Sunday, 27 January 2013

i wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad...

this blog is more of a wishful thinking blog, more of a 'what would i buy if i won the lottery' type thing. i've narrowed it down to 4 beauties...

i am in desperate need of a new purse as my purse is getting a bit ragged and old now. i fell in love with this purse as soon as i saw it, i love the bright pink and the TB on the clasps. with purses i like to have something bold and somewhat eccentric, and this fits the bill perfectly. the inside has a cream interior and a pattern, and is practical as well as it fits all your cards. i just love this and wish it could be mine :( birthday is in march so maybe if i'm lucky :)

2. Motel Green Playsuit, £48.00.
i rarely ever wear colour, i have a thing about wearing black all the time (it's slimming and goes with everything), but this playsuit colour is different and the shape looks so flattering. i think this colour, again like the other items, is a bit different from the colours i see out all the time, and i like the low front - which adds a bit of maturity to the bright colour. this would look great on a night out with bare legs, hair up in a high bun and my fake JC-esque heeled boots.

i keep gazing at this jumper when i'm dream-online shopping, and despite it maybe not seeming a lot at £40, my lowly student budget just can't afford it atm :(. i love the design on the front, and as it's by a concession on the Topshop website, i don't think a lot of people would have it. it'd look great with disco pants or my chinos, and looks super comfy as well. damnnn youuuu student budgets!

i saw these in topshop the other day and my jaw hit the floor. they're a bit different, a bit crazy, and VERY high with a heel of 5.5inches, but personally i think if you're going to wear a heel then the bigger the better. i love how chunky they are and i think they'd be okay to walk on because they seem quite sturdy. the black will go with any outfit, and the statement buckles will brighten up an otherwise plain outfit. but at £98, i'm going to have to pray for a miracle before these beauties grace my massive feet!

a girl can dream... what would you buy if you suddenly won the lottery? xo


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