Sunday, 31 March 2013

chilled #8

nommy lamb...table all set at my nans...meat all ready for me to scran...most alcoholic trifle ever...creme eggs and malteaser bunnies...strawberry jelly...beautiful posing (idiot)...i found the easter bunny!

it's easter sunday! happy easter everybody, hope you're all munching on chocolate. i'm currently in LDN at my nannies house, recovering from a huge dinner and gearing up to demolish those easter eggs.

this week was my first proper week back at home, and i made sure i had lots to do as i didn't have a job. i dabbled with some uni work, but i'll admit didn't get very far. i bought a lot of new stuff this week with birthday money, such as makeup and some other nice bits, if you click those links they'll take you to my proper posts about it :) 

i also won £100 this week!!! i probably haven't mentioned it, but i really love singing, and there was a karaoke competition at a club in mk, so i went along with my friends in the hope of winning the £££... and i  did!! i had to do a sing off against these two women who were obviously professional pub singers or something, and they didn't seem too happy as i sauntered off with my winnings... but i'm a student! and it was desperately needed!

this money has been saved, but it was partly spent on my trip to oxford to see my best friends :) i had such a good time, oxford is full of such pretty buildings and the university buildings are amazing. we also went out to a club called Lola Los, which had amazing music and such nice drinks. here's my outfit post, which featured more birthday bargains. such a good couple of days with friends :)

so! that was my week! hope you all had a lovely week, and also enjoy eating chocolate all day without judgement today. :) xo


  1. Happy Easter! You have such amazing brows. Well done on winning the money, you must have a pretty decent voice :)


  2. thank youu i really need to get my brows done tbh! thank youu i love singing :)
    awhh it's my nanny's bunny, she keeps cotton wool in it and you pull it out of the tail! xxx

  3. Thanks for your comment! I was invited to the lush event! I just got an email from them so I guess they were just browsing nottingham blogs :) Are you defo going to the notts meet up? will be good to see you there!
    Saadiya xx

  4. I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award over on my blog : :)


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