Saturday, 26 January 2013

nikes on my feet

the unquestionable new trend: nikes

nike trainers are everywhere at the moment, and for a solid reason - they're fashionable and sososo comfortable. it's refreshing to have shoes that are on trend and don't include a 6 inch killer heel and swollen ankles the next day. the four above are my own little collection, allow me to introduce them to you:

1. Nike Air Force Ones.
these are fantastic for this current snowy weather! i love the chunky sole of the shoe and the velcro strap along the top. i was desperate for a pair of all white nikes and was initially looking for another pair of blazers, but the ones i wanted only went to size 5 (damn you footlocker) and i am a huge size 8... so these - embarrassingly - are a men's size 7. never mind... they look great with Disco Pants, and my Topshop Leigh Wine Chinos, as the big chunky shoe looks cool against the skinny fit. they're pricey at £70, but i've defff worn them enough times to counteract that hefty price tag!

2. Nike Blazers, High.
these are without a doubt the most popular form of nikes at the moment. they come in a multitude of colours, from bright pinks/mint greens/baby blue or carrot orange. i personally got mine as a very generous gift, and wanted a more subtle colour so i could wear them with everything. i initally wanted the grey with the bright pink tick, however once again my huge feet stood in the way (and the fact the shops seem to stop at size 5/6 for women :(). i got these, which are effectively the same but with a maroon tick, and i actually love them more than the pink ones! i can wear them with anything and they're ridiculously comfy. i'd recommend buying into the blazer trend - deffo worth the £60-70.

3.) Nike Dunks, Low.
i've actually had these since i was about 15 (ahead of the trends, clearly...) and used to wear them in PE. i used to go into Schuh and just stare at them, until my 15th birthday when my dad bought them for me. luckily i've kept them, and these are the nikes i normally wear on nights out due to the fact they're black so any dirt doesn't show too much. they look great with black levis and a cropped top, like this one from American Apparel which i got a few weeks ago. it's a nice casual/comfy but still fashionable and nice outfit to wear on a night out, and your feet will thank you for choosing the Nike's over the heels. trust me.

4.) Nike Air Max.
these are the latest addition to the collection, and the most expensive at £95. i know, i winced at the price tag as well, but i'd been paid and thought why not, alongside the all too appealing 10% student discount. these are what a lot of my friends have called my 'chavvy' shoes, but they literally feel like you're walking on air, and they're also a nice change from the sea of blazers that are everywhere at the moment. they're a bit different, and there's nothing wrong with that :)

so that's my current nike collection, they really do go with everything and along with vans/converse are full cemented in the top trends at the moment. grab a pair and make your feet happy :) xo


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