Friday, 8 February 2013

let's hear it for the boys

i don't like to exclude, so i thought this blog post could be based around the current trends that boys are wearing. i know - shock horror! but i've found through living and having a large group of male friends that fashion is a big part of their lives too, and they also have the big 'omgahh what do i wear?!' debate before they go out. here's what i've picked up on...

1.) Foot Asylum.
this time last year if you'd have asked me what foot asylum was, i wouldn't have had a clue. but now, you can't seem to move in nottingham without seeing one of their draw string bags. this chain of shops is fast becoming one of the most popular places for boys to buy their new threadz (so g). one of the most popular brands at the minute here is Hype. i like to think i caught this trend before the 'hype' (sorry), as we all got our flatmate a top back in September before anyone was wearing it. the brand is full of galaxy print tops and jumpers, and other prints such as leopard and hawaiian-esque. 

2.) Nike and Caps.
one of my previous posts (nikes on my feet) went into a bit more detail about just how popular nikes are at the moment, and this is no different with boys. pretty much every boy i know had a pair of blazers, the most popular colours being maroon and grey (they don't want to be too out there). also, nike air maxes are becoming popular as well - although not everyone in my house likes them, with 2 boys calling them 'disgusting'. oh well...  caps (not hats, as i was specifically told) are really popular at the moment as well. size? have got a huge variety, with the most worn caps being basketball related (knicks, nets, bulls etc). 

3.) Backpacks and Chinos.
chinos have been gracing the legs of boiz everywhere for a while now, and in a variation of colours. i think the most popular are the camel, grey and navy blue ones, as they seem to go with everything and are quite smart to wear out as well. i personally quite like chinos, they're a refreshing change from jeans... backpacks are quite a new trend for boys, but at uni atm they're everywhere and actually look really cool. they do some really nice ones in urban outfitters, and also asos and topman do more zany prints if you want to make a statement.

4.) Polo Tops and Crazy Prints.
some of the most popular tops within my male group are polo tops - mainly all saints and jack wills. if the fit is right, then these can look really stylish and nice - i think a slim fit is best, as baggy polo tops don't tend to be all that flattering. crazy prints can be found in shirts or tops, most likely go to Topman or shop online at asos to find the best prints. i like the aztec print which is everywhere at the moment, and looks great especially in monocrome.

so, only a quick little blog today as i'm not really feeling too well :( hope you enjoyed :) xo


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