Tuesday, 16 April 2013

dreams of coachella...

top - topshop (old)...shorts - vintage levi cut outs... socks - primark... boots - office

so, the sun is out and it's time for everyone to leave their coats at home and actually feel warm for once (let's see how long it lasts!) like a lot of people, i'm seeing the pictures from the american festival coachella and feeling incredibly jealous, so decided to channel this jealousy into daydreaming about what i'd wear if i was there...

it's a festival full of fashionistas, and i'm sure i'm not up to par in the fashion stakes yet. but i like to believe i'd fit in with this attire. i threw on my old topshop top which i got from a second hand shop in the summer. it's a kind of flapper style, with dangly bits hanging from it, and the material is a kind of knitted fashion. it's super comfortable and is a really flattering fit, a top you can shove on no matter what the weather is and feel fab. i tied it up at the back to create a more cropped look, as i feel this coincided with the high waist of the shorts quite nicely. this is a perfect summer top, and i can't wait to rock it more often if the sun decides to stay.

i truly believe everyone should have a pair of levi cut off shorts. they're absolutely everywhere at the moment and suit all shapes and sizes. i love my black high waisted ones, as they go with absolutely everything, and high waisted items are always my friend. i lived in these last summer, and think i might have to purchase some more asap for the upcoming summer months and holiday season! mine aren't too short, but can also be rolled up if that's the kind of length you desire. 

i lovelovelove my office boots. i got them in the summer, and have worn them on so many nights out, dinners... you name it, they're on my feet. i love the buckles and the statement studs, kind of cowboy-esque with a rocker edge. ankle boots are really on trend at the moment, and these are a refreshing break from the military style boots that are everywhere at the moment. i feel they are complimented by the cute frilly socks, giving the look a feminine, soft touch.

hope you enjoyed :) now, excuse me whilst i pretend i'm at coachella... xo


  1. I am pretending with you :) that would´ve been a fab outfit for coachella!! xoxo KJ

  2. Ooo you look gorgeous, love this whole look, esp the boots and tassely top! ;)

  3. Great post! Really like your top!

    I've just written a post about hot or not Coachella fashion! maybe check it out?



  4. That top is beaut!
    I would love to attend coachella, it looks amazing :) x


  5. I wish I was at Coachella too, and after seeing your top I'm in need of a fringed one! Its amazing

    li-ily.blogspot.com xx

  6. nice outfit, really like your top-pretty one;)X


  7. I am going to try so hard to go next year.. it looks amazing xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. I love your whole outfit! The top is so lovely!
    - Charlotte

  9. lovely outfit! I am dreaming of Coachella too.! thinking of going next year!


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