Tuesday, 30 April 2013

hey batter batter hey batter batter swing: OOTD

fashion fumblings
fashion fumblings
fashion fumblings
fashion fumblings
baseball shirt, £17, nottingham vintage fair... topshop leggings... nike air force ones...

i've wanted an oversized baseball shirt for a while, i think they look great chucked on over anything if you just need to run errands or go to uni. i found this one for £17 at the nottingham vintage fair (so edgy...) and i love it :)

it's pretty oversized, and it's a really thick material as well so it sits really nicely despite it's large size. i like the short sleeves and also the slight v neck collar, i'm sure it wasn't designed to be almost flattering but hey, it works! i'm the least sporty person in the world so probably shouldnt even bee wearing this, but i really love it and all those kinda vintagey sporty bits look ace on everyone i've seen them on recently - so i'm being a sheep and following that trend. i also like the white and black stripes, even staying true to the monochrome craze atm.

i wore mine with leggings and my super chunky nike air force ones for a casual look. but i think this would also look great tucked into high waisted denim shorts in the summer, or even with tights and knee high socks on when you're going out - it's an alternative to an LBD or a midi dress that's seen everywhere. maybe when i'm daring to be different i'll give it a shot!

just a quick little post today due to being overloaded with work! voting for the company awards ends this week, so pleasepleaseplease submit votes for fashionfumblings.com to win best personal style newcomer! just click HERE, i appreciate it so much <3 xo

Sunday, 28 April 2013

chilled #11

tye dye
fashion fumblings
(nottingham vintage fair...tie dye tops... lots of sparkly trinkets...tie dye levis...big millies cookie...happy louisa...)

apologies for the many photos! had a pretty picture orientated day today and thought i'd share! as if it's nearly may, that scares me so much as it means my second year of uni is nearly over - what the hell!!

not gonna lie, this week has been fantastic. monday kicked off with fantastic news as my boyoo  got a placement for next year - yayyy! which meant a trip to TGI fridays - double yayyy! i had to pick my modules and finalise my dissertation for next year as well, which is absolutely crazy as it means i'm almost done with university. luckily, i know what i want to do for my diss. but i'm not looking forward to the massive stress that will no doubt come with it. 

today me and a few friends went to the nottingham vintage fair. i went to it a few months ago and loved it, but no one was about to browse with really, so i was happy everyone was about this time. i ended up buying a cool baseball shirt which will look great chucked on with leggings or even to go out in. my friends got some great bits as well, including a snazzy jumper and an adidas jacket. love things like this, you always find some fantastic bits.

i also had some good news this week - as of next academic year, i am the deputy editor for fashion + beauty for the university magazine - Platform. i'm so unbelievably chuffed, and can't wait to get stuck in. got so many ideas for it and just want to get started :) i also get to help out at freshers, which will be fun seeing all the new students :) with this and my company nomination, i've had a fab week - and my equally as fab bf got me a giant millies cookies to say well done :):):)

so overall a very successful week with a very happy louisa :) i'd be even happier if you voted for fashionfumblings.com to win best personal style newcomer by clicking here in the company blog awards :) merci xo 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

be worn: the new cool kid on the block

BE WORN is the new brand on the block that's dying to revamp your wardrobe, one customised step at a time. full of personally designed levi shorts, vintage baggy jumpers that ooze coolness and comfort, and sexy black dresses, it's not trying to intimidate, it's a brand dedicated to creativity and confidence. i was lucky enough to be sent some bits, and i truly truly love them.

vintage, over sized jumpers are your friends. trust me, i absolutely live in jumpers at the minute. they're so comfy and really on trend at the moment with vintagey, wacky slogans. this jumper from be worn has a university slogan on it (somewhere in america...), and fits right into my jumper best friend slot. i love the brightness of the red, it stands out in a crowd and also looks great with a black skirt or black leggings. the baggy fit is super comfy, and is good to just shove on and feel like you're still fab ;) this could be worn simply to uni, just chillin, or with a pair of shorts from be worn to just wear on a nice summer evening :)

my jaw hit the floor when i saw these beauties. levi cut off shorts have been around for a while, becoming a staple in most girls wardrobes - they're perfect for any season, worn with tights or bare legs. this pair have got a slight edge on any other pair you've seen before, with the gorgeous vibrant aztec design sewn onto the front of the shorts. teamed with the blue denim, it's a beautiful pop of colour, and a real unique touch to something seen everywhere. they'll be perfect for the beach or just sitting having a summery BBQ with your friends. be worn have a range of customised levis, whether this pattern is your thang, or you wanna rock it up with some studs, definitely check out be worn by clicking here and adding some of these to your summer wish list!!!

so, i am a very happy blogger after discovering these gorgeous items, and i genuinely love them and can't wait to rock them this summer! check out be worn here, or follow them @Beworn. 

ALSOOO, don't forget to vote here in the company 2013 awards for fashionfumblings.com to win best personal style newcomer :) xo

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

anchor cut out boots: new love

leather boots

ladies and gentleman, let the bells ring loud and clear, because i've finally found true love. yup, it's finally happened for me - and it's with a pair of boots. 

these topshop anchor cut out buckle boots are everywhere at the moment, and this is no exception in my own wardrobe. i initially wanted the arabel cut out boots which were about recently, but by the time i had got the money together to get them they were sold out everywhere (major strop from me). but, luckily i spied these bad boys recently, and initially (with some very grateful donations from mummy davies) intended on getting them online - but i made a spontaneous trip to topshop on sunday and as if by magic, they were there in my size and the last pair. fate.

i adore them. they've got a pretty chunky little heel on them, which gives them versatility as you can wear them in the day but also dress them up a little bit and go out in them. i absolutely adore the little buckles with the triangled silver buckle, and the gap on the side, again, allows them to be worn in any season. winter? team with with chunky tights or jeans. summer? rock with frilly socks and bare legs and a cute summer dress. perfect, and you feel like you're getting your money's worth!

all in all, i adore them and i doubt these will leaving my feet soon. is it too much to sleep in them? 

don't forget guyshh i've been shortlisted in the company 2013 awards! click here to vote for fashionfumblings in the best personal style newcomer category ^^ xo

Sunday, 21 April 2013

chilled #10

pancakes for breakfast.... pretty yellow tree in the sun.... nottingham castle on my doorstep.... ice cream van.... posin..... being stupid

a very very very chilled weekend for me, i've been nonstop all week as exams are coming up and i'm trying to revise...stay on top of work... do coursework... and a million other things! so i think i deserve a day off!

this week has been pretty hectic, just trying to do as much work and revision as my little brain can take! it sucks how uni's don't spread coursework out as much, as in my first term this year i was sat twiddling my thumbs trying to find things to do, and this term i just feel like i'm going to explode with the amount of things i have to do! oh well, by the 7th of june it'll all be over and i can relax for a bit!

alongside doing all my uni work, i did the NTU fashion show debuting the work of all the mega talented first year students. i was just helping out a friend, and i ended up really enjoying myself. it was pretty exciting running around in all these fab outfits, and also trying not to fall! i went out after as well so i had a pretty nice friday! you can see my blog about this here featuring all the amazing outfits.

...on friday, i also found out something ridiculously exciting! my little blog has been shortlisted for Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 in the Best Personal Style Newcomer category!! i literally can't believe it, my blog has only been about since january, and i would never have expected to get this far. i am sososo thankful to everyone that nominated me, and if you would like, i'd be so grateful if you voted me again to actually try and win the thing! click the link here, and vote fashionfumblings.com :) then just go through and vote for all the other fab blogs :) i don't have a massive shot as the other blogs in the category are amazing but let's see!!!

so there we have it! hope you all have an amazing week :) xo

Saturday, 20 April 2013

shake my lil tush on the catwalk: NTU fashion show

*note. i am in no means a model. or anything of the sort. i trip over my massive size 8 feet when im walking on flat ground, so i don't think im quite cut out for the world of thigh gaps and stern faces. however, my university held a fashion show to debut the work of first year fashion students, and my friend asked me to help out modelling a few of the pieces with other girls. it was really good fun and all the pieces were amazingly made, such talent! here's the 3 looks i wore :) (picture heavy blog!!)
thisss was look number one, and was a bit of a tricky one as i didn't want to have a wardrobe malfunction with the top! it reminded me of something scifi-esque, something a kick ass alien would wear to a party. the skirt was beautifully made, high waisted with huge chiffon pleats to create an amazing structure, and also feel feminine. the top was incredible, with a white bra attached to incredible huge sleeves which puffed out like wings. the back was a white mesh material which added a lovely touch to the outfit. the brief for the show was white on white, which bodes well as it allowed each designer add interest into the structure as the colour was so plain.

this was my favourite look. it could almost be an alternative to a wedding dress, it had a real bridal feel to it. the pencil skirt was amazing and fit so well (albeit a little too well and i had to kind to waddle as it was so tight) and the white mesh material adds sophistication with a touch of sexiness due to some flesh still being on show. the cropped top that went with the skirt was amazing, i love the floral bunches around the waist, again adding a different texture and structure, and the little mesh sleeves were a lovely touch. my absolute favourite look which i truly think would be a hit if it was sold in topshop tomorrow.

the third and final look was again a skirt and top. the skirt was a little similar to the first one, except the pleats were layered down rather than across. it gives an impression of a kind of rara skirt, and it super cute - would love fab with a black crop top. the top part gave the structure that the designers were briefed on, it clipped together at the front to create a sort of wrap round look, and again had quite large structured shoulder parts. the silky material was gorgeous, and gave the blunt structure the feminine touch. 

hereeeeee's the make up! every model had the same hair and make up, creating a uniform effect. our hair was simply styled into a low and sleek ponytail, which looks really smooth and flattering against the outfits (especially some of the more eccentric designs which didn't need a crazy style to go with it). our make up was professionally done (i know i was excited too), and it was again a very natural sleek look, with dark contours on the cheeks to create structure and plain brown eyeshadows, and no mascara or eyeliner... the pop of colour came from the lip, which was a gorgeous greeny/blue colour which i ended up loving and refusing to take off (got some funny looks on the way home...) i loved the clean look, and the pop of colour was a welcomed change to the whiteness of the outfits.

i had a fab time doing it, and all the designers were so talented -  i can't imagine the time and effort spent over each outfit, so they did an amazing job. in other news, I GOT SHORTLISTED FOR THE COMPANY BLOGGER AWARDS AAAHHHH!!!!!! sooo please vote fashionfumblings.com to WIN best personal style newcomer! click the link HERE and get voting! xoxoxo

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

dreams of coachella...

top - topshop (old)...shorts - vintage levi cut outs... socks - primark... boots - office

so, the sun is out and it's time for everyone to leave their coats at home and actually feel warm for once (let's see how long it lasts!) like a lot of people, i'm seeing the pictures from the american festival coachella and feeling incredibly jealous, so decided to channel this jealousy into daydreaming about what i'd wear if i was there...

it's a festival full of fashionistas, and i'm sure i'm not up to par in the fashion stakes yet. but i like to believe i'd fit in with this attire. i threw on my old topshop top which i got from a second hand shop in the summer. it's a kind of flapper style, with dangly bits hanging from it, and the material is a kind of knitted fashion. it's super comfortable and is a really flattering fit, a top you can shove on no matter what the weather is and feel fab. i tied it up at the back to create a more cropped look, as i feel this coincided with the high waist of the shorts quite nicely. this is a perfect summer top, and i can't wait to rock it more often if the sun decides to stay.

i truly believe everyone should have a pair of levi cut off shorts. they're absolutely everywhere at the moment and suit all shapes and sizes. i love my black high waisted ones, as they go with absolutely everything, and high waisted items are always my friend. i lived in these last summer, and think i might have to purchase some more asap for the upcoming summer months and holiday season! mine aren't too short, but can also be rolled up if that's the kind of length you desire. 

i lovelovelove my office boots. i got them in the summer, and have worn them on so many nights out, dinners... you name it, they're on my feet. i love the buckles and the statement studs, kind of cowboy-esque with a rocker edge. ankle boots are really on trend at the moment, and these are a refreshing break from the military style boots that are everywhere at the moment. i feel they are complimented by the cute frilly socks, giving the look a feminine, soft touch.

hope you enjoyed :) now, excuse me whilst i pretend i'm at coachella... xo

Saturday, 13 April 2013

pink ski jacket: OOTD

i'm going for a few drinks for a friend's birthday, so i thought i'd snap my outfit! i can't go all out as i am recovering from tonsillitis (boo), so tried to wear a casual but still trying a bit outfit :)

the main feature of my outfit is my outrageous and amazing pink jacket. i was given it as a gift by a very generous fellow, and i adore it. the pink is so bright that you wouldn't lose me in a crowd, and i also love how it's got blue and green pattern on it - all fabulously clashing together to create one big amazing colour mess. it's a kind of silky material with puffa in the lining, which gives it great definition and also adds a level of warmth to it. it's great for just chucking on as it utterly transforms an outfit. it's from republic in the vintageyyy bit they have atm, and there's loads of other ones so pop in and have a look.

i decided to wear my beloved disco pants, which need no further description as i feel everyone and their mother knows the amazingness of disco pants and how they should feature in everyone's wardrobe (note: MY opinion). i also debuted my little white off the shoulder crop top that my friend bought me for my birthday, i belieevveee it's originally from asos. i love it to pieces, it can be worn in so many different ways, and i love how it's off the shoulder - adding a slight edge to the plain top. i rocked my lion gold chain (roar) which i just can't get enough of, gold hoops, and my nike dunks - comfiest shoes everrrr.

short but sweet! hope you all enjoyed <3 don't forget to follow on bloglovin :) www.bloglovin.com/fashionfumblings, and also like my facebook page @ www.facebook.com/FashionFumblings :) xo

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

the battle of the make up!

top photo: the high street brands: MUA heaven&earth palate... rimmel match perfection foundation...maybelline master smokey shadow-pencil...maybelline rocket mascara...kate moss matte lipstick in 107...MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter...topshop cream blush in head over heels.
bottom photo: the higher end brands: naked 1 palate, urban decay...mac studio fix powder in nc20... mac cremesheen lipstick in speed dial...mac magically cooling liquid powder in honey rose... mac blusher in mirage... mac studio fix foundation in nc20...mac extended play gigablack lash mascara.

i own a lot of make up, and it varies from brands such as MUA which are affordable and available in superdrug, to slightly higher end products such as MAC and urban decay. whilst i realise these aren't the highest of the high end, it's what i see as a bit more special (partly because of the hefty price of some of it!) i thought i'd do a little battle of the make up, seeing if there is much of a difference, or whether make up is simply make up, not matter the price. (apologies if a little long!)


things i love:
- i love the rimmel foundation. it's perfect for every day use as the coverage isn't too heavy, but gives just the right amount to hide all your bags and other bits we all like to shun away. (just me?) the colour is a perfect match to my skin, and makes sure i don't look orange, which is always a plus.

-the eyeliner is super easy to apply, and despite the somewhat thick tip of the pencil, can produce really subtle thin  black lines. 

-the mua highlighter is something i'm soo pleased with. it's really shimmery, which may not be to everyone's taste, but i love glitter - a little never hurt anyone! it highlights above the blusher really well, and just gives you that glittery, shimmery look that catches in the sunlight.

-all the kate moss lipsticks are amazing, especially the matte ones. this one in 107 is a dark red, and stays on all day, however i have a pretty big bottom lip so sometimes need a cheeky top up. the colour is really classic, and works in so many different situations. i'm most probably going to buy the matte pink one soon!

things i don't love:

-whilst the MUA palates are good for the price and easy to stick on everyday, i don't feel you get an adequate amount of colour when you apply, which means you need to apply a few times before you get the desired colour. this might be me being picky though!

- i really don't like this mascara (shock horror please don't hurt me). i know it's popular, but it makes my eyelashes feel really clogged up and short, and all stuck together. i prefer other maybelline mascaras to this one.

-not a massive fan of the blusher. whilst the colour really pops and is super bright, i don't think cream blushers are for me, i like to gather a bit of powder up rather than splodge cream on my face. i don't feel you get an even enough look. which may be my poor make up skills!


things i love:

-the foundation and the powder together are amazing. they make my skin flawless and feel sososo soft, i literally love them on nights out as they maintain a clear look without looking orange,

-i recently purchased the naked palate and it's fair to say  i'm in love. the colours are all so bold and work so well together when blended correctly (i'm learning as i go!) i think it's fantastic for the money, and the colours are all so beautiful.

-the mascara is my favourite mascara of all time. the thin brush allows me to get each separate lash, and they look so long and thick without being clumpy. 

-the honey rose cooling liquid powder is amazing, it's such a beautiful colour - a rose, nude mixed with flecks of sparkle. it's a subtle touch to the top of your face, just above the blusher, and i love the feel of it when applying. 

things i don't love:

-whilst loving the foundation/powder combo, the foundation on its own everyday would be way too heavy on the skin, i save mine for special occasions, as i feel wearing everyday would be too thick.

-the pink lipstick, whilst a nice colour, is a bit too shiny for me. i love matte shades, and i feel this one (whilst pretty) is just too glossy.

whilst it may seem that i have a preference for the look all in higher end, i actually am going to be really boring and call a tie. whilst i love mac and all the amazing products which make your skin feel amazing, i also love the cosmetics available on the high street. rimmel and MUA are fantastic, affordable brands that give you, effectively, the same look as higher brands do - it's all about how you apply them. so, in a completely on the fence way, whilst i do love my mac and feeling a little bit special when i put it on, i think high street has a special place in my make up drawer forever xo

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