Saturday, 26 January 2013

first impressions

um... hello
i'm louisa. thought my first blog should be a bit of an introduction. i'm 19, currently studying english+linguistics at nottingham trent university, but i'm originally from the land of concrete cows+roundabouts - milton keynes. im hoping that this blog is full of fashion+lifestyle pieces that you may find interesting :) 

the photo above shows what i wore today. im really into casual clothes atm, i kind of hate getting all dolled up and just want to wear jumpers all the time - although this could be due to how FREEZING it is outside and inside my cold student house. I'm rocking a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, which are my babies atm, and are really good for trekking places in the snow. also, i'm wearing my beloved American Apparel Disco Pants, which are a staple of my wardrobe now and suggest you go and buy a pair now. the weather is beyond freezing at the moment, so i'm wearing my BrookHaven jumper which is the softest thing everrrr :) 
i always wear big ass hoops atm, and the current pair in are from New Look and only £4 so a bargainnn. my hair is looking awful but i like to wear it out of my face as i want it to grow, so i'm praying i'll just take it down one day and i'll be rapunzel... i can dream.

so, that was my first proper blog :) got lots of ideas for future posts and will be posting regularly so keep coming back+follow :) xo


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