Sunday, 17 March 2013

chilled #6

all the weeks are blurring into one atm, especially as i've had so much work to do recently! but as of today i'm officially FREE from uni work (for a bit anyway...) and i could't be more thrilled! there's only a few piccies for my sunday roundup, apologies, but here they are...

this was monday, and i was feeling super casual and wanted warmth. i got this top from the men's section in primark, and i really like the oversized comfort. i also love the massive slogan 'mama raised no fool', making it a bit more statementy. i rolled up the sleeves and teamed it with my black topshop leggings for a super casual look. men's tops in primark are actually really cool, and look great if you buy a few sizes up to get that oversized look. apologies for the awful lighting, as you can tell all my photos are done on my phone. but my birthday is the 21st and i should be getting a camera, so watch this space for better quality photos! 
this was wednesday, as tuesday i was admittedly not in the best of shapes after going out the night before. i wore an oversized gold top which was from h&m last year, and due to the sheer bagginess of it, the shoulder kept sliding down, which actually created a pretty cool look... however, not particularly suited to cold weather of this week! i brush my hair to the side a lot these days to kind of mask the fact that it's pretty greasy on my day off from washing it, i quite like the overall look. i wore a pair of gold hoops to over accessorise with the gold top, very matchy matchy
on thursday the weather perked up a lot! so it was time to embrace the sunshine and crack out my beloved vera moda flamingo top! this time last year they had this pattern in tops, dresses and skirts, and i loved it. i love this top as it's really different, and it kind of puts a smile on your face when you wear it. how can you be unhappy with a flamingo on your top?! i scraped my hair back into a trusty ponytail, which made me feel like i had a spring in my step when i walked as my ponytail swayed from side to side! a very happy louisa day due to sunshine, ponytails, and flamingos :)

the last photo i took this week was on friday, as saturday and sunday have been jogger days whilst i try and finish my essay. friday was very simplistic, but a classic look that i really like. i wore a plain white top from topshop and, of course, my topshop leggings. i love this top and will definitely buy some more - plain clothes are the way forward for me at the moment, i just need more accessories! that was my week, very short... but NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE BIG because... it's my birthday on thursday!!! i can't wait because im getting my first ever spray tan (bigday), make up done at mac, night out with my friends and (hopefully) a camera, so i can make my pictures better :)

i'm incredibly relieved this week is over, no more deadlines! bring on my birthday week :) 
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  1. lovely little blog missy!! Thank you for your comment on my blog xxx

  2. thank you! and no problem :D xxx

  3. I love your Henry Holland tee, so cute!!
    I saw your post on the Company feed.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know with a comment and I always follow back!
    You have a great blog and I love your style of writing!
    Love G xx

  4. hello :) it's from primark but deffo has that HoH feel to it now you mention it! :)
    ooo fab, i love your blog just had a little look. im following on bloglovin and also on blogger as well - if you enjoy my blog i'd love the same <3 xxx

  5. Gorgeousnesssss love the first tee xx


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