Thursday, 21 February 2013

lamborghini mercy

i decided to do another style inspiration blog based on another one of my bff's - hannah. she's featured quite a bit in some of my other blog posts, as i rope her into modelling for me. we're housemates at uni, meaning i get to share her wardrobe (whether she likes it or not mwahaha). here are a few of her favourite looks :)

this is one of hannah's casual looks which she'd wear to lectures/shopping etc. the white converse are the comfiest things ever, and go with everything so are ace for a quick casual look. the jeans are high waisted, and available from republic (not available online due to the store being in administration), they're super flattering and a really good fit as well, not losing their tightness. the baggy tie-dye top is from vintage shop Rewind in Nottingham. it's an individually made tshirt, as it's by a local brand that is only available in Rewind. i love the baggy fit and the rolled up sleeve, and the tie-dye pattern is really on trend at the moment. the unusual pattern on the front adds to its uniqueness, and is great for just chucking on day to day.

this is more of a smart casual outfit which is more suited for a dinner date or drinks on a night out. hannah's wearing the same jeans as featured above, showing their versatility, as the high waist can add formality. the top is a simple high necked wine crop top from Topshop, and at just £10 an absolute bargain. i think crop tops are such a necessity for this season's trends, and cheap ones like this are so easy to wear! the oversized boyfriend blazer is from Pull and Bear, (unfortunately not online, and i love the big slouchy fit. it makes it look a little more chic, and also gives a level of warmth. the boots are from ark, but available everywhere at the moment, the heel is so suitable atm and can be worn all day and not kill your feet.
and this is most definitely a going out outfit! hannah is very similar to me, and we always tend to play it safe and go all black, which i think works every time. this outfit is a little bit sexayy, but looks incredible. the off the shoulder crop top is from motel, who currently have 20% off so deffo have a look! the black leggings are actually velvet material, even though the photo isn't very good, and also available here from motel. these are a nice change from disco pants, which we tend to revert back to a lot when we're having a clothes crisis. the shoes are faux jefferey campbells, and were bought here from eBay. eBay are fantastic for great dupes, so it's always worth a look! i love the stud detailing, giving them a slight edge. 

so, there's another one of my stylish friends! hope you enjoyed :) please like my fb page for frequent posts! xo


  1. I absolutely LOVE those shoes - you should definitely have not posted a link to eBay, those are getting bought aha. Lovely blog, I'm a new followerxxx

  2. hahaha they are amazing and such good fakes!!! yayyy thank you :) xxx

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