Monday, 25 March 2013

birthday make up haul

(from top to bottom) MUA undress me too eye palatte... MUA smokey eye kit... mac extended play gigablack mascara...MUA undress your skin highlighter... rimmel apocolips in galaxy 301... mac powder blush in cheek to show highlighter and blusher... pouty lips smothered in rimmel... aannddd my mug with half the products on.

i will apologise now for what seems like a thousand pictures! but this is my beautiful little make up collection that i accumulated last thursday, which just so happened to be my birthday. i will do a clothes one as well, but i haven't got all those bits together yet, so i hope you enjoy :) 

i know that MUA have been under a bit of scrutiny over their professionalism recently, which is quite right... but you can't doubt that their products are amazing for the price. this is the all new palatte, which is a mixture of brown, gold, grey and neutral colours to create amazing looks with. some of the shades are matte, which means they will stay on better and won't slip off -  as some MUA products tend to do. i am already favouring shades devotion and exposed. 

i've wanted a kit like this for a while now, i think it's bourjois that do an amazing variety of trio eyeshadows, and this is a cheaper version of that (even though bourjois is cheap as well, but we gotta save pennies.) i'm excited to try it out, but whenever i use black eyeshadow i tend to end up looking like i've been in a fight, so i will need to play around to perfect that smokey eye look that i love so much!

i got this as a part of my mac make over from my birthday. i've been looking for a new mascara for absolutely ages, as my rimmel rocket brush one seemed to just clump my eyelashes together and not work as well as the other ones i'd tried. mac mascara seemed a good buy, as i love most of their products. this was no exception, as it really does elongate my lashes without making them clumpy, and also separates each lash individually. the brush is lightweight and thin, meaning you can't clog it up easily. fab buy.

i'll be honest - i wanted the mac highlighter, alas, my funds did not stretch. however, after using this on my skin, i think it creates an equally as good effect. if you apply it just above where you'd place blusher, it gives you skin a glowy effect, making you look healthy and just that lil bit glittery. i really like it, and if you can see the photo of my chubbehhh cheek, you'll see it works just as well, and at a fraction of the price.

i've been desperate to get my hands on one of these for ages, and luckily got this shade from my housemates for my birthday. i lovelovelove it, the colour is kind of red/purple, which is great as i find darker shades look so dramatic and really transform a made up face. the wand of the product is almost a heart shape, and really sinks into your lips, allowing you to create a perfect shape. the thick consistency means it actually stays on, and brings out a really strong colour. i approve.

again, i got this with my mac makeover. i really love blusher, and had been using the topshop blush 'head over heels', but i don't really like the creamy blushers. it was time to get my powder blush back! this gives an amazing pink colour, and a little goes a long way. delicately applied, it gives you a lovely pink hue which when combined with the highlighter, makes you look very perky!

aanddd that last photo shows me with half the products on! hope you enjoyed my make up birthday haul, clothes are next! :) xo ps. if you like my blog, please vote for it in the best personal style newcomer award in the company 2013 blog awards :D link is on the right, just click the company photo :) xo


  1. The blush is gorgeous!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. i know it's sososo nice the best blusher i've ever got!! xxx

  3. The MUA highlighter is such good value for money! So is all their make up! I love MAC blushers too, that shade looks lovely!!


  4. deffo i love the brand it's just such a shame they did all that stuff on twitter but can't fault their products! xxx

  5. You look beautiful, I love the Apocalips!
    Megan xxx

  6. I really want to buy that MUA palette it looks lovely!

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  8. thamks guys these really were some fantabulous make up purchases xxx

  9. Love love love the blush! Looks great on you :) looks like you got seriously spoilt!! I really want to try the mua highlighter, keep seeing it popping up on blogs and it looks lovely cc


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