Thursday, 31 January 2013

living just as free as my hair

hair is one of those things that is so personal to someone, and if anything ever goes wrong with it, it can feel like the end of world. i've been through some absolute horrors, like the third photo up there. let me talk you through my hair story...
my hair has always been naturally blonde, but still quite mousey. when i was 12 i put some l'oreal highlights in it to brighten it up - and i've never looked back! 
when i was about 13, when i was in my 'greebo' years, i started dying it pinks and purples - because i was just so rebellious, clearly. it was still quite a natural shade of blonde at this point, but with a weird pink hue. what on earth was i thinking!

it was when i was 14/15 i started wanting really white blonde hair. i would dye it the lightest shade i could find, and it really was white blonde. the only issue with this was roots - the bane of my life! i would have to keep dying it so regularly as my roots would show up black on the top of head in contrast with the white blonde - not a good look. 

when i was 15, i started wanting brown hair. now, this is one of the biggest hair mistakes i ever made. don't get me wrong, i love brown hair, but as i had to find out - it is not for me. i decided in a science lesson i was going to dye it, literally went to superdrug, got a kit and dyed it that very same day. i didn't feel like me, i was so used to being blonde i kept having to second glance when i looked in the mirror. it was a big mistake, and i decided to go to the hair dressers to get it a lighter brown so i could highlight it gradually to blonde... another HUGE mistake!!! the hairdressers put the WRONG shade of brown on, and my hair ended up near enough black! it was the worst day evereverever and you can clearly tell i'm still bitter!

to right this catastrophic wrong, i made yet another mistake.. i tried to get it back blonde myself. i used a hair colour stripping kit, which literally killed my hair. the top of it was yellow/orange, the middle white, and the bottoms brown. bare in mind my hair was really really dark, and thus stripping it of all its colour made it in the WORST condition ever. i then dyed it twice with lightest ash blonde, as ash is key in removing reddish tones. whilst i did manage to get it back blonde, it was in the worst condition ever, literally breaking as i washed it and falling out. bad bad bad hair times.

since that nightmare period, i've kept it blonde. i hardly ever straighten my hair anymore, as that was another factor in killing your ends. i usually just use them for nights out, or if there is a really annoying kink in my hair. from ages 16-19 my hair has stayed really blonde, which is evident in the middle picture.. .as i started my second year in september 2012, i fancied a change. dipdye was the 'in thing', so me and my clever housemate decided to try it for ourselves instead of going to the hairdressers (which i did try to do first, but it somehow ended up blonder???). it's simple - dye your hair an all over base colour (i chose a medium blonde which is still a HUGE change for me!), but leave the ends bright instead of bleaching them. then, if you want a proper blended look, dye the middle section an inbetween colour. and voila! home dip dye success :) i currently have this (first picture) and i can't see myself changing soon:)

it was hard to relive the disastrous brown hair days, but hopefully my hair story wasn't too dull :) what's your hair story? xo


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

raving with the freshers

it seems to be getting to that point now where people have received their UCAS offers, and are finalising their choices for university in september. whilst these can be scary times, they're also immensely exciting as well. here are my top 10 things every fresher should take to uni (speaking from experience)... 

1.) Blu Tack.
this may seem a little bit obvious, but it can be easily looked over in the rushed packing. blu tack not only is good for the obvious use, but it's quite fun to play with when you're procrastinating doing that big essay. it's also good to be able to share it around with your new flat mates. 

2.) Posters and Pictures.
moving on from the blu tack, what good is it having blu tack when you've got nothing to stick on the walls? posters+pictures are essential in making your room look and feel like home. i printed out loads of photos of me and my friends from the summer, and had them all around my room - although, make sure you don't get them at boots! it's a bit of a rip off, go online as there are tonnes of printing websites that will do 50 free prints. posters are also really good to have all over the place, and also give people an idea of what music/celebs/style you're into.

3.) Alcohol.
this is one of those things which is definitely personal preference. university in this generation (god excuse how boring and old i sound) does revolve around drinking - it's probably more to do with gaining confidence to enjoy yourself in the strange new social surroundings. this idea is my own opinion, so don't take this to mean you have to, as i know a lot of people who don't drink and have a good time - just minus the hangover. personally, i think bringing perhaps some form of spirit or shot that everybody can share is a good way of getting to know people and getting involved. a cheap bottle of shots (usually in a garishly bright colour) or a bottle of jaegar (or cheap substitute) will normally suffice.

4.) Straws.
a nice link from the previous point, straws are another thing which everyone usually wants, but no one thinks to bring. when you're predrinking, straws are such a saviour - especially for drinking fast, and if you don't want to smudge any lipstick. again, it's a good social thing as well, as everyone will thank you a lot when you whip out the straws. my housemate last year in freshers had tonnes of straws, and to this day we depend on her in predrinks!

5.) Playing Cards.
playing cards are essential for predrinks. there's an endless catalogue of rowdy games that can be played with these, and if you can, get some 'quirky' ones - we own a set of harry potter playing cards which (for some unknown reason) add to the fun. ring of fire is a classic playing card drinking game, and a simple one is to get someone to guess 'red or black' and if they lose... drink. a cheap and cheerful asset to your freshers pack.

6.) Onesie.
it's probably a given that everybody owns a onesie these days, but just in case you haven't got one yet - get one. there will be days when you don't have any lectures, days where you are hanging, days when you're cold, or just can't be bothered - and there's nothing more comfy than a snuggly onesie. whether it's a plain one, a fleeced one, or a rabbit one, any onesie is welcome at university, with many students (me included) living in theirs. primark do super cheap and comfy ones, and most shops have started doing their own versions. 

7.) Fancy Dress.
this is something i definitely wish i'd bought more of - it would have saved many panicked shopping trips. there are going to be lots of dress up nights, especially during freshers week - so make sure you are prepared! generic nights could include neon night, army, beach, school disco... so make sure you have a suitable amount of bright colours, khaki, and maybe bring your old school tie along just in case! face paints may also come in handy. i know nottingham has a great fancy dress shop called Luvyababes, which literally has EVERYTHING you could wish for when dressing up! 

8.) Face Wipes and...Stuff.
face wipes are one of those things i think people may forget - or at least, seriously underestimate the amount you may need. one pack may not get you through the first week, as i assume you'll have lots of face paint and writing to get rid of. with the increase in drinking, and probably a sudden increase in the amount of chips you eat, your skin may suffer - so make sure you're taking off your make up and stick to a cleansing routine so you don't suddenly break out in spots. now, the and stuff part... we're all adults, maybe bring some condoms - just in case! better to be safe than sorry after all!

9.) Door Stop.
my halls didn't supply door stops, as they were fire doors and you are - technically - supposed to keep those closed... but that's not very social, is it? i think one key thing to do when you first move into your halls is to keep your door open, it lets people think that you're friendly and want to talk to them, and you can nosy when people move in. a door stop is something that should definitely be in your luggage. just make sure your halls managers don't see it too much. 

10.) An Open Mind.
as cheesy as that sounds, it's probably the most vital thing to bring to university. you're being thrown into a situation which is completely alien, with a group of people from all over the place, and you're expected to live with them?! weird. luckily, it's normally the best time of your life - just keep the mindset that everyone is in the same boat as you, everyone wants to make friends, and you will probably find yourself making friends with people you'd never have thought you'd be  hanging out with - and they will be the best people you'll ever meet! 

so, i hope that hoped a little bit. im jealous of all you freshers this september as i enter my boring third year :( have a drink for me :) xo


those are a few of my favourite things

 everybody has a few bits and bobs that they really love. whether it's a really old jumper that's just so comfy, or a pair of jeans that fit you just right, everybody has favourites. my favourite pieces aren't exactly extravagant, but i still love them. 

this is my current collection of hoop earrings. i got into wearing hoops in around june last year, and now i feel naked without them! the bigger the better is how i see it, and they really do make any outfit just that bit more glam. i have a selection of silver, gold and black - my favourites are probably the big silver hoops or my HUGE gold ones from Topshop. the latter pair i can actually fit my whole arm through...but only after i've had a few drinks. i don't tend to wear jewellery everyday, but when it comes to my hoops, they're a permanent fixture in my ears,

 i realise this looks pretty plain, but it's been my saviour on many occasions. it's a plain black high waisted leather skater skirt which i got from primark a while back, and it goes with everything. it's a great piece to have because on nights out you can chuck it on with a variety of different tops and it looks completely different. it looks ace with a colourful crop top (such as this one from topshop), or if you're feeling a bit more gothic, this crop top from ark will definitely suffice. leather has been such a big thing recently, and this is just the right level of cool and girly. 

thissss is my beloved, absolutely worn to death leather jacket. it was £25 from primark, and since i got it in september i've hardly taken it off. it really does go with any outfit, and i love the studded detail on the collar. it's a nice transitional jacket to wear in the awkward months when the weather can't decide if it's hot or cold, and it also is nice enough to wear when you're going out if you don't feel like freezing in the queue. as i said, leather has been such a huge trend recently and leather jackets are everywhere. this should most deffff be a feature in everyone's wardrobes! (my opinion anyway...)

now these are my babies. i got these in office (click here as they're currently only £35!!!) in the summer after successfully persuading my mum to pay half (they were £80). they're real leather, and have silver studs all over and also statement silver buckles. there have been similar styles in lots of shops, but these are my favourite. they are great for going out in, although i was reluctant at first in case they got ruined! the ankle boot design is one of my favourites, as i feel it's quite flattering. all in all, still so happy with this purchase!

 i've had this perfume before, but i got a new bottle for christmas. it's calvin klein in 2 u, and is definitely one of my favourite perfumes. it's got quite a sweet, fruity fresh smell, with a hint of vanilla. it's not as sweet as some perfumes, and still has a sort of masculine edge to it. i like to wear it in the day and on nights out, and feels it always stays quite prominent as well - unlike some perfumes where you have to top them up every couple of hours. along with this i also use the lady gaga fame perfume, which you do have to apply more often, but it smells really nice - a good one to have in your bag for a spritz in the day.

finally, my favourite shampoos and conditioners - the infamous aussie. this brand really is a miracle worker, especially the 3 minute miracle - which if you leave on for 5 minutes leaves your hair feeling like silk and works out all the tangles. if you've ever bought an aussie product, you'll also know that it smells delicious. it's one of the more expensive hair care brands, but boots and superdrug normally have a 3 for £10 offer on, and they also last forever as you only need a little bit for it to work its magic :) after using this, i normally put moroccon oil on my ends just to be kind to my hair :)

so, there's my favourites - what about you? xo


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

aint going out like that

heyoooo. thought this blog could just be a quick one to show y'all what i'm wearing out tonight. just going out with my little uni family, should be good as this is the only time i can make it out this week :(
i wasn't feeling going too overboard today, so i'm wearing a Topshop turtle neck dress, which was bought for me at christmas by my 16 year old brother... i know, i was shocked too! i love it as it's just plain enough to be able to accessorise , but the high neck adds a different touch. i'm wearing a necklace from primark which i got recently for just £4! it seems to go with everything so well worth a purchase! i'm also rocking my £15 boots which i featured in my last blog. see, they do come in handy! my silver hoops are from H&M but i got them a while ago now, i literally wear them everyday. i didn't fancy wearing huge heels, so these are perfect... especially as i have a 9am lecture and don't fancy sitting there tired with crying feet!

my hair and make up is pretty basic, i will tell you now i'm pretty lazy and awful with make up. i've just clipped my hair back with a huge grip to give it a quiff type look, as my hair can sometimes look quite flat and i like the volume this gives. i then sprayed the amazing umberto giannini 'backcomb in a bottle' on the hair that's down to give it a bit of a bigger look. i'm just wearing mac fix foundation, mac fix powder, mac bronzing powder on my face (all xmas presents, i can't usually afford such wonderful makeup! i wear rimmel in the day so not to waste the good stuff!) and i've got my beloved eyelure eyelashes on - feel naked going out without eyelashes on a night out!

hope you all have a great night! keep coming back as i plan to post everyday as well :) xo


Monday, 28 January 2013

diva saving money

aahhh my student city of nottingham. famous for robin hood, the oldest pub in england, and fantastic student shops - if you know where to look. here are two of my favourites which you may not know of and are definitely worth a browse...

1. REVOLVE, Broadmarsh Centre.

tucked away inside the less busy shopping centre is Revolve - a super cheap shop which sells kind of cheap dupe versions of the latest trends. this isn't the only one of its kind in nottingham, with lots of store like this (just with different names) are situated in the vic centre, mainly upstairs and one near millies cookies downstairs.i adore these shops as you can find things which look like Topshop, but all the prices are between £5-15!!! i almost feel bad... almost. my favourite buys from this shop have been my black suede ankle boots featured <---, as i have been desperate for a pair for a while but couldn't stretch to the Office or Topshop pair. they're basically the same, obviously the quality isn't as good but i've worn them tonnes and they haven't fallen to pieces. they're really comfy and add that little bit of height to an outfit as well without killing your toes. best find ever.
this dress is another favourite at just £10. i love the shift design as it falls really nicely, and the embellished sequin pattern is just something i'm always attracted to (note: i will buy anything shiny).it's great for nights out and goes really well with the boots. the only slight issue i have is that the embellishment doesn't go on the back, which is just black material. 
as i said, these shops are worth a look in, they sometimes seem a bit tacky but if you really look around, you'll find some absolute gems!

2. REWIND, Nottingham Centre (Next to Cow).
you may have seen this jumper in my disco pants blog, and tbh you're probably going to see it a lot more as i currently live in it. Rewind is a newish shop in the vintage side of town, right next to the more established shop Cow, which sells some amazing bits but is a little more expensive. it's two floors of hidden treasures, with cropped sports tops which will be perfect for summer with some cut off denim levis, and really cool baggy flannel shirts with the sleeves ripped off. this jumper came from a rail of £10 vintage sports jumpers, and i loved the size and the softness. admittedly, some of the jumpers on the rail were age 10-12 so there was no way i was fitting in them, but if you rummage around enough you can find some just like mine :) it also does its own tye dye t-shirts, which are alternative and original.

other fantastic stores in Nottingham include the huge Topshop which will leave you weeping and lamenting over the fact you just can't buy everything. there's also a really big Primark which is perfect for basics, accessories and onesies! the Ark is really good as well, much bigger than the one in MK and worth a look!

have you visited nottingham and found any great shops? xo

mad about the boy

boy london is everywhere at the moment. ever since rihanna appeared on jonathan ross draped head to toe in the brand, it's been everywhere. its celebrity fans include jessie j and rita ora, and with the prices ranging from £35-55, it's slightly more affordable than brands celebrities usually favour! my housemate kindly offered to model some pieces we collectively own :)

this is the boy london crop top, avaliable on asos at £35 (10% student discount). this is a piece which i feel is more suited to wear out on a night out, it looks great with disco shorts, as the crop of the top works really well with the high wais of the shorts. it's quite baggy as well, which allows a level of freedom for movement. i will say that it's really REALLY cropped, just covering your bra, so if you're feeling a bit conscious after eating a mcdonalds before wearing (which i often find myself in) maybe make sure you're wearing something high waisted with it :). apart from that it's really flattering and a bit of a different option to go out in. 

this is a unisex t-shirt, meaning that it's ok for boys or girls to wear it. it's simply got the big logo on the front, which is in your face and makes a statement. i love the baggy fit, as it's perfect for just chucking on and going about your day in. the sleeves look better rolled up as well. teamed with a pair of skinnys or disco pants (i know i know i'm obsessed) this is a great casual outfit.

3.) Boy London Beanie, £35.
i got this hat a few weeks ago, as i wanted a piece of boy london in my wardrobe but my housemate pretty much had the pieces i wanted so i figured there's no point buying them twice! this hat is perfect for the cold weather, and it's really thick and cosy as well (which i would expect in paying £35 for a hat!!!) it's simply got the eagle logo across the front, and i tend to wear it quite far back on my head (i'm just so hip like that...) it's been great for the awful weather, and i love it to pieces - but it was a bit of an impulse buy because £35 for a hat is a bit of a sting!

so, i personally find boy london to be a cool brand atm, and i love the baggy fit of the clothes and the fact you feel good when you just chuck it on. it is still expensive though for what it is, so it's a strictly christmas/birthday/payday kind of brand :) xo


Sunday, 27 January 2013

i wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad...

this blog is more of a wishful thinking blog, more of a 'what would i buy if i won the lottery' type thing. i've narrowed it down to 4 beauties...

i am in desperate need of a new purse as my purse is getting a bit ragged and old now. i fell in love with this purse as soon as i saw it, i love the bright pink and the TB on the clasps. with purses i like to have something bold and somewhat eccentric, and this fits the bill perfectly. the inside has a cream interior and a pattern, and is practical as well as it fits all your cards. i just love this and wish it could be mine :( birthday is in march so maybe if i'm lucky :)

2. Motel Green Playsuit, £48.00.
i rarely ever wear colour, i have a thing about wearing black all the time (it's slimming and goes with everything), but this playsuit colour is different and the shape looks so flattering. i think this colour, again like the other items, is a bit different from the colours i see out all the time, and i like the low front - which adds a bit of maturity to the bright colour. this would look great on a night out with bare legs, hair up in a high bun and my fake JC-esque heeled boots.

i keep gazing at this jumper when i'm dream-online shopping, and despite it maybe not seeming a lot at £40, my lowly student budget just can't afford it atm :(. i love the design on the front, and as it's by a concession on the Topshop website, i don't think a lot of people would have it. it'd look great with disco pants or my chinos, and looks super comfy as well. damnnn youuuu student budgets!

i saw these in topshop the other day and my jaw hit the floor. they're a bit different, a bit crazy, and VERY high with a heel of 5.5inches, but personally i think if you're going to wear a heel then the bigger the better. i love how chunky they are and i think they'd be okay to walk on because they seem quite sturdy. the black will go with any outfit, and the statement buckles will brighten up an otherwise plain outfit. but at £98, i'm going to have to pray for a miracle before these beauties grace my massive feet!

a girl can dream... what would you buy if you suddenly won the lottery? xo


disco inferno.

disco pants are the undeniable new wardrobe staple. whether you chose to spend £70 on the American Apparel pair, or be a bit smarter and find a fantastic dupe pair, these leggings are truly versatile. I thought I'd take a few cheeky photos to show you how i wear my pair - which are the American Apparel version, and despite them being more expensive, I've worn them countless times since I got them in the summer! :)

Outfit 1 - Casual and Warm.
this is the outfit i'm currently wearing. the jumper is vintage (hope that doesn't sound as pretentious as it feels writing it...) that i picked up for a tenner in a vintage shop called Retro in Nottingham, so it's an absolute bargain. despite not being a hockey fan myself (oops) i love the oversized feel of the jumper, and the navy colour goes with anything. it's warm, which is a massive bonus in this january weather! teamed with nikes or vans it's a comfortable and cool outfit to lounge about in or go about your day :)

Outfit 2 - Casual and Simple.
this top is from urban outfitters and was a bargain at £10. annoyingly it's no longer on the website so i can't link :( it's a size medium so pretty baggy which i like as it's comfortable, and the plain black on black is perfect for casual attire. the back of the top is the real statement, with the low criss/cross rope design. i'd normally wear a black bandeau under this in the day, as i dont' really want my bra showing. with a long necklace and a pair of converse this look is ace for going to uni, shopping or just a casual day :)

Outfit 3 - Going Out.
this red top is also from urban outfitters at the absolute steallll of £10 (just noticed all my tops so far have been £10... i'm a bargain hunter). i love this top so much, i rarely wear colour but i really was drawn to this shade of red, and it looks great with the black of the disco pants. again, the back of this top is the real focus, with the mesh black and the thin spaghetti straps giving it a bit of a sexy edge. im wearing my fake jeffrey campbell-esque heels, which i got here on ebay, and the heel is ridiculous but it makes an outfit look incredible... just your feet might be weeping a bit when you get in.

Outfit 4 - Going Out...again.
this outfit is one that is really great for a night out, and allows you to stay warm in the cold nights - especially when youre walking home at 3am clutching your mcdonalds (i cant be the only one who does that...) i'm wearing a wine coloured high necked crop top from Topshop, which again is £10! i accessorised this outfit with a statement necklace which i found in Primark in September, i love it and it really transforms an outfit once on as it's such a statement piece. i love the high waist of the disco pants with the cropped top, i think it's super flattering on anyone. the boots i'm wearing were £15 from a little shop called Revolve in the Broadmarsh Centre in Nottingham, and are a dupe version of the popular Topshop boots that are around at the moment. whilst i'd have loved the Topshop ones, my £15 suede ones do the same job and at a fraction of the price!

so there's a variety of ways to wear disco pants. how do you wear yours? :) xo

Saturday, 26 January 2013

nikes on my feet

the unquestionable new trend: nikes

nike trainers are everywhere at the moment, and for a solid reason - they're fashionable and sososo comfortable. it's refreshing to have shoes that are on trend and don't include a 6 inch killer heel and swollen ankles the next day. the four above are my own little collection, allow me to introduce them to you:

1. Nike Air Force Ones.
these are fantastic for this current snowy weather! i love the chunky sole of the shoe and the velcro strap along the top. i was desperate for a pair of all white nikes and was initially looking for another pair of blazers, but the ones i wanted only went to size 5 (damn you footlocker) and i am a huge size 8... so these - embarrassingly - are a men's size 7. never mind... they look great with Disco Pants, and my Topshop Leigh Wine Chinos, as the big chunky shoe looks cool against the skinny fit. they're pricey at £70, but i've defff worn them enough times to counteract that hefty price tag!

2. Nike Blazers, High.
these are without a doubt the most popular form of nikes at the moment. they come in a multitude of colours, from bright pinks/mint greens/baby blue or carrot orange. i personally got mine as a very generous gift, and wanted a more subtle colour so i could wear them with everything. i initally wanted the grey with the bright pink tick, however once again my huge feet stood in the way (and the fact the shops seem to stop at size 5/6 for women :(). i got these, which are effectively the same but with a maroon tick, and i actually love them more than the pink ones! i can wear them with anything and they're ridiculously comfy. i'd recommend buying into the blazer trend - deffo worth the £60-70.

3.) Nike Dunks, Low.
i've actually had these since i was about 15 (ahead of the trends, clearly...) and used to wear them in PE. i used to go into Schuh and just stare at them, until my 15th birthday when my dad bought them for me. luckily i've kept them, and these are the nikes i normally wear on nights out due to the fact they're black so any dirt doesn't show too much. they look great with black levis and a cropped top, like this one from American Apparel which i got a few weeks ago. it's a nice casual/comfy but still fashionable and nice outfit to wear on a night out, and your feet will thank you for choosing the Nike's over the heels. trust me.

4.) Nike Air Max.
these are the latest addition to the collection, and the most expensive at £95. i know, i winced at the price tag as well, but i'd been paid and thought why not, alongside the all too appealing 10% student discount. these are what a lot of my friends have called my 'chavvy' shoes, but they literally feel like you're walking on air, and they're also a nice change from the sea of blazers that are everywhere at the moment. they're a bit different, and there's nothing wrong with that :)

so that's my current nike collection, they really do go with everything and along with vans/converse are full cemented in the top trends at the moment. grab a pair and make your feet happy :) xo


first impressions

um... hello
i'm louisa. thought my first blog should be a bit of an introduction. i'm 19, currently studying english+linguistics at nottingham trent university, but i'm originally from the land of concrete cows+roundabouts - milton keynes. im hoping that this blog is full of fashion+lifestyle pieces that you may find interesting :) 

the photo above shows what i wore today. im really into casual clothes atm, i kind of hate getting all dolled up and just want to wear jumpers all the time - although this could be due to how FREEZING it is outside and inside my cold student house. I'm rocking a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, which are my babies atm, and are really good for trekking places in the snow. also, i'm wearing my beloved American Apparel Disco Pants, which are a staple of my wardrobe now and suggest you go and buy a pair now. the weather is beyond freezing at the moment, so i'm wearing my BrookHaven jumper which is the softest thing everrrr :) 
i always wear big ass hoops atm, and the current pair in are from New Look and only £4 so a bargainnn. my hair is looking awful but i like to wear it out of my face as i want it to grow, so i'm praying i'll just take it down one day and i'll be rapunzel... i can dream.

so, that was my first proper blog :) got lots of ideas for future posts and will be posting regularly so keep coming back+follow :) xo

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