Tuesday, 19 February 2013

all about tonight

it's a tuesday, i've got a 9am lecture tomorrow, which can only mean one thing... i'm going out!!! ok, perhaps not the best idea, but i feel like i'm letting my student side down as i haven't been out in over a week! the horror! i thought it'd do a quick outfit post, featuring my lovely housemate hannah :)

this is hannah, who you may have seen in the boy london post. tonight, hannah is rocking a beautiful black mini dress from YAYER, and it's making its debut tonight as she only got it a few days ago. YAYER are also doing a 20% deal atm, so gogogo. i love the shoulder cut outs, adding a little bit of interest to a plain black dress. the leather black belt and the bag featured are both from american apparel, as hannah had a naughty spree there the other day. i love hannah's silver hoop earrings which have got snake detail near the ear, with green gems for eyes. they're from accessorise, but  a while ago :(. this is a perfect going out outfit, and the way hannah has curled her long hair also looks ace over the cut out shoulders. 

aaannndddd here i am. i'm wearing the red american apparel leotard again, but i felt it wasn't properly worn last time as i wasn't out that long. i love the low back, and despite knowing everyone is wearing these atm i still really like them. i decided to wear my black levi cut off shorts tonight, which dresses down the intense fit of the leotard, as they're just plain denim. these are amazing and i really suggest everybody gets a pair of cut off levis, they're not too expensive and there are loads on asos marketplace! i'm rocking my creepers again, forgot how much i liked them! for warmth, the old leather jacket is making an appearance, and i chose a pair of hoops i got from primark recently. they've got an aztec pattern on them, and for some reason remind me of snail shells, but i love them nonetheless.

so, there's a cheeky post of our outfits tonight! hope you all have a good night (and here's praying i make my 9am....) xo



  1. Love backless stuff, you look great!
    So nice when people wear creepers on a night out too


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