Monday, 25 February 2013

LFWend Sunday: The Day

i was fortunate enough to be able to go last minute to the final day of LFWend 2013 alongside sophieetc. i was so ridiculously excited and couldn't wait to see what all the buzz was about, as LFW was a constant source of jealousy in my twitter feed! here's part 1 of my experience - based around the day as a whole. 

inside somerset house there were rooms filled with beautiful clothes, accessories and shoes. unfortunately, way over my price range, but definitely inspiring to see and lust over. my favourite shoes featured were by joanne stoker, and were also heavily featured within the catwalk trend show. the chunky heel is incredibly on trend at the moment, and the blocks of colour showed real inspiration from art deco - a visual array which really added a different twist to the heel. i loved the patent nudes, but my favourite pair were definitely the black suede featured. i'm such a sucker for a pair of black heels, and this was no exception. i also really loved the strap along the top, which added a real feminine touch to the shoe.
in every room there were boutiques and stores selling pieces, and a real recurring theme throughout every room was the use of neons and bright colours. it's a real step away from the khaki's and blacks that we've been used to seeing over autumn, and it's an exciting way to use colour. a pop of bright pink or orange is an amazing way to spice up an outfit, and i'll definitely be clashing pink and orange this spring and summer. the Cambridge Satchel Company had some beautiful bags in neons as well, although i'm not too sure they're as wearable. i also loved the pastel purple of the jumper featured, and the white/pink maxi dress. such an exciting season with such beautiful colours!!!

another few pieces that caught my eye were these two. the left hand side was a grey peplum jumper with some seriously heavy studded on the arms. i thought the material was really beautiful, and the fit looked amazing. the studs, albeit a bit heavy, added a really cool edge to it. alas, it was £900! so, er, not for me... the next were these leather gloves, which were £200, and had gold nails on the tips of the fingertips. i'd never seen any gloves like this, and despite the garish design and the initial 'omgah' factor, i actually ended up quite liking them... is that bad?

one brand that had a stall was her curious nature, and it attracted a lot of gasps and amazement - especially from me. it featured headdresses, hairbands, hair grips and other accessories intricately designed with flowers/embellishments and other gorgeous twinkly bits. i loved the visual look of the whole stall, the manikin with floral head bands placed on it was eye-watering, as some serious effort went into it. it paid off as it was beautiful. the cream lace parasol placed next to it was also incredible, and the pale pink flowers placed on it really confirmed the feminine touch that was key throughout a lot of the collections featured. an absolutely amazing stall which i kept going back to.

as well as the make up/clothing stalls there were talks going on throughout the day. i managed to sit in on the last few minutes with fashion extraordinaire Hilary Alexander, was which incredibly inspiring and amazing to see how much effort goes into the shows.  i also caught a talk on fashion buying and business hosted by Amber Atherton. it was really interesting to know that you don't need a fashion degree specifically for these kind of careers, and got me quite interested into looking more at these positions. i also spoke to Amber a little about getting into fashion, and she also favourited my tweet later on - que a very happy louisa :):):)

so, it was an incredible day which left me hungry for more fashiony things!!! if you would like to see more photos or the photos in better detail, please go onto TUNED FOR MY BLOG POST ON THE TREND CATWALK SHOW :) xo


  1. I'm so jealous! Your pictures are great and sounds like it was an amazing day...

  2. great pictures that dress from flowers is awsome x


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