Wednesday, 30 January 2013

those are a few of my favourite things

 everybody has a few bits and bobs that they really love. whether it's a really old jumper that's just so comfy, or a pair of jeans that fit you just right, everybody has favourites. my favourite pieces aren't exactly extravagant, but i still love them. 

this is my current collection of hoop earrings. i got into wearing hoops in around june last year, and now i feel naked without them! the bigger the better is how i see it, and they really do make any outfit just that bit more glam. i have a selection of silver, gold and black - my favourites are probably the big silver hoops or my HUGE gold ones from Topshop. the latter pair i can actually fit my whole arm through...but only after i've had a few drinks. i don't tend to wear jewellery everyday, but when it comes to my hoops, they're a permanent fixture in my ears,

 i realise this looks pretty plain, but it's been my saviour on many occasions. it's a plain black high waisted leather skater skirt which i got from primark a while back, and it goes with everything. it's a great piece to have because on nights out you can chuck it on with a variety of different tops and it looks completely different. it looks ace with a colourful crop top (such as this one from topshop), or if you're feeling a bit more gothic, this crop top from ark will definitely suffice. leather has been such a big thing recently, and this is just the right level of cool and girly. 

thissss is my beloved, absolutely worn to death leather jacket. it was £25 from primark, and since i got it in september i've hardly taken it off. it really does go with any outfit, and i love the studded detail on the collar. it's a nice transitional jacket to wear in the awkward months when the weather can't decide if it's hot or cold, and it also is nice enough to wear when you're going out if you don't feel like freezing in the queue. as i said, leather has been such a huge trend recently and leather jackets are everywhere. this should most deffff be a feature in everyone's wardrobes! (my opinion anyway...)

now these are my babies. i got these in office (click here as they're currently only £35!!!) in the summer after successfully persuading my mum to pay half (they were £80). they're real leather, and have silver studs all over and also statement silver buckles. there have been similar styles in lots of shops, but these are my favourite. they are great for going out in, although i was reluctant at first in case they got ruined! the ankle boot design is one of my favourites, as i feel it's quite flattering. all in all, still so happy with this purchase!

 i've had this perfume before, but i got a new bottle for christmas. it's calvin klein in 2 u, and is definitely one of my favourite perfumes. it's got quite a sweet, fruity fresh smell, with a hint of vanilla. it's not as sweet as some perfumes, and still has a sort of masculine edge to it. i like to wear it in the day and on nights out, and feels it always stays quite prominent as well - unlike some perfumes where you have to top them up every couple of hours. along with this i also use the lady gaga fame perfume, which you do have to apply more often, but it smells really nice - a good one to have in your bag for a spritz in the day.

finally, my favourite shampoos and conditioners - the infamous aussie. this brand really is a miracle worker, especially the 3 minute miracle - which if you leave on for 5 minutes leaves your hair feeling like silk and works out all the tangles. if you've ever bought an aussie product, you'll also know that it smells delicious. it's one of the more expensive hair care brands, but boots and superdrug normally have a 3 for £10 offer on, and they also last forever as you only need a little bit for it to work its magic :) after using this, i normally put moroccon oil on my ends just to be kind to my hair :)

so, there's my favourites - what about you? xo



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