Sunday, 31 March 2013

chilled #8

nommy lamb...table all set at my nans...meat all ready for me to scran...most alcoholic trifle ever...creme eggs and malteaser bunnies...strawberry jelly...beautiful posing (idiot)...i found the easter bunny!

it's easter sunday! happy easter everybody, hope you're all munching on chocolate. i'm currently in LDN at my nannies house, recovering from a huge dinner and gearing up to demolish those easter eggs.

this week was my first proper week back at home, and i made sure i had lots to do as i didn't have a job. i dabbled with some uni work, but i'll admit didn't get very far. i bought a lot of new stuff this week with birthday money, such as makeup and some other nice bits, if you click those links they'll take you to my proper posts about it :) 

i also won £100 this week!!! i probably haven't mentioned it, but i really love singing, and there was a karaoke competition at a club in mk, so i went along with my friends in the hope of winning the £££... and i  did!! i had to do a sing off against these two women who were obviously professional pub singers or something, and they didn't seem too happy as i sauntered off with my winnings... but i'm a student! and it was desperately needed!

this money has been saved, but it was partly spent on my trip to oxford to see my best friends :) i had such a good time, oxford is full of such pretty buildings and the university buildings are amazing. we also went out to a club called Lola Los, which had amazing music and such nice drinks. here's my outfit post, which featured more birthday bargains. such a good couple of days with friends :)

so! that was my week! hope you all had a lovely week, and also enjoy eating chocolate all day without judgement today. :) xo

Friday, 29 March 2013

the final birthday haul!

apologies for the different sized photos at the end there! oops! well, this is my final birthday haul, featuring the other gifts i got for my birthday last week. you can see my make up birthday haul here, and i hope you enjoy this one! warning: it might be a bit long! :)

this was my big present from my parents and i love it to pieces. i had wanted a new camera for ages after my cute little point and shoot had died. i will admit that blogging has made me lust for a decent camera so i can take some cool snapzzz and also work on my editing skills. i deffo didn't need an SLR, and this is just right for me. got some fantastic features and settings on it, such as panorama and fish eye, and i just can't stop playing!

i was definitely spoilt with this gift, and am sososo grateful for it as i actually love it. my purse had been falling to pieces and i'd had it for about 3 years. this purse is so gorgeous, i love the hot pink colour, love a garish accessory and this is just for me! the patent material is really smooth, and i love the TB on the top. it holds all my cards and (when i have it) money, and i just adore it. thank you!! <3

i only got this today, but i'm so excited to use them! i've never actually used soap and glory, just admired the bright pink stands from afar, but i thought it was time to buy into the hype! i've heard nothing but good things about both products, and can't wait to use it and feel super smooth! it smells good enough to eat. also bbloggers, if you spend £10 or more you get the butter yourself for free! which is £10.50 on its own!

this was a generous gifty from my notts family, along with apocolips in galaxy. i have needed a new make up bag for a while as my old cath kitson one just isn't big enough anymore! this, again, is a patent material and i love the cute lil bow on the front. was a ted baker kinda birthday - lucky girl!

i got this after seeing it at my friend's the other day - however she has the super cool limited edition disney villain version. i loved the fact it kind of feels wet when you put it on your hands, hence the magic cool liquid aspect of the title. i was gonna find the disney villain version, but then i saw they do it at mac for cheaper than amazon were asking. i love this colour, as it's kind of a pink shimmery highlighter to make you feel a bit glitzy and shine when you wear it. can't wait to go out and use this badboy!

i swear by this powder. i got this for the first time waywayway back when i was 18 (2 yrs ago wahhh) and haven't used a different powder since. its coverage is perfect, and you don't need a lot for a smooth looking complexion - which makes it last forever! i just love this product and would recommend it to anyone.

i've needed a new bag for ages as my tan shopper bag is falling to pieces, and i feel so scared to put anything heavy in it as i feel it'll just snap in half! so, i was on the look out for a new bag. i quite like big bags, and this one is slightly smaller than i would usually go for, however it's deceptively spacious as it spreads out pretty wide, allowing you to shove all your rubbish in it! i love the studs, and it comes with a long strap as well if you just want to wear it over your shoulder :)

aannddd finally, a new shirt! i've loved wearing shirts and jumpers recently, and my housemate very kindly purchased this one for me :) it's on trend with the monocrome stripes, and i like how it's not too sheer so you don't have to wear a top under it if you don't want to. i love wearing it buttoned up high with my silver chain necklaces under the collar. my housemate also bought me a sugar skull mosaic for my uni room :) cheers loveee.

so, i finally did my haul! phew! i was a lucky girl this year and am very grateful for all my bits and bobs <3 don't forget to vote my blog for best personal style newcomer in the company awards :) oh, and like if you would like updates :) xo

Thursday, 28 March 2013

oxford times: OOTD

black sheer cami, new look, £9.99... leather shorts, topshop, £ hoops, H&M... gold chain, H&M... black ankle boots. revolve...
so yesterday i traveled to oxford to see some of my best friends. it was a really happy day full of pretty building, good food, laughing and catching up. then, in the evening, we all put our best faces and gladrags on and hit the town. here's a cheeky outfit post :)

the top and shorts i got for my birthday, and i absolutely love them. the shorts i'd been wanting for a while now, and i think i featured them in a wishlist a few months ago and they're finally mine! they fit really well, as i don't think they're too short, as it completely covers your bootayyy. the zips at the side are a really cool addition, although it limits you to just being able to wear gold jewellery as silver may clash. i also like how it's high waisted, as it's superflattering and lets you tuck things in :)

the top is incredibly similar to the £18 camis that are in topshop atm, except it was £9.99 (actually, it was £8.99 due to my student discount) from new look. i was sososo close to buying one of the topshop ones, but something in my mind made me think i could go somewhere else and find it cheaper... and it was right.  i never go in new look, but i had a little wander round and found this black sheer cami top! i was so happy and bought it straight away. it goes so well with the shorts and i love the material as well. i just accessorised with my usual black boots (boring me) with frilly socks, also my big gold hoops and my beloved gold chain. all the gold worked really well with the zips on the shorts, and i liked the overall look. 

my make up, unfortunately, was't as good as when mac did it. although, my friend lily is an absolute whizz at make up, and did my eyes so amazingly. she blended a few golds and browns together to give me a smokey eye look, and i loved it. i also cracked out the mac eyelashes again, and they are most definitely the best eyelashes i've ever had. i used mac studio fix foundation, studio fix powder, mac bronzing powder, mac powder blush and MUA highlighting shimmer on my face, which gave a nice look and made me feel cool wearing a lot of mac ;) haha.

and there we have it! hope you enjoyed, and don't forget to vote for Best Personal Style Newcomer here :) and also, for regular updates, follow @FashionFumbling // // Gosh, so many plugs! have a nice day :) xo

Monday, 25 March 2013

birthday make up haul

(from top to bottom) MUA undress me too eye palatte... MUA smokey eye kit... mac extended play gigablack mascara...MUA undress your skin highlighter... rimmel apocolips in galaxy 301... mac powder blush in cheek to show highlighter and blusher... pouty lips smothered in rimmel... aannddd my mug with half the products on.

i will apologise now for what seems like a thousand pictures! but this is my beautiful little make up collection that i accumulated last thursday, which just so happened to be my birthday. i will do a clothes one as well, but i haven't got all those bits together yet, so i hope you enjoy :) 

i know that MUA have been under a bit of scrutiny over their professionalism recently, which is quite right... but you can't doubt that their products are amazing for the price. this is the all new palatte, which is a mixture of brown, gold, grey and neutral colours to create amazing looks with. some of the shades are matte, which means they will stay on better and won't slip off -  as some MUA products tend to do. i am already favouring shades devotion and exposed. 

i've wanted a kit like this for a while now, i think it's bourjois that do an amazing variety of trio eyeshadows, and this is a cheaper version of that (even though bourjois is cheap as well, but we gotta save pennies.) i'm excited to try it out, but whenever i use black eyeshadow i tend to end up looking like i've been in a fight, so i will need to play around to perfect that smokey eye look that i love so much!

i got this as a part of my mac make over from my birthday. i've been looking for a new mascara for absolutely ages, as my rimmel rocket brush one seemed to just clump my eyelashes together and not work as well as the other ones i'd tried. mac mascara seemed a good buy, as i love most of their products. this was no exception, as it really does elongate my lashes without making them clumpy, and also separates each lash individually. the brush is lightweight and thin, meaning you can't clog it up easily. fab buy.

i'll be honest - i wanted the mac highlighter, alas, my funds did not stretch. however, after using this on my skin, i think it creates an equally as good effect. if you apply it just above where you'd place blusher, it gives you skin a glowy effect, making you look healthy and just that lil bit glittery. i really like it, and if you can see the photo of my chubbehhh cheek, you'll see it works just as well, and at a fraction of the price.

i've been desperate to get my hands on one of these for ages, and luckily got this shade from my housemates for my birthday. i lovelovelove it, the colour is kind of red/purple, which is great as i find darker shades look so dramatic and really transform a made up face. the wand of the product is almost a heart shape, and really sinks into your lips, allowing you to create a perfect shape. the thick consistency means it actually stays on, and brings out a really strong colour. i approve.

again, i got this with my mac makeover. i really love blusher, and had been using the topshop blush 'head over heels', but i don't really like the creamy blushers. it was time to get my powder blush back! this gives an amazing pink colour, and a little goes a long way. delicately applied, it gives you a lovely pink hue which when combined with the highlighter, makes you look very perky!

aanddd that last photo shows me with half the products on! hope you enjoyed my make up birthday haul, clothes are next! :) xo ps. if you like my blog, please vote for it in the best personal style newcomer award in the company 2013 blog awards :D link is on the right, just click the company photo :) xo

Sunday, 24 March 2013

chilled #7

fields covered in snow, a little cove of snow, my village from afar, me looking moody (the spit makes me look gappy), just smiling.

i thought i'd do a new kind of look for my chilled sunday post. as i have my beautiful new camera, i thought i'd just take some nice photos every sunday instead :) hope you like!
as you can see, and i'm sure if you're in the UK you'll be well aware, it's been snowing a lot recently, and it's very very cold. i am home for easter now, back to the good ole mk from nottingham. i'm back in my little village, and all the fields are still blanketed in snow. very pretty.

i had the best week ever, it was my birthday on thursday and i got a spray tan, make up done, presents, carvery, going out...everything i planned happened and i'm incredibly thankful for all my friends and my family for making my 20th so nice. i'm going shopping for a few extra bits for my birthday tomorrow with my generous mother, so i'll be doing my birthday haul tomorrow. stay tuned!

i came back from nottingham on saturday, and i'm back for a few weeks. got a few really nice things planned and i cannot wait to catch up with my friends :) i saw one of my best friends today who is jetting off to NYC tomorrow, incredibly jealous.

i hope you enjoyed my new look chilled post, and you're all having a relaxed sunday in the warm :) xo

Friday, 22 March 2013

birthday girl: OOTD

yesterday was my 20th birthday (getting disgustingly old now), and i thought i'd do a cheeky post on my outfit :) i will do a birthday haul post soon as i got a lot of bits i think you'll all like. one was this amazing new camera, which hopefully will make for some better photos on here from now on as i don't have to use my iPhone!

tiger lattice crop top - topshop - top £28, shorts, £26, gold hoops, H&M, black heels, eBay.

so i finally got the outfit that i had been pining for! i absolutely love it and am sososo glad that i got it. i love the shorts which kinda look like a skirt (i can't remember the specific word), as they weren't too short and were cool when you shimmyed as they moved around... i loved the crop top as well as the buttons gave it a really flattering fit, and i liked the fact that the shorts and crop top kinda met in the middle, showing a lil bit of flesh but not too much. high waisted stuff is always my favourite.
i also had my make up done at mac (que excited giggle from me) it was £30, and a present from my bro. i would recommend it to anyone as they did my make up so well, and i would never (sadly) did able to do the same. i asked for golden brown smokey eyes, which i love and i love the winged effect they created, and also they applied eyelashes expertly and i was in awe of how amazing they were and stayed on - almost looking natural. the base was amazing, and they contoured the make up to make me look like chubby cheeked. (miracle workers). i ended up buying the powder blusher and extended play gigablack lash mascara, and i cant wait to use it!

stay tuned for my birthday haul :) xo

Monday, 18 March 2013

creme egg cakes

i saw a recipe on milkbubbletea's blog (click here for original) for creme egg cakes, and i knew i just had to try them! so here is myself and my housemate's attempt at creme egg cake :) 

it's fairly simple to do - all you need is a Betty Crocker cake mix, 3 eggs, 250ml of water, and obviously the creme eggs! simply mix all that together, put some mix into the cake cases, plop the creme egg in, then cover it :) ours turned out a little bit messy, but incredibly yummy. they're very chocolatey and the fondant just oozes out... nom.

hope you enjoyed :D remember to follow on here, bloglovin, facebook, or twitter. and if you enjoy, click the company logo and vote my blog for 'best personal style newcomer' :) phew, plugging over! have a nice night :D xo
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