Sunday, 17 February 2013

chilled #2

it's sunday again, which means a little roundup of my week. i've had a really productive week, mainly due to the fact i had an essay to do and had to buckle down and get it done! also, as you can see from the above photo, i made time to make seven pancakes on tuesday! such a pig! here's what i got up to this week...

this was monday. we all went out for a birthday, winding up at forum yet again! i wore a black jersey skater skirt from Topshop, and a white long sleeved crop top from American Apparel. i love the monocrome look, and it's a big trend this season as well. trendsetter...joke. i accessorised with a multinecklace set that i got from primark, and big black hoops i got ages ago from Topshop. i really liked this outfit, as i'm currently obsessed with crop tops and will wear them at any opportunity. it also keeps you a little bit warmer with the long sleeves, which is crucial for me as i am the biggest moaner ever if we're queuing and i'm frozen!

 this photo is not hot, but i took it to show sheer happiness! on tuesday i got an email confirming a month's work of work experience at fabulous magazine in the summer, working in london! i'm ridiculously excited, and cannot wait to put that down as experience. it's all getting a bit real now at uni as i'm in my second year already, and i really want to make sure i get as much experience as i can before i leave university. i'd love to be an editor/publisher, and to work on a fashion magazine would be an absolute dream come true! i'd sent so many emails and letters off so to get something back was really reassuring. i'm supersupersuper excited and can't wait to get stuck in!

wednesday/thursday/friday has all blurred into one, as i've been chained to my desk and laptop writing an essay for my 20th Century Texts module. essay writing at university requires so much extra reading, so i've been buried in yellow-paged books all week in the hope i can find relevant quotes! i feel like i've got square eyes as this week i've been looking at my laptop+phone screen nonstop, it can't be good for me! i made such an indepth plan, i just found it so difficult to actually begin the essay, just staring at my screen hoping it would appear... 
not very glamorous, but i am a student after all!

i actually only ventured outside once on saturday, and that was to buy food as i was literally living on rice and bacon. student life, ey? i decided to crack out my creepers - a lot of people say that these are ugly and gross, but i love the extra height and the chunkiness of the shoe. i wore them with my leigh wine jeans from Topshop, which i love and fit me so well. i also wore a jumper i got from Topshop during Christmas in the sale, with crosses all over it and spikes on the shoulder. the spikes are a bit out there and make it hard to wear a jacket with, but i really like it, and the slouchy fit lets me wear it off the shoulder. i was having a bad hair day, hence the bun, which i think i slept in... gross.

 ...which brings us to sunday. the weather was the nicest it's been in ages today, so me and my housemate ventured into town for a wander. i even had to wear sunglasses, which are from primark... don't judge. i wore my creepers again with my disco pants, comfy day! even though you can't see too well here, i'm wearing a metallic pastel blue top which i actually got in the sale at tesco ages ago, i love this top as it's got a baggy fit and rolled up sleeves, i even got it in another colour as it was only £2!!!! i'm rocking my leather jacket as well, soooo nice to not have to wrap up in my big coat and scarf! please sunny weather stay!

so, another week done and dusted! hope you all had a fantastic week :) xo


  1. Thats so exciting about the work experience that'll be really amazing! And also, totally feel your pain about being buried under a mountain of books, i'm doing exactly the same for a Poetry assignment right now!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  2. i know im sooo excited can't wait - will make for some interesting blog posts! ive just submitted my essay, would feel good if i didnt have 2 more to write now xxx

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  4. thank you i'll have a look asap :) xxx


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