Sunday, 3 March 2013

chilled #4

has it really been a week since i was at LFWend?! time flies when you're having fun (or in my case, writing essays). this time last week i only had 6 followers - now i have 40 and it's increasing everyday, so i just want to say thank you to everyone who reads this :)

i kind of skipped monday as i think i'd already posted the same outfit, the horror. so here we are on tuesday. i pulled out my old kristen high waisted black jeans from Topshop, i used to literally live in these back in the summer. i think they need a tumble dryer though as this helps them shrink, as they're a bit baggy around my knees atm. missing the comforts of home! the shirt i'm wearing is from Next, and i love the baroque pattern that's all over it. i think it'd look a bit better if it had a collar, as it's just flat on the top and looks a bit weird when it's done up. nonetheless, i think it looks so nice when it's open, a bit casual but jazzes up my otherwise all black outfit. i just wore my creepers with it, giving me some extra height!
this is wednesday, and i apologise for the foul look on my face! i had just lost my student card, which meant i had to pay to get into uni. i literally have no idea where it's gone, don't you hate it when things simply vanish into thin air?? i'm just wearing my trusty primark jumper, which was such a good buy, i love it to pieces. im rocking just a plain pair of leggings - i was in the really big rush that day. my hair is looking atrocious, i wish it would grow just that couple of inches extra so i could maybe do some more interesting things with it. but, alas, it is not meant to be.

yayyyy thursday was sunny! i was spoilt and given this amazing retro jacket, i think it's from republic originally, as the shop in notts has a little vintage section. it's so bright and so garish and i absolutely love it. i love how bright it is, i feel like im going skiing in the 1980's. i also bought these ponte high waisted leggings from Topshop this week as i was getting a bit tired of wearing my beloved disco pants every day...but now i think im just obsessed with these! they're sososo comfortable and so flattering, i love the high waist and the button attatched. a refreshing change from disco pants! i'm also wearing a vintage vest from ark, and a gold chain from h&m. i'm rocking my beloved air force ones as well.
which brings us to friday. tgif, i was most definitely ready for the weekend after a busy week of work! i wore the topshop leggings again (just try and get me out of them!) i also found my oversized white one shouldered top from Topshop which i got in the summer. i love this top and can't believe i forgot about it! i love the oversized fit, and the one sleeve with the cut out is different, and at least keeps one side of my arm warm. i accessorised with my gold chain again, i love it a lot even though i feel like a rapper (and keep putting it in my teeth and rapping... oops.)

saturday was a definite lazy 'i cannot be bothered' day. my hair was shoved up into a bun which literally looked like an ice cream scoop on the top of my head, and my shadow looked like Po from the Tellitubbies. i wore my leigh wine Topshop chinos, which have always been great for size. i also found my big baggy black Topshop top which i literally used to live in, it's so soft and comfy but kind of shrunk in the wash, which is annoying. also here i'm debuting what i look like with glasses! i wear contact lenses everyday, but some days i just really can't be bothered. i like the big black frame, i think it kind of gives the illusion that i'm intelligent. all hail bad eyesight.

and here i am today, sunday, looking a little bit startled. i found my old baby blue asymmetrical one shouldered top from Topshop in my drawer, which seems to keep hiding treasures like this from me! i'm really into the big baggy look at the moment, and really love how flattering they can look, and also how they can sometimes dress up an outfit. i love the kind of duck egg blue as well. today was a great day as my mum and bro came up and bought me loadsaaa food, which was desperately needed. we also went to the nottingham vintage fair, which was amazing and had so many beautiful things! i got a really cool shirt and a necklace, which i'll post about in due course!

another week been and gone! hope you all had fantastic weeks :) also, i hope you all love my blog header as much as i do - big thank you to my friend tom for making it for me :) xo


  1. Totally feel your pain about student cards, mine just disappears all the time, I seem to spend half my life trying to find it! Love all these outfits...and you also really suit glasses, they look really lovely =)

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  2. Awh thank you so much :) I totally got inspiration for the leggings from you!

  3. I really like your hair when it's up in a bun. You look gorgeous always either way x


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