Tuesday, 26 February 2013

LFWend Sunday: The Trend Show

following on from my lfwend: the day blog post, here is my review and comments on the trend show! this is what i was really looking forward to seeing - and trust me, we have some BEAUTIFUL clothes ready for us this spring/summer! there were four main looks - graphic art, urban lifestyle, eastern promise and doll's house. 

the first trend to be shown was graphic art. this was all about moving away from the 'safety' of autumn/winter, and making bold statements. it had hints of sixties (kind of austin power vibes, as you can see). the graphic prints were exciting and definitely ensured that your stood out - such as the henry holland printed dress on the bottom right. there were still elements of monocrome, which is still on trend, but it's important within this trend to insert pops of colour through accessories or shoes, such as the top right. each garment featured had a very fresh and clean cut, it was the patterns and statements that were printed that did all the talking, whilst keeping a very simple cut. 
the next trend was urban lifestyle -which was based around classic and contemporary work clothes made to look good. very prim and proper designs were featured, all very fitted and including pencil skirts and crisp collars. the models sported some moustaches with some looks - which said to me that they were looking feminine, but completely dominating the runway with masculine power. a lot of the looks in this trend were actually high street, with some sports lux pieces that are so popular in topshop atm. also, the spotted playsuit featured on the bottom right is from miss selfridge - so make sure you snap that up asap! overall, i liked this look, but it seemed a little too formal for my own taste atm.

host zoe hardman was very excited about this trend - eastern promise. this all stems from the orient, and featured magical and floral prints. it was all about freedom and comfort - such like escaping to an island. as expected, it featured a lot of kimonos, tunics and capes. the embroidery was stunning, and the silks and metallics simply fell off the models in such a flattering way. a lot of florals and patterns were in this trend, and it was a key message to be creative and mix prints this season. i loved the patterned trousers, and also the dipped hem floaty dresses. the jewellery worn was very tribal, and inspired from northern Africa. it was oversized and made a statement. a beautiful trend i'm very excited for.

personally, doll's house was my favourite trend. it was incredible feminine, full of lace and nude colours, but also had a slight edge. burberry gave a fantastic example of this with their rainbow trench coat in sep 2012 - showing edge with femininity. lots of pastels were included with little pops of colours. i loved the cream patent heels with bows, reminding me of doll's and their sweet taste. these looks could be 'roughed' up with big black boots, which i think would be an amazing look. i love the bottom right dress, full of embellishment and having a real 1920's great gatsbt vibe. embellishment and floral was again featured, showing a soft power in the pieces. amazing.

so, that was my LFWend experience! i loved it and hope i can go again :) xo


  1. Wish I had been - loving all the neon pieces!

    Thanks for following my blog, following back :)

    Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  2. Great post dear! <33


  3. Hey, great post! You have a really good blog so I nominated you for a liebster award hope you don't mind!

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