Monday, 28 January 2013

mad about the boy

boy london is everywhere at the moment. ever since rihanna appeared on jonathan ross draped head to toe in the brand, it's been everywhere. its celebrity fans include jessie j and rita ora, and with the prices ranging from £35-55, it's slightly more affordable than brands celebrities usually favour! my housemate kindly offered to model some pieces we collectively own :)

this is the boy london crop top, avaliable on asos at £35 (10% student discount). this is a piece which i feel is more suited to wear out on a night out, it looks great with disco shorts, as the crop of the top works really well with the high wais of the shorts. it's quite baggy as well, which allows a level of freedom for movement. i will say that it's really REALLY cropped, just covering your bra, so if you're feeling a bit conscious after eating a mcdonalds before wearing (which i often find myself in) maybe make sure you're wearing something high waisted with it :). apart from that it's really flattering and a bit of a different option to go out in. 

this is a unisex t-shirt, meaning that it's ok for boys or girls to wear it. it's simply got the big logo on the front, which is in your face and makes a statement. i love the baggy fit, as it's perfect for just chucking on and going about your day in. the sleeves look better rolled up as well. teamed with a pair of skinnys or disco pants (i know i know i'm obsessed) this is a great casual outfit.

3.) Boy London Beanie, £35.
i got this hat a few weeks ago, as i wanted a piece of boy london in my wardrobe but my housemate pretty much had the pieces i wanted so i figured there's no point buying them twice! this hat is perfect for the cold weather, and it's really thick and cosy as well (which i would expect in paying £35 for a hat!!!) it's simply got the eagle logo across the front, and i tend to wear it quite far back on my head (i'm just so hip like that...) it's been great for the awful weather, and i love it to pieces - but it was a bit of an impulse buy because £35 for a hat is a bit of a sting!

so, i personally find boy london to be a cool brand atm, and i love the baggy fit of the clothes and the fact you feel good when you just chuck it on. it is still expensive though for what it is, so it's a strictly christmas/birthday/payday kind of brand :) xo


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