Sunday, 3 February 2013

at your inconvenience.

last night i went to gatecrasher in nottingham to see professor green do a short set, the above is a pretty bad picture i took, but i was really close. it was a good night that was made even better as when we left, it just happened to be the same time Pro Green left the club himself - so we got a picture and a nice hug. sick guy.

i thought i'd show you what i wore to the gig as well. it was a difficult fashion dilemma, as it was at a club, but was also a gig... which meant i needed to look kinda dressed up, but also comfortable enough to be in a tight crowd. i wore my ever loved disco pants, which i swear just make everything right every time i put them on, and my navy blue vans with frilly socks (albeit they were odd...) i'm so glad i chose to wear my trainers, as i felt sorry for all the girls in the crowd squished together teetering in their 6 inch shoes. well, i didn't feel sorry for the girl who stabbed my foot with her spiked heel, but i'm sure it was an accident... the only bonus to heels was probably a better view, but my feet were thankful for the comfort.

i wore a silver baggyish top i got from h&m in the summer (no link boooo). it was only £4.99, but then saw in the sale that it had dropped to just £2.99, bit annoying, but at least it was cheap to begin with. it was really comfortable, and felt flattering as it just fell off you. i liked the silver pleat design, this dressed it up a little bit more. i hadn't even worn this yet, it was kind of just sat in my wardrobe - i shall definitely wear it again now! it was pretty cold last night as well, so i bought my trusty leather jacket out, which looked good with the outfit and kept me warm when i was walking to mcdonalds at the end of the night. it's always worth taking a jacket in this cold weather, just stick it in a cloakroom in the club :)

also, thought i'd show you my mini haul i got today whilst browsing in superdrug. i really needed some dry shampoo as i'm pretty gross and never wash my hair, so this refreshes it nicely. also, my mascara has pretty much died (RIP), so i needed a new one, i thought i'd try this new Maybelline one, partially because it was only £4.99 as an introductory offer, but also the brush looks pretty good - i'll let you know! i also got this smoky eyeliner thing, i think it's Maybelline as well (so bad with brands!!!), as i desperately needed a pencil eyeliner, and i liked the fact the other end of the pencil smudges it so it becomes a sexy, smoldering smokey eye look... or a smudged mess, which may happen with my awful make up skills!

so there is a cheeky little update on my weekend, and my mini haul :) done much this weekend? xo


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