Sunday, 10 February 2013


today really is a lazy sunday, i had a pretty productive list, marking off most things on my extensive to-do list, which i'm pleased about. here are a few cheeky snaps from my week :)

so, this outfit was from monday. my housemates and i decided to go to 'forum' in nottingham to see the one and only rylan clark from x factor perform. i know. exciting stuff. i wore my suede ankle boots with black tights, my leather skater skirt, and my housemate's American Apparel leotard. it was a bit risque, with a completely cut out back and a very low front, meaning you need a strategically placed bra, but i felt it was worth a shot. my hair was looking awful so i did the standard shoving it up with a clip. i actually ended up meeting rylan as well, he was pretty nice, very tall and very bronzed. i also told people off for booing, as i just thought it was rude. aren't i a good citizen. 

this was my tuesday outfit. i don't think i even did anything this day, was very much a 'stay at home' outfit. i was rocking very attractive ankle socks (teehe), my beautiful disco pants, and a cream bobbled jumper which was from primark. a lot of people asked me if it was from topshop, so it's a pretty good dupe, and much cheaper at just £10! i am also wearing a primark necklace, which kind of looks like a neckplate, but i love it. i got this ages ago in the summer, and still love it, it goes really well with my silver hoops. hair was, again, looking pretty rubbish so i just shoved it up with the help of backcomb in a bottle and dry shampoo. not glamorous, but not everyday is unfortunately. 

i apologise for the incredibly posey photo, but this was from wednesday, and i'd just had my hair done. despite what i'd said about my dipdye, i grew a little bored of it, and found a student salon in town which coloured/washed/blow-dried my hair for just £20!!! bargain! i got three colours put through - one brown, one medium blonde, and one light blonde. i really like the overall look, giving it a sun-kissed natural look. i also love the way it was dried - once it was semi-dry, the hairdresser put it in rollers and then blasted them with hot and then cold air, and it came out wavy and all beachy. i took a photo quickly as i looked outside and saw it was pretty windy, and didn't want to forget how nicely it had been done!

this was from wednesday night. my nottingham family and i went out to cocktail bar cocotang -if you know nottingham, deffo check it out. i, again, wore my little suede boots - they're perfect for nights out! the shorts are embellished with sequins and beads, and can be bought here from lipsy. i absolutely love them, and they're not too short and completely cover your bum. the leotard i wore with it goes so well, and i love the long sleeved mesh material. this was also from lipsy and available here. this outfit was actually my christmas uniform, as i've worked at lipsy since i was 17 and go back in the holidays to work. i love the discount as it always allows me to buy cheeky little outfits like this one!
this is going to span thursday-saturday, as i was suddenly hit with a weird bug which made me feel sososo ill. i couldn't stand up and just lost all appetite and energy, which was really annoying as i needed to get so much done! being ill is such an inconvenience. there's not much fashion here, but i can tell you my snug little duvet cover and my comfy purple pillow are from primark. primark are actually really good for home bits, with some really cute patterns coming through at the moment. i also have a really nice matching throw which is full of lilacs, turquoises and features floral patterns. and, because it's primark, it's super cheap as well! 

whiiiiich brings us to today - sunday. it's pretty miserable outside, and i have kind of got my appetite back (only a little bit, still can't manage big meals...doh) i ventured to tescos to get the essentials (in my eyes anyway). i bought both company and glamour - gotta keep up! glamour was packed this month, might need another read to get it all in! company had loads on my current fave show 'girls', and also a good little bit about celeb stylish kids. i also got grapes and salad, you know, to rebuild the old immune system. sadly, i think this may have been slightly ruined by my can of full fat coke and kettle chips... but they were on offer, and that's far too tempting to give up.

so, that was my week, not so glam due to my unscheduled illness, but it was a good 'un :):):) what about yours? xo


  1. My gramps sisters husband is rylans uncle so im classing him as family lol.

    Lovely outfit xx


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