Sunday, 24 March 2013

chilled #7

fields covered in snow, a little cove of snow, my village from afar, me looking moody (the spit makes me look gappy), just smiling.

i thought i'd do a new kind of look for my chilled sunday post. as i have my beautiful new camera, i thought i'd just take some nice photos every sunday instead :) hope you like!
as you can see, and i'm sure if you're in the UK you'll be well aware, it's been snowing a lot recently, and it's very very cold. i am home for easter now, back to the good ole mk from nottingham. i'm back in my little village, and all the fields are still blanketed in snow. very pretty.

i had the best week ever, it was my birthday on thursday and i got a spray tan, make up done, presents, carvery, going out...everything i planned happened and i'm incredibly thankful for all my friends and my family for making my 20th so nice. i'm going shopping for a few extra bits for my birthday tomorrow with my generous mother, so i'll be doing my birthday haul tomorrow. stay tuned!

i came back from nottingham on saturday, and i'm back for a few weeks. got a few really nice things planned and i cannot wait to catch up with my friends :) i saw one of my best friends today who is jetting off to NYC tomorrow, incredibly jealous.

i hope you enjoyed my new look chilled post, and you're all having a relaxed sunday in the warm :) xo


  1. That hat looks lovely on you! x

    Lauren-Jade @ Dainty Bones

  2. thank you! it's a cute little hairband :) xxx

  3. We luckily haven't had much snow! You look so cute in your hat!
    Megan xxx

  4. thank youuuu at least the snow let's me be fluffy! i think coz im in a village they dont grit the snow as much and the fields just stay covered in the stuff!



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