Sunday, 10 March 2013

chilled #5

it's sunday again, and my week has been full of uni work - as i'm sure other 2nd year students are facing atm as well. i have a deadline tomorrow, but can't even celebrate, as i have another one for the 18th! but then it's plain sailing over easter :) here's what i wore this week :)

so this was monday. i had a bit of a 'mare as i couldn't decide what to wear, but ended up wearing my old Topshop Kristen jeans, and a cropped jumper i got ages ago from Republic.  i felt a bit weird in the jeans as they've lost their fit due to the fact we don't have a tumble dryer in our student house, and i think they need a good dry to maintain their skinny fit. i love the jumper though, it's got metallic bits stitched into it, and you can also wear it out with levi shorts. all in all, looking back, i wasn't too happy with this outfit. i know i probably shouldn't care, as it's just uni, but i'm a bit of a weird one with outfits and like to plan ahead - and this was a rushed outfit!

this was tuesday, and this outfit was featured in more detail in my day to night outfit post. i woke up feeling like i wanted to look a little bit smart, so i wore this chiffon shirt from h&m. i really love it, as it looks classic and simple but kind of shows you've made a bit of an effort. i wore my beloved pointe leggings, which really are a saviour. my hair was feeling very greasy and limp, so i shoved it up in a high ponytail. i love high ponytails and find myself swinging my head from side to side making it kind of move... so if you're in nottingham and see a nutter shaking their head, it's me.

this was my life wednesday and thursday. i was pretty much chained to the library trying to do extra reading for my portfolio in english. it's tiring as all my deadlines seem to have come at one, and i am trying to keep my head in one place whilst i've got a thousand other things to think about! that's another reason i like blogging, i can kind of switch off and write about something i actually enjoy rather than morality within the late-Victorian period... 
i was wearing my celine paris top again, which was featured in much more detail here, i love it a lot and will deffo be over wearing it!

...which brings us to friday. i whacked out this jumper which i got from my parents for christmas. it's a cut out shoulder ombre jumper from littlewoods, and it's from the Love Label featured there. it's the softest thing in the world, and i love the ombre pastel colours - it's a refreshing break from all black, and is a different colour palatte to what i'm used to. i love the cut out shoulders, as it gives it a unique edge which i love with clothes. i should really wear this jumper more, as it is super comfy and i feel really nice when i wear it. also, i used the backcomb in a bottle to make my hair look a  bit poofier - which i think has worked well here.

here i am looking a bit gross on saturday. i had a very lazy day, as i really had to buckle down and write my essay. my hair was shoved up in a pony tail, but i made my fringe a bit of a quiff, which i liked and might incorporate into a going out hairstyle very soon! i wore my comfy grey Topshop jumper, which i need in other colours as this is so comfy and goes with everything. i also wore my navy leigh Topshop jeans which i really like - these, along with the wine coloured ones, have always fit me like a glove, and they style is flattering as well. apologises for the strange face in this one - i was stressed!

and here we are today, sunday! again, it's a lazy day for me focusing on finishing this darn essay - which i have now done woohoooo :D i chucked on my bubby disco pants, as i felt like i'd been neglected them a little bit recently (poor them). i forget how well they fit and how they go with everything! i chucked on my vintage jumper i got from Rewind in notts, it was an absolute bargain at just £10, and if i could wear it every day i would! i'd just washed my hair so it was a bit wet and just chucked to the side, i bought the lee stafford hair growth mask today so i can't wait to give it a go - i'll let you know!

so another week down! also, if you enjoy my blog, i'd love it if you could vote it for best personal style - newcomer at the Company Blog Awards, just click this link  and vote :) i'd be eternally grateful <3 xxx


  1. Great blog. Love it.

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  2. hey! just checked your blog out and love the look!
    now following xxx

  3. Love these looks! And as a fellow linguistics student, I fell your pain :( Just followed you! Check out my blog if you want

    Adventures in Procrastination

  4. this is cute!
    love your blog! could you poss check out mine? would be an honour
    thank you!

  5. Love the chiffon blouse, cute outfits!

  6. Hello again! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. The contest information and questions I asked you are on my blog. Come check it out!

    Adventures in Procrastination

  7. heylottie, thak youuuu and yes deffo will check it out asap :D
    thanks thriftylilpixie, it's so cute and always classic :D
    hey caitlin :) thank you so much i'll check that out asap i need to finish some work (yawn) and then will see :D xxxxxxxx

  8. You're too pretty , love the jumpers and sweaters xx


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