Thursday, 31 January 2013

living just as free as my hair

hair is one of those things that is so personal to someone, and if anything ever goes wrong with it, it can feel like the end of world. i've been through some absolute horrors, like the third photo up there. let me talk you through my hair story...
my hair has always been naturally blonde, but still quite mousey. when i was 12 i put some l'oreal highlights in it to brighten it up - and i've never looked back! 
when i was about 13, when i was in my 'greebo' years, i started dying it pinks and purples - because i was just so rebellious, clearly. it was still quite a natural shade of blonde at this point, but with a weird pink hue. what on earth was i thinking!

it was when i was 14/15 i started wanting really white blonde hair. i would dye it the lightest shade i could find, and it really was white blonde. the only issue with this was roots - the bane of my life! i would have to keep dying it so regularly as my roots would show up black on the top of head in contrast with the white blonde - not a good look. 

when i was 15, i started wanting brown hair. now, this is one of the biggest hair mistakes i ever made. don't get me wrong, i love brown hair, but as i had to find out - it is not for me. i decided in a science lesson i was going to dye it, literally went to superdrug, got a kit and dyed it that very same day. i didn't feel like me, i was so used to being blonde i kept having to second glance when i looked in the mirror. it was a big mistake, and i decided to go to the hair dressers to get it a lighter brown so i could highlight it gradually to blonde... another HUGE mistake!!! the hairdressers put the WRONG shade of brown on, and my hair ended up near enough black! it was the worst day evereverever and you can clearly tell i'm still bitter!

to right this catastrophic wrong, i made yet another mistake.. i tried to get it back blonde myself. i used a hair colour stripping kit, which literally killed my hair. the top of it was yellow/orange, the middle white, and the bottoms brown. bare in mind my hair was really really dark, and thus stripping it of all its colour made it in the WORST condition ever. i then dyed it twice with lightest ash blonde, as ash is key in removing reddish tones. whilst i did manage to get it back blonde, it was in the worst condition ever, literally breaking as i washed it and falling out. bad bad bad hair times.

since that nightmare period, i've kept it blonde. i hardly ever straighten my hair anymore, as that was another factor in killing your ends. i usually just use them for nights out, or if there is a really annoying kink in my hair. from ages 16-19 my hair has stayed really blonde, which is evident in the middle picture.. .as i started my second year in september 2012, i fancied a change. dipdye was the 'in thing', so me and my clever housemate decided to try it for ourselves instead of going to the hairdressers (which i did try to do first, but it somehow ended up blonder???). it's simple - dye your hair an all over base colour (i chose a medium blonde which is still a HUGE change for me!), but leave the ends bright instead of bleaching them. then, if you want a proper blended look, dye the middle section an inbetween colour. and voila! home dip dye success :) i currently have this (first picture) and i can't see myself changing soon:)

it was hard to relive the disastrous brown hair days, but hopefully my hair story wasn't too dull :) what's your hair story? xo


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