Wednesday, 6 February 2013

it's as easy as abc

greetings. today's blog is going to be based on an idea i've seen a lot recently - A-Z. but instead of doing it on myself (i'm not that interesting) i thought i'd do it on an A-Z of my favourite fashion bits. enjoy :)

A is for... air force ones. they're my favourite shoes atm, so comfy, and a change from blazers.

B is for...beanie hats. black beanie hats are everywhere at the moment, and they're a great saviour if your hair isn't feeling too fresh. customised with studs, they can look original and cool.

C is for... cropped. crop tops are a big thing, and are super flattering on most shapes. they look great with a high waisted skirt or trouser, and i especially like this orange neon crop top that's in the new season at Topshop. 

D is for... disco pants. i know i go on about them, but they truly have been my favourite piece of the last few years. the price tag shouldn't put anyone off as you will literally live in them.

E is for... esthetics, which is the philosophy of beauty and what is beautiful. i chose this one as i feel like fashion is something which should be for you, and if you feel beautiful in an outfit then you should wear it no matter what the trends.

F is for... FASHION, of course!!!

G is for... glasses. i have the worst eyesight, and have to wear glasses/contact lenses everyday. when i was 12 this was a real downer, but nowadays i don't mind wearing my glasses, as i have a pair of big black thick rimmed ones which are quite fashionable. i'd love a pair of raybans one day...

H is for... hoops. hoop earrings are a piece of jewellery i wear everyday without fail. definitely spice up an outfit!

I is for... individual. i hate it when people follow trends when you can clearly see that it doesn't suit them. you don't have to like every single trend, be individual and wear what you want to wear. on that note, if something is in fashion and you buy it, don't worry about people who can be a bit snotty. it's usually popular because it's nice. 

J is for... jeans. a good pair of jeans are crucial to any wardrobe. i went through a stage of kind of wearing jeans once or twice and then buying another cheap pair as they'd go baggy and lose their shape. i feel they're a piece that you need to invest it, as in the long run it'll save you money. Topshop and Zara do great jeans.

K is for... knickers. and not just knickers, underwear is general. i don't think people get how important it is to have a bra that fits you. every shop you go in to buy a bra you need to make sure you're fitted, as what's the point in having a bra that doesn't fit? and new pants are always a nice buy. especially if they match!

L is for... leather. i adore my leather jacket and my leather skirt, they're items which i can see myself wearing for years. my favourite trend.

M is for... mac make up. when i'm lucky enough to be able to afford it, or if i'm even luckier to be bought it, i always indulge at mac make up. it's always so smooth on your skin and does make a huge difference.  it also lasts for ages so you don't feel like you're ever wasting your money.

N is for... nude. and when i say nude, i mean the colour. i love patent nudes on bags and shoes, i have a fab clutch from accessorize which goes with everything under the sun.

O is for... odd. i quite like fashion that clashes, or mismatched prints. it can be perceived as odd, but i think it shoes originality.

P is for... party! whenever i go out i have a huge issue (i'd like to think of it as a sickness). i always like to wear something new to a party! i feel like for parties and nights out that if i don't have something new then everyone will have seen my outfit before. it's shocking...

Q is for... queen. when i say queen, it's kind of a link to royalty and class. i love all of kate middelton's outfits, she always looks so effortless and chic - with a huge amount of class and grace.

R is for... red. i always wear black, and very rarely wear colour. but one colour that i will submit to is red. it goes nicely with blonde hair, and adds a bit of excitement.

S is for... skater skirts. i love the skater skirt fit and design, it's flattering as it disguises lumps and bumps, and they're normally high waisted which looks fab with cropped tops.

T is for... Topshop. every girl's favourite shop. the one in nottingham is huge and sometimes i have to look down and walk straight past it as it can get too depressing just gazing at all the pretty things.

U is for... undefined. i don't like having to define my fashion, i wouldn't say i had a particular style - just wear what i like and what's flattering (and cheap!)

V is for... velvet. i love anything velvet. i went through a massive velvet stage last year, i had velvet dresses, tops, skirts, shorts... it was a sick obsession. 

W is for... waist. my waist is the smallest part of me, so i like to define it when i can and just hide all the other nasty bits.

X is for... x-rated. i, personally, do not like really revealing clothes. i find it can sometimes look a little tacky, and it's normally wise to stick to the rule - legs OR chest out...never both.

Y is for... yob. this is a bit weird, but at the moment i love wearing my hair up high, massive hoops in and just looking like a chav. 

Z is for... zest. fashion is about having fun and experimenting with different looks. it's exciting and enjoyable to change up your style, as having the same style for years and years is so dull!

so, there's my fashion A-Z. what's yours? xo



  1. This is such a cute post idea! I'm becoming more and more tempted to get some disco pants, just worried that i'll look like a total idiot in them! They look amazing on everyone else!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  2. thank you! i think they are a worthy investment tbh and everyone ive seen wear them looks so good in them. they're so thick and kinda act like spanx haha! xxx


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