Sunday, 24 February 2013

chilled #3

the weeks just go too quickly - i can't believe i'm already doing another sunday post! it's been another hectic week, with a beautiful surprise in the middle as i was invited to go along to LFWend with sophieetc as she was lucky enough to win tickets! here's what else i got up to/wore...

this was monday's outfit. i had uni pretty much all day and wanted to be comfortable, i wore my brookhaven jumper with, you guessed it, my disco pants. i think im in a rut with these, and desperately need a new pair of comfortable flattering leggings! i decided to wear my really old nikes, and my boy london beanie as i was having an awful hair day. this later proved to be a bit of a bad idea as the weather was really warm, and i was left feeling a little hot and a little out of place amongst the girls wearing little summer dresses! despite this not being as suited to the weather, i really liked this outfit as it was super comfy, and i felt really casual around uni - which is so needed when you have a 9am and then a 3 hour wait!!!

...moving onto tuesday, in the day i was chained to my desk again doing work - the glamorous life of a second year uni student. i wore  disco pants AGAIN (i'm starting to bore myself!!!!!) and one of my dad's shirts. i kinda stole it a few years ago and it's just become mine. i cut the sleeves off myself and also cut down a little further to make a cool side. i love shirts buttoned up to the top - especially oversized ones as i find them so flattering if you're having a casual 'can't be bothered' day. i don't like tight fits all the time, and a big baggy shirt is just perfect for these days!!! i also went out this night, as featured here, which (unfortunately) meant wednesday was a bit of a write off... oops. my bad.

thursday was another day of researching for essays and trying to do my work as i was constantly distracted by facebook. i wore my leigh navy Topshop chinos, which are really comfy and i would recommend to anyone as the fit is amazing. i also wore an old Topshop shirt which i got in October. i love the cut out shoulders, as it adds a slight edge to the otherwise normal flannel design. the only issue i have with the cut out shoulders is you can't wear a bra with straps as it looks a bit weird - and also, in a cold student house it can get a bit chilly around the shoulders! i really want to invest in some more shirts, especially baggy ones like the one above - looks great with jumpers as well!

thursday was a pretty plain day - not much to report unfortunately! me and my fellow housemate hannah did discover this amazing photobooth in broadmarsh centre - it's only £2 and you get two strips of four poses. it reminds me of those teen chick flick films where girls go and pose before a big 'make over' scene. unfortunately, there was no make over, but i think for £2 it's a pretty good deal!

saturday was my housemate's 20th birthday, and to celebrate we had a house party. the theme was 'anything beginning with b' as her name is becky. we had a real array of outfits, from ballerinas, baywatch, bumblebee and beachboys. i decided to be really environmentally friendly - or rather, i had no money for a cool outfit - and went as a bin bag. i bought two rolls from poundland, and simply pinned the green bags around my top in a bandeau style, and then wore my leather skater skirt over it, and then pinned black bin bags all over that. it looked a bit dull like that, so i twisted the two colours together to create a top part to the dress. voila! a fantastic bin bag dress at a budget! :)

...which brings us to sunday! i've been excited for today all week as i went to LFWend with sophieetc!!! i had such a good day, albeit started at 6.45am. i loved the atmosphere, the people, the attractions, the show... and just being in London again after such a long time! i'm going to do in depth posts on the show and the day in general tomorrow, but it's safe to say i really enjoyed myself. felt really lucky to have been able to go at such short notice, and for free as well! really confirmed for me that the fashion business is where i'd hopefully like to be when i graduate next year :) so stay tuned tomorrow for my LFWend Blog, with proper photos and everything!
so, that was my week! hope you all had a great week too :) xo


  1. Nice BLOG!!!

  2. I must hunt that photobooth down the pictures look so cute! xx

  3. it's in broadmarsh quite far in near the escalators! near wilkos :D xxx


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