Thursday, 28 February 2013

phresh out the runway: rihanna RI collection

the undisputed queen of the charts at the moment is rihanna. whether she's being controversial with chris brown, posting photos of herself on instagram, or belting out one of her hits, she's always dressed impeccably. so, it was a natural course for her to do a clothing line - we were lucky enough for her to choose UK High Street chain River Island. her line hits the stores on the 5th of March, and here's a cheeky review.

riri's range isn't just clothes and shoes, she's also branching out to some accessories. whilst i was hoping she'd be bringing out some massive gold chains, or a blinged out watch, at the moment all i have seen is the black suede backpack and the black leather cap. i love the backpack, the gold eagle (i think it is?) on the back gives it that rihanna edge, and i generally love backpacks anyway. i'm not too keen on the cap, but it's very on trend, and keeps in key with riri's street/urban style.
it wouldn't be rihanna without some incredible shoes. i personally love the black heeled lace ups on the top left, i think they could add a street edge to a feminine dress, or look amazing with a pair of black skinny leggings. they're really keeping in with the sports luxe theme that's everywhere at the moment, and brings a different look to heels. the crazy thigh high black boots are very out there, but have been seen on a number of celebrities recently, and look great with a big baggy jacket and tiny shorts. whilst i'm not sure i'll be getting a pair, i'm sure a braver fashionista will rock them suitably. i also love the big black boots with a lower heel - perfect for everyday, and perhaps even festivals.

and we get to the clothes! i love these two pieces, a dipped hem stripped shirt and oversized striped tunic. both garments are monocrome, which is ridiculously on trend at the moment (and is my entire wardrobe). i love the dipped hem of the shirt, it's a bit quirky and would look amazing with disco pants and a pair of the heels featured above. the tunic is definitely going to be making an appearance in my spring/summer wardrobe, it looks so wearable and comfortable. i love oversized t-shirts, and think this would be perfect to chuck on to go about your day. i've also seen a plain oversized white tee for this collection that i will also be lusting over. thank god it's released in my birthday month!

these dresses are   very reminiscent of what rihanna  wore at the grammy's. fashion forward riri (and her team at River Island) clearly knew that a plain black dress is a classic staple of any wardrobe, and would want to invest in this. the dress on the left, also comes in white, is long sleeved, and features a slit up the side. this adds a level of sex appeal, and would love great if you accessorised with some colourful jewellery. i, personally, prefer the black criss cross backed maxi, which also features a slit up to the top. it's sexy, and would be a perfect dress on a night out when you're holidaying this summer. with a long necklace and long, loose curls, this would look amazing.

these two dresses a little more out there from the collection. the three colours which are constant throughout are black, grey and yellow. this yellow wrap around dress is such an interesting colour, and i like the long loose sleeves. i'm not too sure of the material, so i'm not 100% on whether the wrap around would be flattering, but i love the design and the colour is so different. the black maxi harness dress is reminiscent of dungarees which are popping up at the moment, and incorporating this into a dress is genius. again, i think it's a bit too fashionforward for my meek little style atm, but i can see it looking incredible with a white crop top underneath and big boots to give it that edge.

 and here, finally, are a selection of the tops that will be featured within the rihanna collection. i love all of these, i love the cropped designs as this just goes with everything that's out there at the moment. i particularly  like the yellow strapped knotted top, as i love the brightness of the yellow, and think with highwaisted shorts or leggings it could look amazing, especially with the exciting pop of colour. the navy jumper looks ridiculously comfy as well. i wish i could get all of these, but i'm sure the prices will stop this... i love how simple the designs are, which encourages the buyer to go crazy and accessorise the pieces themselves - to be unique, just like princess riri herself.

so, that's a glimpse of some of rihanna's collection. i personally think that there's a number of pieces in there which are gonna fly out the doors, i love how she's stayed simple, but then thrown in some really 'out there' pieces in there to keep the fashion world on their toes. hits UK stores/online on 5th march. race you to river island! xo

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

LFWend Sunday: The Trend Show

following on from my lfwend: the day blog post, here is my review and comments on the trend show! this is what i was really looking forward to seeing - and trust me, we have some BEAUTIFUL clothes ready for us this spring/summer! there were four main looks - graphic art, urban lifestyle, eastern promise and doll's house. 

the first trend to be shown was graphic art. this was all about moving away from the 'safety' of autumn/winter, and making bold statements. it had hints of sixties (kind of austin power vibes, as you can see). the graphic prints were exciting and definitely ensured that your stood out - such as the henry holland printed dress on the bottom right. there were still elements of monocrome, which is still on trend, but it's important within this trend to insert pops of colour through accessories or shoes, such as the top right. each garment featured had a very fresh and clean cut, it was the patterns and statements that were printed that did all the talking, whilst keeping a very simple cut. 
the next trend was urban lifestyle -which was based around classic and contemporary work clothes made to look good. very prim and proper designs were featured, all very fitted and including pencil skirts and crisp collars. the models sported some moustaches with some looks - which said to me that they were looking feminine, but completely dominating the runway with masculine power. a lot of the looks in this trend were actually high street, with some sports lux pieces that are so popular in topshop atm. also, the spotted playsuit featured on the bottom right is from miss selfridge - so make sure you snap that up asap! overall, i liked this look, but it seemed a little too formal for my own taste atm.

host zoe hardman was very excited about this trend - eastern promise. this all stems from the orient, and featured magical and floral prints. it was all about freedom and comfort - such like escaping to an island. as expected, it featured a lot of kimonos, tunics and capes. the embroidery was stunning, and the silks and metallics simply fell off the models in such a flattering way. a lot of florals and patterns were in this trend, and it was a key message to be creative and mix prints this season. i loved the patterned trousers, and also the dipped hem floaty dresses. the jewellery worn was very tribal, and inspired from northern Africa. it was oversized and made a statement. a beautiful trend i'm very excited for.

personally, doll's house was my favourite trend. it was incredible feminine, full of lace and nude colours, but also had a slight edge. burberry gave a fantastic example of this with their rainbow trench coat in sep 2012 - showing edge with femininity. lots of pastels were included with little pops of colours. i loved the cream patent heels with bows, reminding me of doll's and their sweet taste. these looks could be 'roughed' up with big black boots, which i think would be an amazing look. i love the bottom right dress, full of embellishment and having a real 1920's great gatsbt vibe. embellishment and floral was again featured, showing a soft power in the pieces. amazing.

so, that was my LFWend experience! i loved it and hope i can go again :) xo

Monday, 25 February 2013

LFWend Sunday: The Day

i was fortunate enough to be able to go last minute to the final day of LFWend 2013 alongside sophieetc. i was so ridiculously excited and couldn't wait to see what all the buzz was about, as LFW was a constant source of jealousy in my twitter feed! here's part 1 of my experience - based around the day as a whole. 

inside somerset house there were rooms filled with beautiful clothes, accessories and shoes. unfortunately, way over my price range, but definitely inspiring to see and lust over. my favourite shoes featured were by joanne stoker, and were also heavily featured within the catwalk trend show. the chunky heel is incredibly on trend at the moment, and the blocks of colour showed real inspiration from art deco - a visual array which really added a different twist to the heel. i loved the patent nudes, but my favourite pair were definitely the black suede featured. i'm such a sucker for a pair of black heels, and this was no exception. i also really loved the strap along the top, which added a real feminine touch to the shoe.
in every room there were boutiques and stores selling pieces, and a real recurring theme throughout every room was the use of neons and bright colours. it's a real step away from the khaki's and blacks that we've been used to seeing over autumn, and it's an exciting way to use colour. a pop of bright pink or orange is an amazing way to spice up an outfit, and i'll definitely be clashing pink and orange this spring and summer. the Cambridge Satchel Company had some beautiful bags in neons as well, although i'm not too sure they're as wearable. i also loved the pastel purple of the jumper featured, and the white/pink maxi dress. such an exciting season with such beautiful colours!!!

another few pieces that caught my eye were these two. the left hand side was a grey peplum jumper with some seriously heavy studded on the arms. i thought the material was really beautiful, and the fit looked amazing. the studs, albeit a bit heavy, added a really cool edge to it. alas, it was £900! so, er, not for me... the next were these leather gloves, which were £200, and had gold nails on the tips of the fingertips. i'd never seen any gloves like this, and despite the garish design and the initial 'omgah' factor, i actually ended up quite liking them... is that bad?

one brand that had a stall was her curious nature, and it attracted a lot of gasps and amazement - especially from me. it featured headdresses, hairbands, hair grips and other accessories intricately designed with flowers/embellishments and other gorgeous twinkly bits. i loved the visual look of the whole stall, the manikin with floral head bands placed on it was eye-watering, as some serious effort went into it. it paid off as it was beautiful. the cream lace parasol placed next to it was also incredible, and the pale pink flowers placed on it really confirmed the feminine touch that was key throughout a lot of the collections featured. an absolutely amazing stall which i kept going back to.

as well as the make up/clothing stalls there were talks going on throughout the day. i managed to sit in on the last few minutes with fashion extraordinaire Hilary Alexander, was which incredibly inspiring and amazing to see how much effort goes into the shows.  i also caught a talk on fashion buying and business hosted by Amber Atherton. it was really interesting to know that you don't need a fashion degree specifically for these kind of careers, and got me quite interested into looking more at these positions. i also spoke to Amber a little about getting into fashion, and she also favourited my tweet later on - que a very happy louisa :):):)

so, it was an incredible day which left me hungry for more fashiony things!!! if you would like to see more photos or the photos in better detail, please go onto TUNED FOR MY BLOG POST ON THE TREND CATWALK SHOW :) xo

Sunday, 24 February 2013

chilled #3

the weeks just go too quickly - i can't believe i'm already doing another sunday post! it's been another hectic week, with a beautiful surprise in the middle as i was invited to go along to LFWend with sophieetc as she was lucky enough to win tickets! here's what else i got up to/wore...

this was monday's outfit. i had uni pretty much all day and wanted to be comfortable, i wore my brookhaven jumper with, you guessed it, my disco pants. i think im in a rut with these, and desperately need a new pair of comfortable flattering leggings! i decided to wear my really old nikes, and my boy london beanie as i was having an awful hair day. this later proved to be a bit of a bad idea as the weather was really warm, and i was left feeling a little hot and a little out of place amongst the girls wearing little summer dresses! despite this not being as suited to the weather, i really liked this outfit as it was super comfy, and i felt really casual around uni - which is so needed when you have a 9am and then a 3 hour wait!!!

...moving onto tuesday, in the day i was chained to my desk again doing work - the glamorous life of a second year uni student. i wore  disco pants AGAIN (i'm starting to bore myself!!!!!) and one of my dad's shirts. i kinda stole it a few years ago and it's just become mine. i cut the sleeves off myself and also cut down a little further to make a cool side. i love shirts buttoned up to the top - especially oversized ones as i find them so flattering if you're having a casual 'can't be bothered' day. i don't like tight fits all the time, and a big baggy shirt is just perfect for these days!!! i also went out this night, as featured here, which (unfortunately) meant wednesday was a bit of a write off... oops. my bad.

thursday was another day of researching for essays and trying to do my work as i was constantly distracted by facebook. i wore my leigh navy Topshop chinos, which are really comfy and i would recommend to anyone as the fit is amazing. i also wore an old Topshop shirt which i got in October. i love the cut out shoulders, as it adds a slight edge to the otherwise normal flannel design. the only issue i have with the cut out shoulders is you can't wear a bra with straps as it looks a bit weird - and also, in a cold student house it can get a bit chilly around the shoulders! i really want to invest in some more shirts, especially baggy ones like the one above - looks great with jumpers as well!

thursday was a pretty plain day - not much to report unfortunately! me and my fellow housemate hannah did discover this amazing photobooth in broadmarsh centre - it's only £2 and you get two strips of four poses. it reminds me of those teen chick flick films where girls go and pose before a big 'make over' scene. unfortunately, there was no make over, but i think for £2 it's a pretty good deal!

saturday was my housemate's 20th birthday, and to celebrate we had a house party. the theme was 'anything beginning with b' as her name is becky. we had a real array of outfits, from ballerinas, baywatch, bumblebee and beachboys. i decided to be really environmentally friendly - or rather, i had no money for a cool outfit - and went as a bin bag. i bought two rolls from poundland, and simply pinned the green bags around my top in a bandeau style, and then wore my leather skater skirt over it, and then pinned black bin bags all over that. it looked a bit dull like that, so i twisted the two colours together to create a top part to the dress. voila! a fantastic bin bag dress at a budget! :)

...which brings us to sunday! i've been excited for today all week as i went to LFWend with sophieetc!!! i had such a good day, albeit started at 6.45am. i loved the atmosphere, the people, the attractions, the show... and just being in London again after such a long time! i'm going to do in depth posts on the show and the day in general tomorrow, but it's safe to say i really enjoyed myself. felt really lucky to have been able to go at such short notice, and for free as well! really confirmed for me that the fashion business is where i'd hopefully like to be when i graduate next year :) so stay tuned tomorrow for my LFWend Blog, with proper photos and everything!
so, that was my week! hope you all had a great week too :) xo

Friday, 22 February 2013

wishin' and hopin'

1. all black air max, size?, £95. 2. zip side leather shorts, topshop, £30, 3. crop tiger lattice suntop, topshop, £26. 4. crop tiger lattice shorts, topshop, £28. 5. rimmel kate moss matte collection, £5.49, superdrug. 6. gold chain, asos, £12.

there's sooo much nice stuff out there atm, and i want it all. here are few of my most wanted pieces at the moment...

1.) All Black Air Max. i've seen these around campus worn with black leggings/skinny jeans and they look sooo cool. i really want a pair, i love the fact they're all black as it makes them really wearable and they'd go with a lot. however, the £95 price tag is a little excessive for me atm. oh well, birthday next month...

2.) Leather Shorts. these were everywhere last year, and i always felt like they were a little too short and tight for me, however these ones from topshop are a little longer, and i think would look really good with a baggy white crop top or a floaty top. 

3 + 4.) Patterned Crop Top and Culottes. this is an outfit which i am absolutely pining after atm. i really want it for my birthday outfit. i love the matchy matchy look atm, and i think this would be so flattering on with the tight high waist but a floaty bottom half to skim over your hips. may have to buy the top one week and the shorts the next...

5.) Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Collection. i bought shade 107 today and i adore it. i love the deep red, and the matte finish is my favourite - i don't like things to look too shiny, so matte is perfect for me. i'll be rocking this shade this weekend at lfwend with sophieetc, and want to invest in the whole collection!

6.) Gold Chain. whilst i realise i'm not a 90's rapper (i wish), i still think this would look really nice on. i just bought a dupe celine paris top, and i think this will look great on top of it. i think h&m have some nice ones, so i'll have to have a gander!

just soo many nice things and too little ca$$$h atm! sigh! a girl can dream xo  


Thursday, 21 February 2013

lamborghini mercy

i decided to do another style inspiration blog based on another one of my bff's - hannah. she's featured quite a bit in some of my other blog posts, as i rope her into modelling for me. we're housemates at uni, meaning i get to share her wardrobe (whether she likes it or not mwahaha). here are a few of her favourite looks :)

this is one of hannah's casual looks which she'd wear to lectures/shopping etc. the white converse are the comfiest things ever, and go with everything so are ace for a quick casual look. the jeans are high waisted, and available from republic (not available online due to the store being in administration), they're super flattering and a really good fit as well, not losing their tightness. the baggy tie-dye top is from vintage shop Rewind in Nottingham. it's an individually made tshirt, as it's by a local brand that is only available in Rewind. i love the baggy fit and the rolled up sleeve, and the tie-dye pattern is really on trend at the moment. the unusual pattern on the front adds to its uniqueness, and is great for just chucking on day to day.

this is more of a smart casual outfit which is more suited for a dinner date or drinks on a night out. hannah's wearing the same jeans as featured above, showing their versatility, as the high waist can add formality. the top is a simple high necked wine crop top from Topshop, and at just £10 an absolute bargain. i think crop tops are such a necessity for this season's trends, and cheap ones like this are so easy to wear! the oversized boyfriend blazer is from Pull and Bear, (unfortunately not online, and i love the big slouchy fit. it makes it look a little more chic, and also gives a level of warmth. the boots are from ark, but available everywhere at the moment, the heel is so suitable atm and can be worn all day and not kill your feet.
and this is most definitely a going out outfit! hannah is very similar to me, and we always tend to play it safe and go all black, which i think works every time. this outfit is a little bit sexayy, but looks incredible. the off the shoulder crop top is from motel, who currently have 20% off so deffo have a look! the black leggings are actually velvet material, even though the photo isn't very good, and also available here from motel. these are a nice change from disco pants, which we tend to revert back to a lot when we're having a clothes crisis. the shoes are faux jefferey campbells, and were bought here from eBay. eBay are fantastic for great dupes, so it's always worth a look! i love the stud detailing, giving them a slight edge. 

so, there's another one of my stylish friends! hope you enjoyed :) please like my fb page for frequent posts! xo

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

all about tonight

it's a tuesday, i've got a 9am lecture tomorrow, which can only mean one thing... i'm going out!!! ok, perhaps not the best idea, but i feel like i'm letting my student side down as i haven't been out in over a week! the horror! i thought it'd do a quick outfit post, featuring my lovely housemate hannah :)

this is hannah, who you may have seen in the boy london post. tonight, hannah is rocking a beautiful black mini dress from YAYER, and it's making its debut tonight as she only got it a few days ago. YAYER are also doing a 20% deal atm, so gogogo. i love the shoulder cut outs, adding a little bit of interest to a plain black dress. the leather black belt and the bag featured are both from american apparel, as hannah had a naughty spree there the other day. i love hannah's silver hoop earrings which have got snake detail near the ear, with green gems for eyes. they're from accessorise, but  a while ago :(. this is a perfect going out outfit, and the way hannah has curled her long hair also looks ace over the cut out shoulders. 

aaannndddd here i am. i'm wearing the red american apparel leotard again, but i felt it wasn't properly worn last time as i wasn't out that long. i love the low back, and despite knowing everyone is wearing these atm i still really like them. i decided to wear my black levi cut off shorts tonight, which dresses down the intense fit of the leotard, as they're just plain denim. these are amazing and i really suggest everybody gets a pair of cut off levis, they're not too expensive and there are loads on asos marketplace! i'm rocking my creepers again, forgot how much i liked them! for warmth, the old leather jacket is making an appearance, and i chose a pair of hoops i got from primark recently. they've got an aztec pattern on them, and for some reason remind me of snail shells, but i love them nonetheless.

so, there's a cheeky post of our outfits tonight! hope you all have a good night (and here's praying i make my 9am....) xo


Sunday, 17 February 2013

chilled #2

it's sunday again, which means a little roundup of my week. i've had a really productive week, mainly due to the fact i had an essay to do and had to buckle down and get it done! also, as you can see from the above photo, i made time to make seven pancakes on tuesday! such a pig! here's what i got up to this week...

this was monday. we all went out for a birthday, winding up at forum yet again! i wore a black jersey skater skirt from Topshop, and a white long sleeved crop top from American Apparel. i love the monocrome look, and it's a big trend this season as well. trendsetter...joke. i accessorised with a multinecklace set that i got from primark, and big black hoops i got ages ago from Topshop. i really liked this outfit, as i'm currently obsessed with crop tops and will wear them at any opportunity. it also keeps you a little bit warmer with the long sleeves, which is crucial for me as i am the biggest moaner ever if we're queuing and i'm frozen!

 this photo is not hot, but i took it to show sheer happiness! on tuesday i got an email confirming a month's work of work experience at fabulous magazine in the summer, working in london! i'm ridiculously excited, and cannot wait to put that down as experience. it's all getting a bit real now at uni as i'm in my second year already, and i really want to make sure i get as much experience as i can before i leave university. i'd love to be an editor/publisher, and to work on a fashion magazine would be an absolute dream come true! i'd sent so many emails and letters off so to get something back was really reassuring. i'm supersupersuper excited and can't wait to get stuck in!

wednesday/thursday/friday has all blurred into one, as i've been chained to my desk and laptop writing an essay for my 20th Century Texts module. essay writing at university requires so much extra reading, so i've been buried in yellow-paged books all week in the hope i can find relevant quotes! i feel like i've got square eyes as this week i've been looking at my laptop+phone screen nonstop, it can't be good for me! i made such an indepth plan, i just found it so difficult to actually begin the essay, just staring at my screen hoping it would appear... 
not very glamorous, but i am a student after all!

i actually only ventured outside once on saturday, and that was to buy food as i was literally living on rice and bacon. student life, ey? i decided to crack out my creepers - a lot of people say that these are ugly and gross, but i love the extra height and the chunkiness of the shoe. i wore them with my leigh wine jeans from Topshop, which i love and fit me so well. i also wore a jumper i got from Topshop during Christmas in the sale, with crosses all over it and spikes on the shoulder. the spikes are a bit out there and make it hard to wear a jacket with, but i really like it, and the slouchy fit lets me wear it off the shoulder. i was having a bad hair day, hence the bun, which i think i slept in... gross.

 ...which brings us to sunday. the weather was the nicest it's been in ages today, so me and my housemate ventured into town for a wander. i even had to wear sunglasses, which are from primark... don't judge. i wore my creepers again with my disco pants, comfy day! even though you can't see too well here, i'm wearing a metallic pastel blue top which i actually got in the sale at tesco ages ago, i love this top as it's got a baggy fit and rolled up sleeves, i even got it in another colour as it was only £2!!!! i'm rocking my leather jacket as well, soooo nice to not have to wrap up in my big coat and scarf! please sunny weather stay!

so, another week done and dusted! hope you all had a fantastic week :) xo

Friday, 15 February 2013

hold my bag

so it's friday night, and i'm guessing a lot of you lucky people will be out tonight, unless you're like me, and have an essay in every time i go out, i always have a frantic panic as i desperately try to remember everything i need for the night ahead, so i've compiled a list of things i think are necessities for a night out bag!

1.) Cards/Cash/ID/Keys
this is the boring stuff, but it's the crucial stuff as well. so many nights out have ended in me frantically banging the door down in hope that someone is still in because i forgot to bring my keys - schoolgirl error. keys are essential, so make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate them. cash + id are also key parts of a night out bag, you can't get in anywhere without them! i always bring my card as well in case of an emergency (which tends to be that i just have to have another orange VK... oops). these are the absolute essentials, so don't forget!

2.) Comb
do you ever go to the loo midway through the night and get a shock as you discover your curls which were perfect before you left the house have turned into one big frizzy mess? i do, much more frequently than i like. a comb is a key feature of my bag, it's a good quick fix to your hair, and the slim fit means that it doesn't take up that much space in your bag. 

3.) Lipgloss/Lipstick
i always bring a lipgloss or lipstick out with me, as it really perks up your make up midway through the night. unless i'm wearing a specific colour lipstick, i always bring my mac lipglass out with me. it's a nude colour and i've had it for absolutely ages and i lovelovelove it. it gives a really slick shine to your lip and the colour is so pretty as well. if you're wearing a lipstick, always bring that shade with you - nothing worse than rocking purple lips and then by the end of the night it's smudged half off your face!

4.) Concealer 
nobody likes it when their make up slides off their face and you're left looking a bit shiny and a bit too natural under those unflattering nightclub lights. i think bringing a concealer with you is a great idea, as you can quickly touch up any bits which need doing. i love my garnier roll on concealer, which is mainly for bags under your eyes but you can apply it anywhere and it does the same job. 

5.) Hair slides
these are everywhere in my room, and i always wonder why i lose them! kirby grips are a life saviour on my nights out. if you're like me and have a side fringe, most of the time half way through the night it tends to look a bit rubbish - like it's been stuck onto your face. all hail kirby grips! simply back comb it a little, pin it back with a hair slide and hey presto! you've got a fab quiff! result. 

6.) Eyelash Glue
i cannot tell you how many times i've had the drama of my eyelash coming off half way through the night, and the frantic conversations in the loo to strangers 'have you got any glue???' i guess that's what you get for sticking fake eyelashes on you! quite a weird process when you think about it, but eyelashes always make my make up look ten times better. i like eyelure glue the best, it doesnt rip your eyelashes off and it tends to stay on all night. always a good idea, because even if your eyelashes stay on all night, you can really help someone else out.

so, this will be my new guide every time i go out! happy friday night everyone :) xo


Thursday, 14 February 2013


whether you like it or not, there's no escaping the fact that today is valentine's day - a day where you are either elated as you open that red enveloped card, or you're sat weeping along to 'someone like you'. either way, i thought of two quick outfit ideas for your 14th of february :)

this is outfit one - and is probably more suited to if you're going out for valentines day, as it's very dressy and very red. as i've previously explained in some blogs, i very rarely wear colour, but red is one colour that i will always make an exception for. i got this dress from zara about 2 years ago now after seeing it on frankie sandford from the saturdays. it's no longer in stock boo, but i'm sure if you search on eBay you could find it! i was in love with it when i got it, but i've actually only worn it twice! oops... i think this is perfect for a loved up valentines meal, due to the obvious colour, and also the skater style is really flattering. the material is pretty thick as well, and so the structure is strong and the skirt really sticks out. accessorised with a black studded belt and big hoops it makes a bit more of a statement, especially if you wear your hair up. i wore mine with my massive black heels, as that little extra bit of height is always a plus.

i didn't really know what i could post for an anti-valentines day outfit. i was toying with all black, but that's pretty much my attire everyday, so i went for.... a onesie! and not just any onesie, a ladybird onesie! what could say 'i dont care about valentines day' more than just sat back, chilling in a onesie, eating food and watching a film. this is such a cute little onesie as well, i love the spots and the ladybird on the feet! it's super comfy and soft, and an absolute steal from primark! i think a onesie is a necessity for any wardrobe, it's so nice to slip into if you're cold or if you just want to relax - i am typing this in a onesie, so take it from me!

i hope you all enjoy whatever you do on this loved up day of the year! :) xo


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

all black everything

the undisputed trend of this season is black. it's awards season, and it's been a real compliment on the red carpet. seen at the BAFTA's and the grammy's, it's clear it's going to be a hot colour this season. i wear black a lot,  but here a few of my favourite black pieces...

this could be a going out outfit, but could also be worn with a blazer to go out for dinner. i would normally recommend that you wear a black bandeau under it as well, but i couldn't find mine so please excuse excess skin on show. this was from asos, i'm not sure it's still on there anymore, but it's a very strange kind of top. it's kind of long, but not long enough to be worn on its own. i really love it though, and it is most definitely different - which is important in fashion. worn with my trusty discos, this is a really nice alternative to the normal black oversized top.

this is a more going out outfit, and is a standard little LBD. this is a really really old Topshop number that i got from local boutique, Boutique 73. i've only worn it a few times, as it's super tight and if you're rocking a food baby (which is frequent for me) it's not so hot. i love black dresses, there's a reason that the LBD is a constant fashion classic. it's always on trend and goes with anything you put it with. this dress has a level of interest with it as well due to the lace panel in the middle of the dress, which is super pretty and makes it a little bit more than a fitted black dress.

please excuse the somewhat awful lighting, took photos way too late tonight due to internet being down all day! this is simply a plain black skater dress from H&M - it was really cheap, about £7.99 i think? it's a real staple piece in my wardrobe, as i can whack it out and accessorise it if i'm going out for a meal, with a long necklace (such as my peace necklace pictured), or a pashmina. worn with a nude coloured blazer, this could also be brightened up nicely. :)

so, it's clear that black is a key part of my wardrobe this season, what do you think? xo


Sunday, 10 February 2013


today really is a lazy sunday, i had a pretty productive list, marking off most things on my extensive to-do list, which i'm pleased about. here are a few cheeky snaps from my week :)

so, this outfit was from monday. my housemates and i decided to go to 'forum' in nottingham to see the one and only rylan clark from x factor perform. i know. exciting stuff. i wore my suede ankle boots with black tights, my leather skater skirt, and my housemate's American Apparel leotard. it was a bit risque, with a completely cut out back and a very low front, meaning you need a strategically placed bra, but i felt it was worth a shot. my hair was looking awful so i did the standard shoving it up with a clip. i actually ended up meeting rylan as well, he was pretty nice, very tall and very bronzed. i also told people off for booing, as i just thought it was rude. aren't i a good citizen. 

this was my tuesday outfit. i don't think i even did anything this day, was very much a 'stay at home' outfit. i was rocking very attractive ankle socks (teehe), my beautiful disco pants, and a cream bobbled jumper which was from primark. a lot of people asked me if it was from topshop, so it's a pretty good dupe, and much cheaper at just £10! i am also wearing a primark necklace, which kind of looks like a neckplate, but i love it. i got this ages ago in the summer, and still love it, it goes really well with my silver hoops. hair was, again, looking pretty rubbish so i just shoved it up with the help of backcomb in a bottle and dry shampoo. not glamorous, but not everyday is unfortunately. 

i apologise for the incredibly posey photo, but this was from wednesday, and i'd just had my hair done. despite what i'd said about my dipdye, i grew a little bored of it, and found a student salon in town which coloured/washed/blow-dried my hair for just £20!!! bargain! i got three colours put through - one brown, one medium blonde, and one light blonde. i really like the overall look, giving it a sun-kissed natural look. i also love the way it was dried - once it was semi-dry, the hairdresser put it in rollers and then blasted them with hot and then cold air, and it came out wavy and all beachy. i took a photo quickly as i looked outside and saw it was pretty windy, and didn't want to forget how nicely it had been done!

this was from wednesday night. my nottingham family and i went out to cocktail bar cocotang -if you know nottingham, deffo check it out. i, again, wore my little suede boots - they're perfect for nights out! the shorts are embellished with sequins and beads, and can be bought here from lipsy. i absolutely love them, and they're not too short and completely cover your bum. the leotard i wore with it goes so well, and i love the long sleeved mesh material. this was also from lipsy and available here. this outfit was actually my christmas uniform, as i've worked at lipsy since i was 17 and go back in the holidays to work. i love the discount as it always allows me to buy cheeky little outfits like this one!
this is going to span thursday-saturday, as i was suddenly hit with a weird bug which made me feel sososo ill. i couldn't stand up and just lost all appetite and energy, which was really annoying as i needed to get so much done! being ill is such an inconvenience. there's not much fashion here, but i can tell you my snug little duvet cover and my comfy purple pillow are from primark. primark are actually really good for home bits, with some really cute patterns coming through at the moment. i also have a really nice matching throw which is full of lilacs, turquoises and features floral patterns. and, because it's primark, it's super cheap as well! 

whiiiiich brings us to today - sunday. it's pretty miserable outside, and i have kind of got my appetite back (only a little bit, still can't manage big meals...doh) i ventured to tescos to get the essentials (in my eyes anyway). i bought both company and glamour - gotta keep up! glamour was packed this month, might need another read to get it all in! company had loads on my current fave show 'girls', and also a good little bit about celeb stylish kids. i also got grapes and salad, you know, to rebuild the old immune system. sadly, i think this may have been slightly ruined by my can of full fat coke and kettle chips... but they were on offer, and that's far too tempting to give up.

so, that was my week, not so glam due to my unscheduled illness, but it was a good 'un :):):) what about yours? xo
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