter. it also contained popping candy, which then made the core fizz and pop in the bath, and whizz around like a comet. that must be how it got its magical name, as it surprises you with its plain appearance and magical colourful core. it left me feeling super fresh and smelling lovely, albeit a bit glittery, and i know some people aren't fans of glittery bath bombs so be warned!

i would definitely buy this again, i loved the surprise of the orange center and the gorgeous aromas of it. at just £3.25 as well, it's a bargain to pop in the bath and have a nice relax :) xo


  1. This looks like it would make a very fun bath experience!

  2. Oh my gosh this looks SO cool!
    .Georgina Clare.

  3. tried this one recently and LOVED it! has got to be one of my favorite bath bombs :) xox

  4. loved this bath bomb a lot! useful tip someone's told me: if you break up the bath bomb into two/three pieces, it still has the same effect of using the whole thing - value for money! :) x

  5. Awesome post lovely! I've had this one before :) yours looks so much cooler than mine did though aha! Completely empathize with you on the uni showers thing, I always have like a million baths when I'm at home xxx

  6. guys honestly it's amazinggggg get it :):) xxx

  7. ooo that sounds lovely! I may have to grab this one next time I am in Lush!!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

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