Sunday, 27 January 2013

disco inferno.

disco pants are the undeniable new wardrobe staple. whether you chose to spend £70 on the American Apparel pair, or be a bit smarter and find a fantastic dupe pair, these leggings are truly versatile. I thought I'd take a few cheeky photos to show you how i wear my pair - which are the American Apparel version, and despite them being more expensive, I've worn them countless times since I got them in the summer! :)

Outfit 1 - Casual and Warm.
this is the outfit i'm currently wearing. the jumper is vintage (hope that doesn't sound as pretentious as it feels writing it...) that i picked up for a tenner in a vintage shop called Retro in Nottingham, so it's an absolute bargain. despite not being a hockey fan myself (oops) i love the oversized feel of the jumper, and the navy colour goes with anything. it's warm, which is a massive bonus in this january weather! teamed with nikes or vans it's a comfortable and cool outfit to lounge about in or go about your day :)

Outfit 2 - Casual and Simple.
this top is from urban outfitters and was a bargain at £10. annoyingly it's no longer on the website so i can't link :( it's a size medium so pretty baggy which i like as it's comfortable, and the plain black on black is perfect for casual attire. the back of the top is the real statement, with the low criss/cross rope design. i'd normally wear a black bandeau under this in the day, as i dont' really want my bra showing. with a long necklace and a pair of converse this look is ace for going to uni, shopping or just a casual day :)

Outfit 3 - Going Out.
this red top is also from urban outfitters at the absolute steallll of £10 (just noticed all my tops so far have been £10... i'm a bargain hunter). i love this top so much, i rarely wear colour but i really was drawn to this shade of red, and it looks great with the black of the disco pants. again, the back of this top is the real focus, with the mesh black and the thin spaghetti straps giving it a bit of a sexy edge. im wearing my fake jeffrey campbell-esque heels, which i got here on ebay, and the heel is ridiculous but it makes an outfit look incredible... just your feet might be weeping a bit when you get in.

Outfit 4 - Going Out...again.
this outfit is one that is really great for a night out, and allows you to stay warm in the cold nights - especially when youre walking home at 3am clutching your mcdonalds (i cant be the only one who does that...) i'm wearing a wine coloured high necked crop top from Topshop, which again is £10! i accessorised this outfit with a statement necklace which i found in Primark in September, i love it and it really transforms an outfit once on as it's such a statement piece. i love the high waist of the disco pants with the cropped top, i think it's super flattering on anyone. the boots i'm wearing were £15 from a little shop called Revolve in the Broadmarsh Centre in Nottingham, and are a dupe version of the popular Topshop boots that are around at the moment. whilst i'd have loved the Topshop ones, my £15 suede ones do the same job and at a fraction of the price!

so there's a variety of ways to wear disco pants. how do you wear yours? :) xo


  1. gorgeous outfits! the second one is my favourite, love the top :)

  2. You really suit disco pants! I have the AA versions too and couldn't be happier with them, my cheaper pair fell apart after a couple of wears : (


  3. awh thank you! i love the AA pair, i was initally gonna get the glamorous dupes but they messed up my order so i thought it was a sign that i had to get the proper ones! :) xxx

  4. See this makes me really want the proper shiny ones! I took the plunge and got those non-shiny Ponte ones from Topshop and love them! I think I need the proper ones now!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  5. I saw those on your blog and am desperate for them now!! Take the plunge seriously they're sososososo nice I can't rave about them enough xxx

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  7. Oh really?! On my main page on right hand side under my picture? Xxx


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