Tuesday, 12 March 2013

fruit salad; OOTD post

coloured bow back crop top, river island (old)...black velvet leggings, motelrocks, £48, black alegra style boots, revolve, £15

so last night it was one of my housemate's 21st birthday, so i unchained myself from my essay and went out to enjoy myself. it was a really good night and here's a little shout out to tasha - happy 21st birthday :)

it was absolutely freezing last night, as for some reason it decided to snow again - not impressed. this resulted in me changing my outfit plans, as i realised bare legs was not a good idea. i borrowed my housemate's velvet leggings, which fit amazingly well and are sososo soft. i love how high waisted they were and were flattering, i loved the velvet as it differed from the normal tight/disco pant material. 

i also whacked out my old river island crop top which i got last year. i love all the colours, it reminds me of a fruit salad, and i don't normally wear so many bright colours so it's a nice change. the bow back is another aspect of the top that i love, adding a different edge to it, and making it a bit more feminine.

i wore my beloved boots again which i definitely wear everytime i go out... maybe time for some new shoes?! i wore some frilly socks with them to make them feel cute, and i will deffo need to buy some more colours. i also bought my nude clutch from accessorise, which i got for £2.00!!! all because one of the bits on the top had snapped off! i thought that was the design, so it was an absolute steal.

keeping up with trying to post more beauty stuff, here's my big ole face. i haven't worn eyelashes in a while and i actually love not having the hassle of worrying all night whether or not they're stuck. i used my MUA palatte again, and just created a slight flick as i couldn't perfect the big amy winehouse-style eye last night. i wore mac nude lipglass, which is an amazing colour and i've had for absolutely ages now. 

hope you all enjoyed my outfit post - and don't forget, if you like my blog, please vote for it in the Company Awards to be shortlisted for Best Personal Style Newcomer! Click the Company logo on the homepage of my blog, or click this link :) xxx


  1. Ahhh those leggings are amazing! As usual, love your entire outfit!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  2. thank youuuu :D the leggings are sososo comfy deffo gonna have to get a pair of my own as i bet my housemate doesn't appreciate me nicking them all the time xxx

  3. Beautiful top! New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish(:


  4. Absolutely gorgeous , love the little Bralet top cx

  5. Cool top!
    Nice blog, check out mine and tell me what do you think about following each other? I would love to! :)

    xx Karolina

  6. hey :) thanks for all the comments <3 followed blogs as i find them amazing! <3


  7. Thanks for sending me your link in tonight's chat, I love your blog and your outfits are lovely. I love this one and the top is so pretty especially to add a pop of colour! Shame about the snow though, what is going on with this weird weather? Following your now lovely x

    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  8. thank you so much for checking it out and following i appreciate it! the colour is such a refreshing change to my usual black ad white wardrobe! yeah i know the weather is seriously throwing tantrums! i followed you back <3 xxx

  9. Really like the outfit choice, especially the boots! I have a similar pair and wear them everywhere!! Love your blog too- followed you :).

    If you want check out mine , however, I just started it so it isn't that good yet.


    Louise, x

  10. thank you the boots are such a bargain i cant get over it.
    awh thank you <3 dont put it down! i only made mine in january :)
    i followed yours, i love that jumper <3 xxx

  11. That's a really cute top :)



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