Friday, 15 February 2013

hold my bag

so it's friday night, and i'm guessing a lot of you lucky people will be out tonight, unless you're like me, and have an essay in every time i go out, i always have a frantic panic as i desperately try to remember everything i need for the night ahead, so i've compiled a list of things i think are necessities for a night out bag!

1.) Cards/Cash/ID/Keys
this is the boring stuff, but it's the crucial stuff as well. so many nights out have ended in me frantically banging the door down in hope that someone is still in because i forgot to bring my keys - schoolgirl error. keys are essential, so make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate them. cash + id are also key parts of a night out bag, you can't get in anywhere without them! i always bring my card as well in case of an emergency (which tends to be that i just have to have another orange VK... oops). these are the absolute essentials, so don't forget!

2.) Comb
do you ever go to the loo midway through the night and get a shock as you discover your curls which were perfect before you left the house have turned into one big frizzy mess? i do, much more frequently than i like. a comb is a key feature of my bag, it's a good quick fix to your hair, and the slim fit means that it doesn't take up that much space in your bag. 

3.) Lipgloss/Lipstick
i always bring a lipgloss or lipstick out with me, as it really perks up your make up midway through the night. unless i'm wearing a specific colour lipstick, i always bring my mac lipglass out with me. it's a nude colour and i've had it for absolutely ages and i lovelovelove it. it gives a really slick shine to your lip and the colour is so pretty as well. if you're wearing a lipstick, always bring that shade with you - nothing worse than rocking purple lips and then by the end of the night it's smudged half off your face!

4.) Concealer 
nobody likes it when their make up slides off their face and you're left looking a bit shiny and a bit too natural under those unflattering nightclub lights. i think bringing a concealer with you is a great idea, as you can quickly touch up any bits which need doing. i love my garnier roll on concealer, which is mainly for bags under your eyes but you can apply it anywhere and it does the same job. 

5.) Hair slides
these are everywhere in my room, and i always wonder why i lose them! kirby grips are a life saviour on my nights out. if you're like me and have a side fringe, most of the time half way through the night it tends to look a bit rubbish - like it's been stuck onto your face. all hail kirby grips! simply back comb it a little, pin it back with a hair slide and hey presto! you've got a fab quiff! result. 

6.) Eyelash Glue
i cannot tell you how many times i've had the drama of my eyelash coming off half way through the night, and the frantic conversations in the loo to strangers 'have you got any glue???' i guess that's what you get for sticking fake eyelashes on you! quite a weird process when you think about it, but eyelashes always make my make up look ten times better. i like eyelure glue the best, it doesnt rip your eyelashes off and it tends to stay on all night. always a good idea, because even if your eyelashes stay on all night, you can really help someone else out.

so, this will be my new guide every time i go out! happy friday night everyone :) xo



  1. ahh this is so helpful and such a good post idea! need to bookmark haha.

    now following :)

    sara x

  2. thank youuuu :) will follow back xxx


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